Live-President: Macron’s program is “very cruel,” according to Insoumis

Memorial of Mela’s Crime: “Patriotic Muslims are our brothers who oppose Islam,” Marion Maréchal declares.

To commemorate the decade of Mela’s crimes in Toulouse and Montauban, Marion Maréchal said:

She made them “allies of this battle” against Islamism: “they are our brothers in the battle.”

“End of Cordon Sanitaire”: Marion Maréchal celebrates Eric Zemmour’s “giant symbolic victory”

Marion Maréchal worked on running for an aunt who controls the candidate in the campaign. “After the two presidential elections, the script seems to have been pre-written for Marine Le Pen, which doesn’t apply to Eric Zemmour,” she determined.

Then she talked about “a huge symbolic victory” for her candidate, “the end of the cordon sanitaire” on the far right and “the end of 30 years of moral ban on the right”.

Marion Maréchal fears “France in Africa” ​​by 2060

“I’m going to talk about cash,” Marion Maréchal slipped into the preamble, referring to “the competition for vitals with time.” “If we continue this curve by 2060, the indigenous people are in his position as a minority.”

She continued: “We could have France in Africa.”

Marion Maréchal makes Emmanuel Macron “President of Mass Immigrants”

Marion Maréchal continued to attack Emmanuel Macron, calling him “President of Mass Immigrants.”

“This president is the president of a large immigrant,” she said, “less than 13% more remote than Francois Hollande,” an increase of “48% of the immigrant budget,” and “normalization of more than 30,000 people each year.” I started quoting.

For Marechal, when Zemur participated in the poll, it was “the subject of civilization moved to the background.”

Marion Maréchal also recognized the bad patch that her candidate experienced. She described the fall of Eric Zemmour in a survey investigating her voting intent. She says, “The subject of civilization is in the background.”

“French people are thinking about both the end of the month and the end of France,” she was convinced, “it’s ridiculous to want to uncorrelate the two subjects.”

Marion Maréchal commented on Emmanuel Macron’s assessment in a poll that she considers “very amazing.”

“That’s very surprising,” Marion Maréchal commented on the good shape of the retiring president in a poll of voting intentions. This is what he exorbitantly dominates in the predictions considering the first round.

She explained it at the international level by “the reflection of legalists in the moment of uncertainty and suspicion” and “the elusiveness of President Emmanuel Macron” whose political position is unreadable.

“He is no longer considered a credible interlocutor”: Marshal tackles Macron in Russia

Marion Maréchal attacked Emmanuel Macron, who was “no longer considered a credible interlocutor” by the parties involved in the Russian-Ukraine war.

“France is no longer perceived as an independent voice,” she still regrets, fearing that France is “drown in Atlanticism.”

Marion Maréchal defends Eric Zemmour in Putin: “We must not give up dialogue with Russia”

Marion Maréchal has taken over Adrian Katonen with the Grand Rendezvous du Europe 1 and CNEWS set. Recently gathered at Eric Zemmour, she answered the questions posed by her candidate’s past remarks about Vladimir Putin’s Russia.

According to her, Eric Zemmour was only intended to “be in line with General de Gaulle” and called for “sustainable dialogue with Russia.” “I don’t think we should give it up decisively,” she said, justifying her claim with the “emergence of a multipolar world.”

“Not Completely Closed” Scars: Adrian Katonen’s Homage to Mela’s Victims

This Sunday marks the decade of Mela’s crimes against Jewish school soldiers, staff and children in Toulouse and Montauban. Emmanuel Macron and his predecessors will attend the commemorative ceremony this afternoon. In Europe 1, Adrian Katnen talked about “a scar that never closes completely.” He once again called for “strengthening our democratic antibodies.”

Marine Le Pen in “Macron Repainted in Navy Blue” curses Adrian Katonen, who ridicules “another candidate for the rich”

Adrian Katnen consolidates his tone to Marine Le Pen, who accused him of “surrendering” to social liberalism. “Marine Le Pen is another candidate for the rich,” he said.

“It’s Macron repainted in navy blue,” he added.

Adrian Katnen’s appeal to abstainers: “If voting doesn’t help, why do others go there?”

Lieutenant Jean-Luc Melenchon told the abstainers:

On the upside through polls, the leader estimated in an interview published on Sunday. Parisian He still had to score “5 points in 3 weeks”.

Ukraine: “Any war criminal must try,” Katonen talks about Putin.

Adrian Katonen continued to speak about Vladimir Putin. If he “turns out” to be guilty of a war crime, the Russian president will have to be tried, according to parliamentarians. “Any war criminal must be tried,” he observed.

“Everything has to go to diplomacy”: Katnen demands the withdrawal of Russian troops from Ukraine and increased sanctions

Parliamentarian Adrian Katonens, elected in the north, is a political guest of CNEWS and Europe 1. Asked about the situation in Ukraine, he said, “There is no alternative between total war and diplomacy, everything must go to diplomacy.”

More specifically, he made a proposal to “isolate Vladimir Putin.”

Find guest Eric Ciotti who lives in BFM Politique this Sunday at 12:00 pm.

Eric Ciotti, a deputy elected by Alpes-Maritimes, will be a live guest from noon. BFM politicsAnnounced by journalist Jean-Baptiste Boursier.

The former candidate for the primary rights rallying to Valerie Pécrès will evoke the difficulty of the latter campaign, which pitches dangerously downwards in polls.

Employment: What is your assessment of Emmanuel Macron’s five-year term?

Declining unemployment, labor law, vocational training reforms: What will happen to the president-elect’s economic record five years from now?

Point-by-point analysis.

Does the right accuse Macron of copying his program?Castañer likes to talk about “overtaking”

LREM’s deputy boss, Christoph Castaner, is a guest at Franceinfo this Sunday. Emmanuel Macron has been accused of having the right to copy his show in an emergency, but he defended his boss. “The landmark of Emmanuel Macron is a landmark of political overcoming.”

“We have systematically sought measures that we believe are best for the country,” he added.

A great march for Melenchon and his supporters in Paris this afternoon will be live on BFMTV at 3:30 pm.

Jean-Luc Melenchon, who is currently third in the vote, is trying to play everything this Sunday to score some points that are still separating him from the virtual second round. Starting this Sunday at 2:00 pm, his camp will march between Place de la Bastille and Place de la République in Paris, followed by a speech.

Our antenna will also broadcast this speech live from 3:30 pm.

“Macron worsens his five-year term,” said a spokesman for Jean-Luc Melenchon, who blames the “extreme cruelty” of the outing program.

Manuel Bompard highlighted the key points of Jean-Luc Melenchon’s program: controlling and stopping fuel prices, retirement at age 60, and a minimum wage of € 1,400. “Of the five players in the second round, only Jean-Luc Melenchon defends these measures,” he said.

“The second round between Emmanuel Macron and Jean-Luc Melenchon can address these issues,” asked Manuel Bompard. He attacked the call: “He proposes to make his first five-year term worse!”
He accused him of passing the idea of ​​adjusting RSA to minimal activity: “It’s very cruel.”

Jean-Luc Melenchon spokesman suggests “efficient voting” to left-wing voters

Jean-Luc Melenchon spokesman Manuel Bompard will be welcoming guests this Sunday. As a prelude to his candidate’s march in Paris between Bastille and the Republic this Sunday, MEP did not take up the expression “useful vote” on the left, which his boss dominates in polls. did. But he talked about “efficient” voting.

“Some voters on the left may wonder if one vote is more effective than another,” he said in an attempt to convince him.

“I’m also talking to abstainers,” he continued. “You have been told for months that the left will be eliminated. Our main enemy is resignation.” “Elections are the only time your vote is worth the same as Vincent Bolloré’s vote,” continued Manuel Bolloré.

The decisive day of Jean-Luc Melenchon

Meet the readers of Parisian The interview, published in the daily newspaper this Sunday, marches from Bastille to Republique in Paris. Jean-Luc Melenchon is working hard today.

The rebellious French candidate is the third in a poll investigating French voting intent. Its spokesperson, Manuel Bompard, is our guest at 8:15 am.

By refusing to confront rivals, Emmanuel Macron “anesthetizes public debate,” according to a spokesman for Valérie Pécrès.

Ottoman Naslow criticized Emmanuel Macron for “refusing the debate” and set up a “smoke screen” in the campaign to help “anesthesia the public debate.”

“I think it’s a form of contempt,” he added.

What are the consequences of Emmanuel Macron’s mission? “Five years of immobility,” according to a spokesman for Valerie Pécrès.

Valerie Pécrès spokesman Ottoman Naslow was our first political guest this Sunday. He once again accused Emmanuel Macron of following the candidate’s program from the right, “as opposed to what he had done for five years on many subjects.” And the spokesman quotes “pension, nuclear”.

“How do you believe? I want to cover the track and tell everyone what I want to hear,” continued Ottoman Naslow, who summarized Emmanuel Macron’s “Five Years of Immobility” mission.