Live-President: Macron retreats in polls, Melenchon gives 15%

19 days after the deadline, candidates are preparing to begin the final stages of the campaign. And it’s time for general mobilization to avoid large-scale abstentions, despite the international situation that obscures most of the debate.

In polls, Emmanuel Macron maintains a broad lead over its competitors. The Opinionway-Kéa Partners barometer gives him 29% of the willingness to vote ahead of the duo consisting of Marine Le Pen (18%) and Valérie Pécresse and Jean-Luc Mélenchon. Eric Zemmour confirmed weak momentum and is now 9%.

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10:15 am – The right end is becoming established among farmers

According to the agricultural barometer Terre-net Datagri, the peasant’s vote remains very fixed to the right, as Valérie Pécresse has won 30% of the votes in this category. However, this score is lower than that of Francois Fillon in 2017 (41.5% according to a survey conducted at the same time).

As part of that, the far right is gaining momentum as Reconquista candidate Eric Zemmour wins 23% of the vote and Marine Le Pen wins 6%. In 2017, RN leaders won 20% of their willingness to vote.

9:30 am – Guillaume Larivet (LR) begs for reconciliation with Emmanuel Macron

In an interview with “Points,” LR Deputy Chief Cabinet Secretary called on the party to “build a new majority” with Emmanuel Macron if Valerie Pécrès was eliminated in the first round, “strong convergence” between the two projects. Mentioned. candidate.

“If Valerie Pécrès is eliminated on the night of the first round, I promise Emmanuel Macron will be president again and the Republicans will join the parliament to build a new majority in France,” Guillaume. Larive says. It was the only member of his group to vote for confidence in Jean Castex in the summer of 2020, in the midst of a health crisis.

9:10 am-Speech by Zelensky: Fabien Roussel will not be able to attend the meeting

Communist candidates will not attend the Ukrainian President’s intervention at a video conference on Wednesday. In his Twitter account, he justified his absence in memory of his family and called on him not to see “political choices in any way.”

8:30 am – Voting: Emmanuel Macron retreats, Jean-Luc Melenchon 15%

Emmanuel Macron shows 27.5% of his willingness to vote, losing 3.5 points compared to the previous survey conducted on “L’Express” using BFMTV and SFR. Meanwhile, the retiring president has announced his program, especially including raising his retirement age to 65. In the second position, Marine Le Pen rises 2 points to 20%.

In their follower trio, the popular union Jean-Luc Melenchon candidate advanced one point to 15%, with 10% of voting intentions with Valérie Pécrès (LR) and Eric Zemmour (reconquest). The gap has widened. Valerie Pécrès loses 1.5 points and Eric Zemmour loses 0.5 points.

08:20 – Emmanuel Macron’s program does not pass teachers

In the teachers’ room, Emmanuel Macron’s speech about teachers last Thursday is considered “brutal” and “painful.” At the risk of hiding a considerable amount of money it puts on the table for their revaluation: 6 billion euros a year.

8:10 am – Colonna’s Death: Pécrès calls for “not burning Corsica”

“For Yvan Colonna, it’s a tragedy, and I call for keeping calm and cold blood and not burning Corsica,” said CNews LR candidate. “I want to restore order on Corsica and call on all of Corsica’s compatriots to calm down and detain,” she added, “current situation” to strengthen the power of order on the spot. Then it is absolutely indispensable. “

According to her, Emmanuel Macron “played the clock when the prisoners returned to the land of Corsica,” a special position that prevented Yvan Colonna and other prisoners from approaching their families in Corsica’s prisons. I hinted.

08: 00-Candidate before hunter

A powerful lobby, the National Hunting Federation accepts some of Elysee’s candidates. Yannick Jadot and Jean-Luc Melenchon, who wanted to ban this practice on weekends and during school holidays, were not invited.

07:50 am – Eric Zemmour wants a “remigration” ministry

Candidate Reconquista said on Monday he wanted to go one step further in the fight against immigrants and want a ministry of “re-immigrants,” a concept of identity thinking. “I want the Ministry of’Remigration’and the expulsion of foreigners we no longer want,” declared a candidate at M6, especially “illegal”, “a secret crime that no longer exists since 2012.” I want to recover for.

“I will ban delinquents, criminals, S-files, and all the people we no longer need,” he continued. Eric Zemmour said, “The minister has the means, the charter, the collective flight,” and if elected, “go to Maghreb, how Algeria, Morocco, and Tunisia organize this.” Can you do it? “

07:45 – Valerie Pécrès wants a plan to catch up on overseas territories

Candidate LR was convinced that he wanted to “close the development gap” in the overseas territories and “correct the unacceptable inequality” in the education, housing and health experienced by the inhabitants.

“I want true social and economic equality in our territory,” said the candidate during the presentation of her program for overseas territories in Paris. Candidates have defined this as “a great programming method that lasts for 10 years.”

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