Lyonnaises is leading, but 10

Except for carpenters, OL ends at 10

A bad reflection from Carpenter trapped in a rebound and overtaken by Sernoia. She then takes a jersey from him, and it’s a red card. The office lady ends at 10 o’clock!

The first change in Juventus

Juventus’ vision changed first, especially with Caruso’s entry.

Cattail near a disaster

A cross from Carpenter cleared Gama very badly, forcing Randolph to push back into the corner. Not far from the disaster.

Bacha’s attempt

Bacha reaches 25 meters, but it’s on top. The office lady continued to control the game, but couldn’t find the obstacle again.

Because of the fox

OL and Wendy Lunar’s free kick collides with Peylow Magnin, and Juventus calls a foul.

Gileri Offside

Girelli fired a shot and was thrown into the defense of the office lady, but Buchanan was completely defending. Girelli was offside, so it’s okay anyway.

Macario walks on one leg

Macario apologizes for the surge in opponent players. Juventus has a free kick, but was shot badly again.

OL block shot

We rejoin between Bacha and Macario, but the only scorer in the meeting sees her shots countered this time.

Sernoia misses a free kick

He kicked Juventus’ FK with Sernoia’s right foot, but missed it completely. The office lady can escape.

here we go again

Kick-off of this second period given by Juventus. There was no change in the break time.

OL advantage during breaks

Here at Juventus Stadium, half-time, thanks to Macario (8th), the OL score is 1-0. Lyonnaise is in control and is stepping into the ball in the same way as in the most dangerous situations. We don’t have to relax as well.

OL offside goals are not allowed

It crosses towards Heartig, but is well protected by Buchanan. In the process, Mallard scored a 2-0 goal but was logically rejected offside …

Henry’s 25-meter shot

As the break approaches, Lyon’s cage is still not dangerous. With a new strike from Amandine Henri, it’s even more the opposite, but it remains 1-0.

Mallard is approaching a break … but the referee returns to negligence

The big chance for an office lady in a corner with Mallard, who passed not far from the goal, was a few centimeters, but it was saved by Gileri. The referee whistles the foul in all cases.

Release of Peyraud-Magnin

With a cross from Bacha, Peyraud-Magnin was able to save his teammates by clearing the ball. Juventus’ defense was hot, but 1-0.

Macario is nearly double

Macario regains the ball in the box, but his shot cannot find the target. Bad intervention from Rosucci that brought this opportunity.

Fox intervention

Good intervention from Renard, who takes over Hurtig, started on the left side. The OL captain prevents the cross.

New situation of OL

Carpenter combines with Cascarino, but is confused in the box and cleared by the Italian defense.

OL in control

A free kick from the left of Bacha clears Peylow Magnin. OL’s new action that gives you complete control over the game.

Juventus struggles

Juventus is having a hard time climbing part of his opponent’s field. Bacha made another attempt with a cross shot, but failed.

Mubok’s distant attempt

The Italians had a hard time avoiding the danger. Following the blocked shot, Mbock attempts a long shot, but Perot easily catches the ball.

Macario releases Lyonnaise!

Lyonnaises open the score. Attending the cross reception from Bacha, Macario found the frame this time by placing a header that the Juventus goalkeeper couldn’t do anything about.

Lyonnaise has a ball

After this horror, Lyonnaise gets the ball, but there is no big chance.Cascarino tries to find the middle player again, but his opponent’s defense calms down and clears.

Great opportunity for Juventus

A big warning to Lyonnaises. A bad pass from goalkeeper Bouhaddi allows an enemy attacker to regain the ball. But the latter sees her shot go just wide in the goal.

Lyon’s first attempt

In his lane, Cascarino has already shown that it is dangerous and is sending a exploitable ball to Macario.But his attempt can’t find the frame

The game starts!

Let’s go to the first leg of this quarterfinal of the Champions League between Olympique Lyonnais and Juventus.

Player enters

The game will start soon. Twenty-two players have just entered the green rectangle.

Effective group stage in Lyon

Among the favorites of the final victory, Olympique Lyonnais successfully launched the Champions League campaign, finishing first in Group D with 15 points.This 1-0 defeat against Bayern Munich, a small shadow on the board

Bombastre: “Juventus is his reference club in Italy”

At a press conference, Olympique Lyonnais coach Sonia Bompastor announced she wasn’t expecting a match against Juventus. Despite the seven Champions League of watches, it is out of the question for Lyonnaise to underestimate the Italians:

“Italian women’s football is on track (…) Today, Juventus is the Italian reference club and the club that regularly participates in the Champions League quarterfinals.”

Reasons for Hegelberg’s non-employment period

Ada Hegelberg, a full holder of Olympique Lyonnais, will not appear in the starting lineup of Sonia Bompastor. According to the team, the number of attackers is decreasing due to the flu condition.

Match lineup

Juventus: Peyraud-Magnin-Lundorf, Gama, Sembrant, Boattin-Rosucci, Pedersen, Grosso-Hurting, Girelli, Cernoia.

Submarines: Aprile, Forcinella, Hyrynen, Nilden, Staskova, Bonansea, Zamanian, Caruso, Bonfantini, Panzeri, Lenzini.

OL: Buadi-Carpenter, Buchanan, Leonard, Mbock-Henry, Damaris, Macario-Cascarino, Mallard, Bacha.

Alternatives: Paljevic, Holmgren, Morroni, Gunnarsdottir, Marozsan, Hegerberg, Sombath, Laurent, Cayman, Benyahia, Horan.

Good morning everyone

Hello everyone on the RMC Sport site. Follow the live commentary on Round 1 of the Champions League quarterfinals between Juventus and the office lady. OL, the leader of France’s first division, wants to regain the European title he lost last year. The kickoff will take place at 6:45 pm.