Live Video-President: Emmanuel Macron Responds to 12 Priorities of Citizens’ Agenda “MaFrance 2022”

Emmanuel Macron is a special guest of Wendy Bshar of Program Ma France from 1:00 pm to 2:00 pm on Tuesday, March 22nd. France Blue alone, Presidential Candidates will respond one hour to the 12 priorities of the Citizens Agenda as a result of the Citizens’ Consultation “MaFrance” held on our website in collaboration with France 3 and ..

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Political integrity: Emmanuel Macron supports the example, but does not require a criminal record

Emmanuel Macron was challenged with priority 1 of the civil agenda, which is political integrity. He defended his record on the matter: “The law was passed at the beginning of this mission.”I remembered the president. “We have greatly strengthened things. The elements of transparency in public life, the declaration of assets, the conflicts of potential interests that govern the lives of agents, ministers, and public decision makers.” He insisted.Emmanuel Macron “Therefore, the B2 criminal record ban presents the most serious conviction for those who want to run for election.” I remembered he had it again “For example, everything that puts an end to family work and thus increases transparency.” Emmanuel Macron also recalled that Congress had put an end to kittens used at the discretion of Parliamentary Reserve, Congressman or Senator.

Questions from listeners from the Basque Country, Emmanuel Macron and Jean Rafael Did not support clean criminal record requirements For elected officials. To support his claim, he took the example of Eric Zemmour. “He has been accused of his remarks. Is it justice’s responsibility to say that he does not have the right to be a candidate by his remarks? I don’t know.” He insisted. “That’s why I think restrictions are needed, and what was defined by lawmakers who would keep B2 records under collective control, I supported it a bit more.” He insisted.

“But for statements that fall under the breach of opinion punished by justice, it is very good to do it and it is perceived to be serious. You need to find this limited space. “, He said.

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The largest online public consultation ever

“My France 2022” Largest civil consultation in history in line.It has put together 34,000 proposals for tomorrow’s France issued by Over 1 million participants. Collected these ideas 7 million votes, Made it possible to establish 12 priorities of the citizen agenda.. Political leader integrity, health, purchasing power … Emmanuel Macron addresses French priorities directly.

Citizen’s agenda