Live-Val-de-Marne sports minister candidate, new LR takes over Macrony and launches Castex pot

Unfair dismissal: Court of Cassation verifies Macron’s scale

This is the long-awaited decision on flagship measures at the beginning of the President of the Republic’s first five-year term.

The Court of Cassation ruled on “Macron scale” on Thursday, resulting in limited compensation for unfair dismissal to the Industrial Court. The court has just verified this scale.

Despite strong opposition from the union, it came into force by ordinance in September 2017 and was approved by the Constitutional Council in 2018.

Outgoing LR’s new view: SartheJean-Carles Grelier’s outbound agent has been nominated by a majority

Following Eric Worth, Robin Reda, Constance Le Grip, Marine Brennie, and Emmanuel Haziza, LR Deputy Jean Carles Grelier, an extroverted LR deputy to the list of six Republicans who recently joined the majority. The name has been added.

Jean-Carles Greliera has been invested in Sarthe.

With this new wave of nominations, the majority united under the “Together!” Coalition met 548 of the 577 members, but eventually offered candidates in about 15 regions. You should give up.

Sports Minister Roxana Malacineanu has been invested by a majority for the legislative election

A new wave of investment in “Together!”: Sports Minister Roxana Maracineanu has invested in Val-de-Marne against pecresist Vincent Jeanbrun. The latter name was sometimes disseminated by rumors of a rally to Emmanuel Macron, which he categorically denied.

The minister was preferred over the outing LREM Jean Jack Bridie. He nevertheless applied for a majority nomination for his second term.

With humility and conviction, I would like to bring the presidential project to the inhabitants of Chevy Laroux, Fresnes, L’Ha├┐ les Rose, Rungis and Thiais. From now on, I’m on the ground to meet them and listen to them, “tweeted the first French world champion of swimming.

“Macron wants to survive the legislative election”: Pierre JeVais attacks the president

Pierre JeVais, the chief negotiator of the left-wing socialist, barely tastes the place Emmanuel Macron took in the legislative election after a long speech in front of Renaissance candidates on Tuesday.

“Emmanuel Macron continues his path. He wanted to get past the presidential election, but now he wants to get over the legislative election (…) Above all, he wants us. I don’t want him to point out what he wants to do, “especially” retired at age 65, “a PS spokesman told Radio J this morning.

Legislation: Socialist Lamia El Alaje announces her candidacy in Paris in opposition to the agreement on the left

Socialist Party Lamia El Alaje announced on Twitter Wednesday that she could run for the legislative elections in Paris, but the agreement on the left conferred this 15th constituency in the capital on LFI candidate Daniel Simonet. ..

“I declare my candidacy for the June 12th and 19th elections,” said a former PS deputy on her Twitter account Wednesday morning.

Here is a summary of why socialists decided to present themselves as dissidents.

“Embarrassing”: Patrick Kanner does not appreciate Emmanuel Macron’s investment in the legislative elections

Patrick Kanner regrets this attitude after Emmanuel Macron’s speech at Aubervilliers this Tuesday before the candidate invested in the legislative election.

“It’s shameful to be at the center of the campaign on the part of the president. The first official action of the new president, who was thought to be more consensus rather than the Jupiterian, was to the warlords of their future potential. It will be. A majority “, will judge the leader of the Socialist Party Senator this morning in the Senate.

“Immature and incompetent”: Stephane Le Fol criticizes PS management

Stephane Le Folle is staring closely at Socialist Party executives after an agreement with French subordinates.

“The new generation made 6% for Europeans (…) She chose Anne Igard, who made 1.7%. To be better than this immature and incompetent new generation. “Who deserves”, said former Minister Francois Hollande, guarantees at Sud this morning on the radio.

Jean Castex will hold a farewell party at 6 pm tonight.

According to BFMTV information, a few days before leaving Matignon, which arrives on Friday or Saturday, Jean Castex is celebrating his departure with all the staff in Matignon’s gardens at 6 pm tonight.

A dinner party will be held throughout the government tomorrow.

“Between the Republics of McKinsey and the Republic of Traore, I refuse to make a choice.”: Valdera dismisses Macron and Melenchon back to back.

Jordan Valdera explained on BFMTV this morning that he “refused the choice” between “Emanuel McKinsey and the Republic of Traore”.

“Merenchon wants to destroy the nation”: Jordan Valdera is “fearing” the left-wing coalition

Jordan Valdella is staring closely at the left-wing coalition under the patronage of inferior France.

“He’s an agitator. He wants to destroy the nation. This alliance scares me. It’s all indigenous and communitarian ZADs,” Judges RN’s boss on BFMTV this morning.

“His decision has not been made”: Marine Le Pen may not return to RN’s head

Jordan Valdera was RN’s president and successor to party leader Marine Le Pen until September 10, but MEP opens the door to his possible continuation.

“Marine Le Pen hasn’t been decided. So far, we’re running a campaign,” guarantees the adjutant on BFMTV this morning.

“Merenchon wants to turn parliament into ZAD”: Le Pen is curbing LFI

Marine Le Pen is staring closely at Jean-Luc Melenchon, who embodies the left-wing bond.

“If a certain number of French people vote for him, he can turn the parliament into a ZAD with black bloc defenders, Burqini and police disarmament,” said Marine Le Pen at RTL this morning.

“I don’t sell myself to anyone”: Marine Le Pen closes the door to the alliance with Eric Zemmour again

Despite many calls from the feet of the reconquest for “national unity,” Marine Le Pen refuses to unite with her former president’s competitors.

“I could have joined forces for the legislative election, but it has bothered me. Eric Zemmour’s agent will vote for Emmanuel Macron’s retirement at age 65. Would it betray my voters (…) I, I wouldn’t “sell myself to anyone”, assuring RN representatives with RTL’s microphone this morning.

“I want to continue my mission”: Richard Ferrand will see himself continue to be the chairman of Congress.

Remodeling is still pending and Jean Castex will resign this Friday, but Richard Ferrand is trying to push his advantage.

“The Speaker of Parliament fascinates me, and if I am convinced that I am the most useful person for this responsibility, yes, I would like to continue my mission,” said Parliament this morning. Launch the president of Parisian..

“Extreme Left”, “Tweaking the Situation”: Richard Ferrand is targeting the left union

The President of Parliament unleashes a blow to the Nupe, a new and popular ecological and social coalition that integrates LFI, PS, EELV and PC.

“The radicalized left has been confronted for five years. Mr. Roussel does not think of nuclear power as Mr. Melenchon. Mr. Hidalgo’s comments on Ukraine and Europe are light-years away from his subordinates. So, a coherent whole that proved its value, and on the other hand, a patchwork of situations between movements that disagree with anything “, therefore Richard Ferrand judges in a column. Parisian this morning.

Socialists announce the first 56 candidates for the legislative election

The Socialist Party announced this Tuesday night that the first wave of 56 candidates has invested in a new and popular Eco-Social Union.

In addition to the First Secretary of PS Olivierfort in the 11th district of Seine-et-Marne, it is the name of the patriot of Valerie Labeau, a socialist councilor, especially in the 1st district of Tarn-et-Garonne.

Among the new investors are LFI Pierre JeVais (4th from Drome), Laurent Baumel (4th from Andre et Loire), former Deputy Jerome Gauge (6th from Essonne), or Paris Olga. There are negotiators of the agreement with the Deputy Mayor. Polski (11th in Paris).

Find a list of candidates in our article.

Relatives of Melenchon, a member of social mobilization … LFI introduces candidates

La France insoumise announced on Tuesday the names of 323 of the 328 candidates for the legislative election, invested in the framework of the new popular Ecological and Social Union (NUPES).

Among these are some relatives of Jean-Luc Melenchon, such as Clemence Gette and Sophia Chikirou.

Some people from social mobilization are also trying their luck, including Rachel Keke, one of the maids of Ibis Batignolles in Paris, and Louis Boyar, the former president of the National Union of High School Students.

Find the list of candidates here.

Marine Le Pen announces RN candidates for this morning’s legislative election

Marine Le Pen launched a party today in the presidential election battle, with presidential finalists as the first opponents of Emmanuel Macron claimed by Jean-Luc Melenchon and his leftist coalition. I’m going to harden it.

After being modest for the past few weeks, she seems to be reviving the media this Tuesday night and believes the president will be the majority in June next year. The “real problem” is the “opposition” he faces, explained TF1 Rep. Pas-de-Calais.

Find out here what to remember from his interview.

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