Live-Stade de France blunder: Gerald Darmanin and Amelie Udea Castella audition in the Senate within a few days

Stade de France: Gerald Darmanin and Amelie Udea-Castella audition in the Senate within a few days

Michelle Sabin (LR), Chairman of the Senate Research Group, “Sports Practices and Major Sporting Events,” will be attended by Interior Minister Gerald Dalmanin and New Sports Minister Amelie Udea Castella. Was announced to the Senate. “As soon as possible” at the House of Councilors. “To shed light on the causes and malfunctions that hurt the organization” in the Champions League final.

“The Commission is in the process of contacting the cabinets of the two ministers to quickly organize these hearings,” he said.

Cambadellis launches “Social Democracy Manifest” and wants anti-Nupez convergence

Former Socialist Party secretary Jean-Christoph Cambadellis said at a press conference this Monday to “rebuild a realistic left” against “radical left-wing trust” and Jean-Luc Melenchon’s New Popular Unity Environmental Democratic Party. Announced the “Manifest” of social democracy. The popular Eco-Social Union (Nupes).

“There is something missing to mobilize people, a viable and realistic path, a left wing of social democracy,” he said. He has already foreseen the end of the Nupe people. “The façade alliance behind Jean-Luc Melenchon will explode in the 2024 European elections,” he predicted.

Its “manifest” sets out several principles: the quest for “compromise” to mitigate the “coming crisis”, the “condition for producing the greatest wealth compatible with this” as a prerequisite. Reaffirmation of the “market economy” Its nature is a commitment to “can give”, “collapse social equality” by “redistribution”, or “strengthen the European Union”.

Jean-Christoph Cambadellis said he was spending a year writing a more accurate program. In the meantime, he converged on “everyone who believes in a realistic left” and called on him not to stay in “everyone in his corner.”

Early May, François Hollande, Bernard Cousneuve, Jean-Marc Ayrault, Anne Hidalgo, Elene Jeffroy, Stephane Le Folle, Martine Aubrey, Patrick Kanner, Rakid Temar, Valerie Labeau, Patrick Open Letter to Mennucci, Philippe Duse To all socialists, he launched: “It’s time to resist and adjust to rebuild. Let’s talk, Friends!”

Legislation: Fabien Roussel’s reelection, far from victory in the north

The Communist Party can be challenged by the National Rally, which first came in the second round of the presidential election in the 20th district north.

However, the battle he embodies was offered by a particular hobby to the media and was able to convince voters.

Here, I will explain the strengths and weaknesses of his candidacy.

Legislation: RN is at stake due to Marine Le Pen’s minimal service campaign

Within two weeks of the legislative election, the former presidential candidate continues to cultivate the market in hopes of persuading him.

However, some of his aides are worried during the lack of strategy and the collapse of the media after losing to Emmanuel Macron.

Here is a summary of the questions of his aides.

“I’m autonomous”: Eric Zemmour will not sit with RN if he wins the legislative election

After attempting an alliance with Marine Le Pen for the legislative election, unsuccessful Eric Zemmour closes the door to the rally if he wins in the running Var.

“I’ve never been to RN. As she sometimes thinks, I’m not an RN dissident, so I never sit with them. I’m autonomous,” Europe said this morning. Advance the Reconquest boss with 1.

“He’s lying”: Eric Zemmour accuses Gerald Dalmanin after the Champions League final blunder

Eric Zemmour blames the Interior Minister for his stern treatment of the Liverpool-Real Madrid final.

“Gerald Dalmanin is lying. I blame him for putting dust under the rug. (…) Image of English supporters to make sure they are neither supporters nor English. It was enough to see 30 seconds of the “summary of the reconquest in Europe to judge the boss this morning 1.

Liverpool-Real Madrid: Stephen Trussel accuses Marine Le Pen of being “unleashed against Seine-Saint-Denis”

The chairman of the division council is hardly pleased with Marine Le Pen’s remarks after the blunder of running the Champions League final last Saturday.

“I’m angry. I don’t accept the far right being unleashed against its favorite object of hatred, Seine-Saint-Denis and its inhabitants,” French Judge Stephen Trussel said this morning. ..

“Upset Left”: Clement Beaune accuses Jean-Luc Melenchon of killing the “Government Left”

In some polls, a left-wing union ran before the presidential election in the first legislative election, but Clement Beaune attacks Jean-Luc Melenchon.

“He cannibalized the left wing of the government. He is trying to make him believe it is the left wing of the government, but it is the left wing of turmoil,” said the European issue in France 2 running on the 7th this morning. The secretary in charge will decide. A member of Paris.

“Unknowingly they blame”: Beaune sends Melenchon and Le Pen back to back after criticizing the match between Liverpool and Real

After asking the Paris Police, Clement Beaune counterattacked on Saturday following management that was considered devastating in the match between Liverpool and Real Madrid.

“I can’t tell anyone who is responsible for what. In these situations, responsibility is shared. Obviously (Marine Le Pen and Jean-Luc Melenchon) blame. Without knowing. The police of Merenchon. ” The French Secretary of State said in France 2 this morning.

The new popular Eco-Socialist Union will launch its campaign parliament on Monday

The organization of the alliance between communists, rebellious, socialists and environmentalists takes the same form as the “Popular Parliament” that was launched during the Jean-Luc Melenchon presidential campaign a few months ago. I’m taking it.

Consisting of elected civil servants, candidates, as well as simple supporters of the cultural world, trade unions, or society, the purpose of this parliament is “people fighting for another world in business, streets, colleges.” Is to collect. In their book. ” Human race Aurelie was found.

Marine Le Pen on the move in Aisne this Monday

Marine Le Pen is expected to help RN candidates in a legislative race with Aene’s first member in Run this Monday.

Official campaign starts today

They may be presented as the “third round” of the presidential election. The legislative elections will take place on June 12th and 19th. answers practical questions that arise regarding the implementation of ballots.

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Linda Kebbab, National Representative SGP FO Unit, Guest of Apolline de Malherbe of BFMTV-RMC

This Monday, police officer Linda Kebbab will be a guest of Apolline de Malherbe at 8:35 am on BFMTV-RMC. Elsewhere, legislative campaigns will occupy primarily political morning territory. Detailed program:

-7:30 am Senate: Christine LavadLR Senator of Hauts-de-Seine and Vice President of the Finance Commission

-7:40 am France 2: Clement Beaune, Representative of the Minister of State for Europe

-7:40 am Radio J: Laetitia AviaParis LREM MP

-7:40 am RTL: AmelieOudea-CasteraMinister of Sports

-7:50 am France Inter: Enrico LettaLeader of the Italian Democratic Party and President of Jacques Delors-Notre European Institute

-8:13 am Europe 1: Eric Zemmour, President of Reconquest!And Var legislative candidates

-8:15 am CNEWS: Nicolas Dupont Aignan, Debout la France President and candidate for reelection in Essonne’s 8th district

-8:15 am South Radio: Mode version, En Marche spokesman and candidate for the 13th member of Hauts-de-Seine

-8: 20 RFI: Nicholas Bay, Vice President of Reconquest! And MEP

-8:30 am LCI: Sergei ZirnovFormer KGB Agent and Author gear


And good morning! This Monday is different from other Mondays. It is the beginning of the official campaign for the legislative election. Two weeks later, on June 12, the first vote will take place.