Louviers: The death of Roger Giroux, the big name for sports and local handball

Roger Jiro 10 years ago.
Roger Jiro 10 years ago. (© Photo sent from Philippe Giroux)

Roger Giroux died on February 9, 2022 At the age of 94.This historic resident Rubier (wool) He suffered from some health problems, but “it’s not more than his age,” says his son. Philip Giroud.

The latter wants to retain information about this disappearance situation in the context of the family. “The biggest pain he suffered was the death of his wife Giroud in 2018,” he says.

Roger Giroux leaves his mark History of Laubers sports..It’s actually been Municipal Sports Secretary General (OMS), Between 1977 and 2011 (34 years).Moreover, as early as 1956, he An important member of the handball club From the city.

“He wasn’t the president, but he did almost everything he did, including players, secretaries, treasurers, referees, and senior team managers who played in National 3 in the 75s and 80s. He’s always part of the office. Served. »»

Philip Giroud

“We are an athlete’s family.”

This handball club initially existed through the Sports Firefighters Association (ASSPL). Later, in 1992, before the merger with the Val-de-Louis club, the Rubie handball was created, and the current Val-=== Louis-Rubier handball was born.

Roger Giroud Father of two childrenPhilippe (67) and Patrick Giroux (63).

“We are both former players of the Entente Val de Reuille-Rubier handball, especially Pascal Eberle. In addition, in the family we wear club jerseys almost every day. We are an athlete’s family. My mother worked in the sports club of Louvie and met her father in the field of sports. »»

Philip Giroud

His relatives in mourning

Due to this sudden disappearance, Roger Gillow has two children, Philip and Patrick, and their wives (Gilene and Nelly), his four grandchildren (Antoine, Caroline, Pierre Francois, Matthew), and I left two great-grandchildren. Mention his extended family, friends, and his loved ones.
Philippe and Patrick Giroux live in Louviers and Incarville, respectively. Currently retired, Philip Giroud was hired by the city hall of Louvie from 1982 to 2018, and was the director of the city’s sports department in particular. Patrick Giroux is a retired computer engineer.
All relatives of Roger Giroux are clearly bereaved. The ceremony (without flowers, plaques, garlands) at the Louviers cemetery will undoubtedly attract a lot of people at 4 pm on Thursday, February 24th.

He was born in Ande and raised in Laubers

Born October 22, 1927 in AndeRoger Giraud never left the Louviers region, except during World War II (1939-1945).

He Son of Leon GiroudLouviers stationmaster, and Theode GiroudHome seamstress.

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He attended Laubers’ school and obtained a brevet in 1944 at the then Jules Ferry University. After that, Roger Jiro began to work as a surveyor.

In 1948 he served in Constantine, Algeria. “It was a wonderful memory for him, he often told us about it,” slips Philip Giroud.

The entire carrier at the Wonder Battery Factory

When he returned from the army, he Married to Gisele Marchan February 1954.He also participated Wonder Battery Factory, At Lover’s. Roger Giroux gradually increased his rank. He is an industrial designer, manufacturing manager, and HR manager at an architectural firm.

His career suddenly ended in 1994, and the Wonder Factory, which was acquired by Bernard Tapie, closed permanently.

“He retired at about 58 years old. All these redundancy following Bernard Tapie’s social plans weighed heavily on him.» »

Wonder Factory no longer exists today. Currently, the main building in Chemin du Roy between the Eure and the A154 motorway is occupied by another company, now called the Jonquets Business Park.

“Before you stop, you need to know when to stop. »»

At the end of his professional career, Roger Gillow further focused on his passion for handball, and more generally sports.

Within the Lover’s OMS, he 45 years of volunteering (Since its founding in 1965) and served as president for 34 years.

When announcing his departure at the WHO General Assembly on November 29, 2011, Roger Gillow said:

“I’ve been postponing the deadline for a few years now, but this time I decided not to seek a new mission within this WHO, which is very close to my heart. Before I stop, I know when to stop. Must be kept. »»

Roger GirouxStatement of November 29, 2011

Currently, the association, which brings together 40 sports clubs that are members of the federation and participate in competitions, has nearly 5,000 licensees (70-80% of Rubier’s sports licensees).The chairman Jean-Pierre Operalin Since the departure of Roger Giroux.

“WHO clearly has a wonderful memory of Mr. Giroux. He was known to all athletes. It shocked me when he learned of his death. Not often seen these days. But he was still the Honorary Chairman of WHO. At the next meeting, he will remain silent. »»

Jean-Pierre Operalin
Pascal Eberle, a former sports assistant from 2001 to 2014.
Pascal Eberle, a former sports assistant from 2001 to 2014. (© La Dépêche de Louviers – Pierre Choisnet – Archive 2020)

“He made many lovers love sports.”

Pascal Hebert I knew Roger Giroux and his sons very well. “He was the one I really liked. He gave me the taste of handball. I was part of the Louviers Club and his sons Philip and Patrick. Lefontell High School and Sports. Assistant) and was elected as an opposition member from 2014 to 2020.

He continues. “Roger Jiro was welcoming, reconciled and very kind. He had a lot of respect for young people, and I think he made many lovers love sports. He is an important name for Laubers and many people in the town remember him. It’s a big loss. »»

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