Logbook of two sisters separated in the Ukrainian war

Elisa Mignot

Posted yesterday at 7:37 pm and updated at 5:31 am.

On February 24, 2022, Sasha of Kyiv called her sister Olga from an underground car park sheltered during the bombing.

Sasha K. And Olga K. Is Ukrainian. They are 32 and 34 years old. Sasha lives in Kyiv and she started her public relations business, she lives with Victor and their dog. Olga has lived in the suburbs of Paris for seven years, is a wine merchant, an excellent lover of French wine, and has a relationship with Janice. Immediately after the 2014 Maidan Revolution, I met Olga in Ukraine. She was studying French at university. In the Olga and Sasha families, we are very pro-Franophilia and pro-Buddha. Their father is a French teacher. Olga often calls her sister a rock, and Sasha says her eldest son is very sensitive.

On Thursday, February 24, when Russian troops invaded Ukraine, they were asked if they each agreed to start their own logbook. Since then, they have written what has become their daily life. One is in Kyiv, hidden in an underground car park, and the other is in Paris, suffering from the news of his family. They speak in two voices about the war that took place in their country. A dispute that changes every day and can change everything.

Thursday, February 24

Sasha: I woke up with the sound of the bombardment. I did some shopping and luggage all day long. We imagine all the possibilities: stay or go, bring or leave things, stay with the old, save yourself. My mother doesn’t live that far, she packed her bag and came to the apartment where she lives with my partner Victor. His wife and dad, who lives in a different neighborhood, got off to evacuate to the subway. My grandmother is at home and with my disabled aunt, they can’t go to the shelter. When we heard the three sirens with Victor and mom, we went to a shelter near our house. It dates back to World War II, it was so old and there were a lot of people … I don’t want to go back there. But the good news. There is internet. Fortunately, Putin wants and needs a hybrid war. At the bottom of the building, I managed to walk the French Bulldog. We are going to leave Ukraine, we have no choice. Olga is waiting for us in France.

Olga: I was seeing my sister’s terrifying eyes on my phone screen this morning. I don’t know what to do. Go? My friend Janice, who is not Ukrainian, tells me that it is ridiculous to have to stay to welcome them to France. I called his mother several times. She is convinced that Putin is already surprised by this resistance from the Ukrainians. She says Russians will come out on the street … My 85-year-old grandmother sees everything that’s happening: she’s already undergoing a war and she’s 5 or 6 years old When I was already hiding in a bunker, I was old. My grandmother reminds us that we called Russia and Ukraine sister republics. The sisters are not supposed to do this to you. And Sasha, who hasn’t answered for an hour and a half, it bothers me !!! I want to know what everyone is doing all the time, but if I know it, I’ll calm down. I can’t stop watching the news: President’s website, Kyiv City Hall website, independent Belarusian channel Bielsat TV, Instagram, Facebook … I can never sleep.

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