Live-War in Ukraine: Putin will use chemical and biological weapons, according to Biden

The 27th day of the conflict is stagnant in Ukraine. Russian troops are about to advance towards the capital Kyiv, which is still under the curfew. They seem to be focusing on the southern part of the country, especially the city of Mariupol and the city of Odessa, where the suburbs were first bombed.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky reiterated his call to meet Russian President Vladimir Putin. However, while saying he was ready to discuss the Kremlin Master with Donbus and Crimean, he warned that his country would not give in to the ultimatum and would submit a potential “compromise” to the referendum. .. He also demands an organization of meetings with his Russian counterparts.

Information to remember

> Putin plans to use chemical and biological weapons, Biden claims

> Japan protests abandonment of peace talks with Moscow

> Volodymyr Zelensky wants to meet with Vladimir Putin

>>> Live News on Tuesday, March 22:

9:20 am – Despite the war, there is no “stagflation” in the euro area, promising to the ECB

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is detrimental to the eurozone economy, but it continues to expand as the war intensifies, assured by Luis de Guindos, vice president of the European Central Bank (ECB). did.

“So far, we can eliminate the possibility of stagflation. [un environnement économique alliant croissance faible et forte inflation, ndlr]Because even our most pessimistic scenario expects growth of about 2% in 2022, “he said at the conference.

9am – Russia’s Oligarch Abramovich’s second yacht found in Turkey

According to a Turkish newspaper citing the shipping company’s site, Eclipse, a 163m long luxury ship with the flag of Bermuda, anchored in the port of Marmaris on Tuesday morning. Billed as the second longest yacht in the world, Eclipse is the second boat anchored in Turkey from Roman Abramovich, Russia’s oligarch, owner of the British football club Chelsea.

8am-War Challenge to European Agriculture

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine robs countries that are heavily dependent on grain. The risk of food riots reappears, along with the risk of mass migration. The European Union has some means of avoiding such events.

Mediterranean customers from the Black Sea when the war that Vladimirputin launched against Ukraine is robbing one-third of the wheat consumed by the Earth, and when the drought is severely raging in certain areas of Maglev. In order to buy food while knocking on the gateway to Europe, the Old World has decided to partially reduce agricultural productivity.

7:30 am – How TotalEnergies fell into its own trap

Pressure on TotalEnergies has continued to rise since the beginning of the war in Ukraine. With most of the major Western competitors announcing their withdrawal from Russia, French energy giants are trying to save the day, clenching their teeth hoping that the media storm will subside.

The French giant has relied heavily on Russian gas to accelerate its distance from black gold. When a major major is withdrawing from the country, he is happy to promise not to invest in it anymore. A strategy that is difficult to maintain over the long term.

7:00 am-CAE investigates the impact of the war on French business people

A large study conducted by the Economic Analysis Council, published on Tuesday, shows that the financial situation of businesses and households is generally stronger than before the pandemic. But on the business side, the construction sector is more vulnerable. On the household side, 20% of the wealthiest French people consume all their additional savings.

This observation came from a study carried out by this think tank mounted on Matignon, based on a unique methodology that has already been used several times since the beginning of the Covid-19 epidemic.

6:45 am – Ukraine will continue to transport gas wherever technically possible

Ukraine’s Prime Minister, Naftogaz, told Bloomberg that Ukraine would continue to transport Russian gas to Europe as long as it was “technically possible.”

So far, according to him, the Russian army has done its best not to damage the gas infrastructure. “It’s clear to us that they don’t want to hurt their own commercial interests and their commercial relationship,” said Yuri Bitrenco.

6:30 am-Anti-aircraft warning in almost every region of Ukraine

This Tuesday morning, “Air raid sirens are ringing in almost every region of Ukraine. Sirens are Smy, Mykolaiv, Ternopil, Portava, Kirovofrad, Kalkif, Zapolija, Revib, Ivanofrankovsk, Zakarpatcha, Chernivzi, Doni. Propetrovsk, Rivne, Volin, Chelcasy, Kumernitsky, Odessa, Kiv I Tuesday morning, daily newspaper “The Kyiv Independent”.

Quoting U.S. officials, the Ukrainian daily also shows that the Russian Air Force has made more than 300 sorties on Monday alone.

5am ​​– Putin is considering the use of chemical and biological weapons, according to Biden

US President Joe Biden warned on Monday that Russia was “clearly” considering the use of chemical and biological weapons in Ukraine, and that such a move would encourage a “harsh” Western response. “He’s turning his back on the wall,” Trump said in a meeting with an American business leader in Washington.

Joe Biden responded firmly, citing Russia’s accusations that the United States had chemical and biological weapons in Europe. “That’s not true. I guarantee it,” he insisted.

4:30 am – Japan protests abandonment of peace talks with Moscow

According to Moscow, Japan “strongly” protested Russia’s decision to abandon negotiations on a peace treaty between the two countries on Tuesday because of Tokyo’s “unfriendly attitude” towards the Ukrainian conflict. “This situation is (actually) the result of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine,” Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida told Parliament in Tokyo.

“The (Russian) attempt to move this issue into Japan-Russia relations is very unjustified and absolutely unacceptable,” he added. Japan and Russia have built complex relationships for decades. After World War II, the two countries did not sign a peace treaty due to a conflict over the four small islands of the Kuril Islands.

3:45 am – Russian oligarch Abramovich yacht moored in Turkey

A yacht owned by Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich has moored in southwestern Turkey, which does not apply western sanctions to Russian oligarchs, including the owner of the Chelsea Club.

A 140-meter-long luxury boat with the flag of Bermuda, Solaris was filmed on Monday in the tourist destination of Bodrum, more than a week after it was discovered in a port in Montenegro, a non-European Union member state. ..

3am – Mariupol’s 100,000 Citizens Remain

Approximately 45,000 people have been evacuated from the city of Mariupol since the Russian offensive began, but Ukraine’s deputy prime minister, Iryna Vereshchuk, declared in a Radio NV microphone that “more than 100,000 are still there.”

1:30 am – a new real or false assessment of Russia’s loss?

On Monday, the Moscow tabloid near the Kremlin briefly published an article presenting the very heavy sacrifice of Russian troops’ losses before withdrawing it. He claimed that 9,861 Russian soldiers had been killed since the beginning of the war in Ukraine.

If this number is consistent with US intelligence estimates, it is well below the last official estimate released by the Russian Defense Ministry in early March. In any case, the tabloids were hacked and claimed to have released “inaccurate information.”

>>> Night highlights

> Zelensky argues for the need for a “meeting” with Putin

In an interview with Ukraine’s local state media, Saspirne, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said, “Without this conference, it is not possible to fully understand that they (Russians) are ready to stop the war. I don’t think it’s possible. “

> “Compromise” with Russia is subject to referendum, Zelensky says

“I explained it to all negotiating groups: when you talk about all these changes [qui figureront dans un éventuel accord, NDLR]And they can be historic, […] Participate in the referendum. ” President Volodymyr Zelensky told local media Saspilne on Monday.

Earlier, he said his country “cannot accept the ultimatum from Russia.” We must first destroy all of us, and only then will their ultimatum be respected. “

> EU is ready to impose new sanctions on Russia

The European Union is ready to impose new sanctions on Russia, declared by Josep Borrell, head of European diplomacy. Josep Borrell accused Russian President Vladimir Putin of using refugees as a weapon at a press conference after the 27 Foreign Ministers’ Meeting.

> BNP Paribas has decided to stop all new investments in Russia

The first eurozone bank explained on Monday night that it would “become unable” to “process transactions” with Russian customers at the end of March. However, this group of banking giants is very limited in size in the country. In addition to investment banking, this suspension also affects car leasing and insurance.

> Washington-Moscow relations will be “on the verge of bursting”

Westerners have accused Russia of war crimes, especially in Mariupol. Joe Biden, Emmanuel Macron, Olaf Scholz, Mario Draghi and Boris Johnson will discuss Thursday’s fierce diplomatic day (G7, NATO, EU summit).