Lyon is still loosening the ground …-A brief description and note of the player (Lance 0-0 OL)-Soccer

Olympique Lyonnais played against Reims (0-0) in League One this Sunday, recognizing poor performance in the Champions League and even in races in Europe.

Lyon l

Dembl and OL may regret it …

Three days after playing in the Europa League quarterfinals, Olympique Lyonnais confirmed the difficulty in League One by dropping a new point on Sunday’s Reims (0-0) after a rather sad match on the 29th day. did.

While Lille, Monaco and Lens won, the 10th-placed office lady did the wrong thing in the European race.

The boss looks red!

Despite the difficulties of pushing hard on the premises in the first few minutes, Gornes had his first chance to recover from the extreme conditions of Aouar by Bushi. Visitors gradually gained an advantage in the game.

Despite many changes by Peter Bosz, who renewed Gusto, Henrique, Aouar, and Kadewere, all starters Lyon struggled to squeeze a match against the well-established enemy block. To make matters worse, Rhone’s coach was excluded from the dispute. Like this header of Abdelhamid captured by Lopez, as Thiago Mendes made this save in front of Kebal, Oscar Garcia’s men shot thoroughly.

Dumble rat

Les Gorns returned from the locker room with better intentions, but Dumble didn’t fit his recovery. In the crowd, the striker found a post, but he was just a point blank on a cross from Gusto. What a mouse! After a complex period, Reims counterattacked and imposed real highlights on the suffering visitors. I even flew from Lopez to finally defeat Conan, who was signaled offside. Despite the last-minute awakening, Rajkovic saved the day against Aouar, and OL is getting more complicated in European races …

Match score: 4/10

With no goals, few chances, and an aggressively inaccurate team: I witnessed a rather sad match overall, despite a slightly exciting second act with a push from rmoise.

Player notes

Maxifoot assigned each player a score (out of 10) comment.

Best player: Maxime Busi (6.5 / 10)

In this rather boring match, the right back was able to get out of the game both defensively and offensively. A solid Belgian saves furniture while countering the recovery of Houssem. With a clear eye on the counterattack, he was particularly prominent in Hornby’s stunning cross, and in the second period he finally signaled offside.

Lance :

Predrag Rajkovic (6): With the help of Dumble’s rat and a vigilant defender against the opponent’s shot, the goalkeeper had to work very little. Until the additional time he made a decisive save against Houssem.

Maxime Busi (6.5): Read the comments above.

Wout Faes (6): Another good game from the Central Defender, a well-closed Dembl who showed solidity in a duel.

Younis Abdelhamid (5.5): Like his understanding of the central hinge, the defender played a clean, well-contained game for Lyon’s attackers. His header from the free kick is easily captured by Lopez in the first period.

Ghislain Konan (5.5): After a fairly cautious first action, Left Back drops a horse in the second period, and his relationship with Rocco causes havoc in the left lane during a strong time in Reims. Made it possible.

Thomas Foket (5): Right midfielder, the creator of Hornby’s good cross back from the locker room, played a satisfying match by successfully closing the lane and contributing to the counterattack. Replace 90 minutes + 1 minute with Alexis Phillips (not)..

Marshall Munetsi (5): Midfielder, the creator of the first period warrior match, was beaten in the face and forced to give up his place. Replace 46 minutes with: Zeon Lopi (5.5)This showed a lot of play, but also showed some significant technical waste.

Azor Matusiwa (5): Midfielder entered the duel. He hit him, but received some and won a yellow card for Caqueret.

Valon Berisha (4): Matched too carefully on the side of the aggressive midfielder and was rarely seen despite some good directions. Replace 60 minutes with: Bradley Locko (not)Very agitated and made a big difference on the left side.

Iran Kebal (4.5): Not only a lot of good intentions, but too much waste from the aggressive midfielder, the loss of the ball did not help the team develop the game. It was replaced in 60 minutes as follows: Camory Doumbia (not so)..

Fraser Hornby (4.5): Although there are relatively few strikers, his impressive physique can cause problems in Lyon’s defense. Scottsman’s overly soft head didn’t worry about Lopez, and Lukeba saved in front of him during the strong weather in Reims. Replace 76 minutes with: Moussa Doumbia (not so)..

Lions :

Anthony Lopes (5.5): With the exception of Abdelhamid and Hornby’s slightly softer headers, the OL goalkeeper couldn’t make a big save. Konan’s shot flies well, but the start is offside.

Malo Gusto (5): My favorite Dubois, I was a little dissatisfied on the right side. Le Gone played high and was very present in his lane, like the two impeccable crosses of Aouar and Dembl. Still, there are more percussion instruments in this kind of game dominated by his team, with additional offensive contributions from him. Sterling, Conan and Rocco made him difficult in the second phase.

Thiago Mendes (5.5): Played against Porto on Thursday, a central defenseless man maintained his rank in this part, with significant intervention in front of Kebal, especially in the first period. Some good openings are active.

Castello Luceva (5.5): Thiago Mendes has been watching for longer than he, but when the pressure from Rome was felt in Act 2 with this save tackle in the area in front of Hornby, a young central defender It reacted. Some overlooked reminders hurt the balance sheet a bit.

Henrique (4): Out of the closet, he liked Emerson, and the left back had a defensively safe night. On the other hand, his offensive contribution was too poor …

Maxance Kakelett (6): As is often the case, the midfielder was one of the few Lyons that wouldn’t disappoint. Participating in the engagement, Gone sometimes tried to accelerate the game beyond his role.

Houssem Aouar (4): The midfielder, who revived as a holder, couldn’t seize the opportunity. Too careful, Hub created a path that was too simple when he expected light to pass through him. Rajkov certainly has the ability to be in the right place, but Bushi and Rajkovic beat him.

Tino Kadewere (4): For the rest of his life, Winger struggled to stand out in the last 30 meters. However, the Zimbabweans did not lose their benefits and fought well with the second ball and made some recovery. However, his attack record remains too light. Replace 82 minutes with: Bradley Balcola (not)..

Lucas Paquet (4.5): The light has to gush out of his feet and his technique makes some differences, especially even if Aouar’s two opportunities are launched, the playmaker will be influenced by this game. I didn’t get a power discount. In his defense, Brazilians were often forced to go down very low to touch the ball.

Karl Toko Ekambi (4): An interesting orientation author, but Winger was inconsistent over time and the left side was somewhat ignored. Nevertheless, he is making a generous effort.

Moussa Dembl (3): A disappointing match from the striker. The captain of the office lady was puzzled by the defense of the enemy, but could not take advantage of his rare situation and made a big mistake in recovering at the post at close range. Replace 77 minutes with: Jeff Reine-Adelaide (not)..

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Lance 0-0 Lyon (Middle: 0-0) -France-League Day 29
Stadium: Stade Auguste Delaune, Reims-Referee: Johan Hamel, France

Goal :
caveat :- Mr. Caqueret (27th), Henrique (45 + 2nd), K. Toko Ekambi (79th)In the case of Lyon

Lance : P. Rajkovic ―――― W. Phase, Y. Abdelhamid ―――― Mr. Bushi, G. Conan ―――― T. Foke (A. Flip, 90 + 1st), Mr. Munetsi (D. Lopi, 46th), A. Matsushiwa, V. Berisha (B. Rocco, 60th) ―――― I. Kebal (K. Doumbia, 60th), F. Hornby (M. Doumbia, 76th)

Lions : Anthony Lopes ―――― Thiago Mendes, C. Lukeba ―――― Mr. Gusto, Henrique ―――― Mr. Kakelet, H.Aouar ―――― Lucas Package ―――― T. Kadewere (B. Balcola, 82nd), K. Toko Ekambi ―――― Mr. Dumble (J. Reine-Adlade, 77th)