Live-Stade de France Chaos: President of the Republic and Government “Sorry and Sorry”

The President of the Republic and the entire government are “sorry and sorry”

Government spokesman Olivia Gregoire told journalists at the exit of the Council of Ministers this Wednesday: Better? Did you manage it better? yes. Did you have any tragedy or injury? No. Can you improve the outlook for the next sporting event? surely. Also, by emphasizing the fact that France is “capable” to host major events, and especially with Roland Garros.

“What was shared this morning is that even if things get better, we need to stay a little calm. We can see people who had a bad night in front of the government: supporters, families, matches. 2700 spectators with no tickets. As a priority, the President of the Republic and the entire government were sad and sorry for those who were banished and robbed of the match. “

Points raised at the Senate Dharmanin and Udea Castella hearings

This afternoon, Senator asks Gerald Dalmanin and Amelie Udea Castella. The clearly stated will is to shed light on Saturday’s events, and elected officials expect a “truth speech.” “We are generally confused. There are too many contradictions,” slips one of them. “At some point you can’t hide,” he adds.

Senators are seeking concrete elements and evidence. They expect a period of 1 hour 30 minutes / 2 hours (a period that can be extended depending on the minister’s response). They will be about 30 and some interventions will be done in video.

Among the points to be discussed:

  • The numbers mentioned by Dermanin (30,000-40,000). How did the Minister of Interior reach this number?
  • How about using public authority? According to the Senator, there were police officers in the public security and mobile forces, knowing that public security was not trained to maintain order.
  • How to improve steward training?
  • Finally, they put a May 25 note on the table to show that 50,000 counterfeit banknotes could potentially be in circulation.

Sports Minister sends a message

Sports Minister Amelie Udea Castella, who will appear on the Senate with Gerald Darmanin from 5 pm this Wednesday, said, “Don’t crack under pressure. Walk. To the ministerial meeting this morning. Please walk towards me. ” In addition to promoting walking, the minister seems to have responded to many criticisms following the Stade de France incident and government debates.

Dharmanin and Udea-Castella before the Senate

Four days after the turmoil around the Stade de France, Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin and Sports Minister Amelie Udea Castella explain to the rights-controlled Senate about the incident that confused the final champion of the league. The two ministers will be heard jointly by the Legal and Cultural Commission for two hours from 5 pm during a session that will be open to the press and broadcast on the Senate website.

Welcome to all

Four days after Real Madrid defeated Liverpool (1-0) in the Champions League final, the case at the Stade de France remains central to the debate. Follow all the latest information live.