Live-surrounded by Kiev: follow the news of the war in Ukraine

In Russia, public opinion was divided about the invasion of Ukraine

What do Russian citizens think about the invasion of Ukraine by their leaders yesterday? Our special envoy to Moscow Jeremy Pere stated that the war in Ukraine is dividing public opinion. Some have shown support for the leader’s attack.

“They explain to these inhabitants who support this war that it is not a war against the Ukrainian people, but a war against the” Nazi regime “in Kiev. They use the same rhetoric as the Russian President during the declaration of war, “explains our special correspondent.

Others are facing west and are afraid of conflict.

“Is there a war with NATO in Russia? That’s all I’m concerned about.”

Jérémie Pair also recalls that Moscow residents went to Piazza Pouchkain yesterday at 7 pm to demonstrate against the war in Ukraine, as in other cities in Europe.

Most young people decide to break the ban on demonstrations to say “no to war”. Our journalists say they have witnessed “tens of arrests” of these demonstrators by police.

Russia will need to “talk” with Ukraine “sooner or later” to end the fight, Zelensky says.

Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelensky said Russia needs to “talk” with Ukraine “sooner or later” because his capital is the target of Russia’s bombing.

“Russia will have to talk to us sooner or later. Discuss how we can end the fight and stop the aggression. The earlier this conversation begins, the less the loss of Russia itself,” the authorities said. Directed by video.

Ukrainian President says Russian troops are also targeting private territories

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky reiterated the situation in countries facing the Russian invasion since yesterday.

He said Russian troops are now targeting civilian areas in addition to many strategic military points that have already been attacked throughout the country.

“Last night they started bombing a civilian neighborhood, which reminds me of the 1941 (Nazi attack),” Volodymyr Zelensky said in a video posted on social media to the public in Russian. talked.

Russian officials said, “Private citizenship is not a target, but that’s another of their lies. In fact, they don’t make a distinction,” Ati said again in Ukrainian.

Leaders also welcomed their “heroism”, stating that the Ukrainian army was “doing everything possible” to protect the country.

Ukrainians between the ages of 18 and 60 can no longer leave the country

Following the announcement of general mobilization to repel the Russian invasion, Ukrainian men between the ages of 18 and 60 are no longer allowed to leave the country.

They are not allowed to cross the border, the Lviv City Customs Director said in a message posted on Facebook.

“Bombing all night, we couldn’t sleep”: French expatriates talk about the night of violence in Kiev

Night of horror. Mohammed Elbrahmin is a French engineer in Kiev. Like other residents of the Ukrainian capital, he spent the night listening to Russian bombardment:

“I was bombarded all night, I couldn’t sleep, I was violent. I saw the bombardment through the window. It’s scary what’s going on,” he testified on BFMTV, reporting “a very dangerous situation.”

A French expatriate explains that he feels unsafe and is about to leave the apartment to reach the shelter.

“It’s a terrible pain. We tell ourselves that it will happen at any time. We anticipate the worst. It will always fall on us, we deliver to our destiny. You can, “says Mohammed Elbramin.

Third month injured in a night bombardment in Kiev

The siren rang at dawn in Kiev. The Ukrainian capital is being targeted by new bombardments. According to Mayor Vitali Klitschko, these attacks injured at least three people, one of whom was seriously injured.

“According to preliminary data, three people were injured and one of them was seriously injured as a result of rocket debris in a house on Kosice Street on 7-A. Ambulances are taking people to the hospital.” All emergency services are provided on-site. The building is on fire, there is a threat of destruction. “, He announced on Twitter

Macron announces accelerated deployment of French troops in Romania

Republic President Emmanuel Macron spoke late at night in Brussels from Thursday to Friday at the end of the exceptional EU Summit. He specifically announced that France would accelerate the deployment of troops to Romania within the NATO framework in response to the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

“France reassures NATO allies by sending a new delegation to Estonia within its enhanced forward presence, hoping to join the Baltic Sea security from March and accelerating its deployment in Romania. I will continue to play my part perfectly, “said the President of France.

Ukraine condemns “horrible” Russian missile launches in Kiev at dawn this Friday

On Friday, the head of Ukrainian diplomacy accused Russia of launching a missile that attacked Kiev at dawn the day after Russia’s invasion of Russia began, injuring at least three people.

“A terrifying Russian missile launch in Kiev. The last time our capital experienced this was when it was attacked by Nazi Germany in 1941. Ukraine defeated this devil and one- We will also beat ci, “Dmytro Kouleba said in a message. His Twitter account.

Zelensky ordered general mobilization and regrets Ukraine being “left alone”

According to a decree posted on the Ukrainian President’s website, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky spoke Thursday night, announcing general military mobilization to counter Russia’s invasion of Russia, which was launched that morning.

According to the text, this measure concerns people who are subject to “conscription and reserves” and will be applied within 90 days in all Ukrainian regions.

Leaders also regret noticing that Kiev was “left alone” in the face of Russian troops.

“Who is ready to fight us. I will not meet anyone. Who is ready to give Ukraine a guarantee of NATO membership? Everyone is afraid,” he said in the Ukrainian President’s account. I blamed it on the public video address.

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