Macron announces “every day” 30-minute sport at elementary school

The President of the Republic, who visited Seine-Saint-Denis this Wednesday, confirmed his promise in the presidential election.

Emmanuel Macron asserts the importance of sports in young people, especially in the working class area, by announcing the expansion of the passport system, a € 50 allowance for sports licenses, and device sustainability on Wednesday. Did “Learn vacation”.. Four days before the first round of the legislative election, the head of state connected a third visit on social themes to Clichy-sous-Bois (Seine-Saint-Denis) last week, following a hospital in Cherbourg and a school in Marseille. rice field. And he should talk about local security by going to the turn on Thursday.

“As of the next school year, there will be 30 minutes of sports in all primary classes.” Every day, Emmanuel Macron confirmed and said the promises made during the presidential election. Sport, he insisted, “Having a medal is very important” At the Olympics, but “That is also essential.” For young people “health”Especially because of that “You can fight overweight and many illnesses.”

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With the Minister of Sport Amélie Oudéa-Castéra, the President of the French Judo Federation Stéphane Nomis, and the Mayor of Olivier Klein (DVG), he “Solidarity Dojo”It is also a breakdance hall in a shopping center in the heart of the popular town of Clichy-sous-Bois, about 20 kilometers from Paris. “I’m 1,000% on these initiatives.” because “This is a great opportunity for young people to practice sports.”Say hello to Olympic champion Teddy Riner, who attended the ceremony.

The Solidarity Dojo, like a club, allows young people in the neighborhood to practice judo and related sports areas for free (Oso, Judo, Kendo, etc.), the French Judo Federation explained on its website. doing. The Clichy-sous-Bois Dojo is part of the “5,000 Land Plan” announced in October 2021 and will develop 5,000 local sports facilities on the horizon of the 2024 Olympic Games for € 200 million. It is stipulated.

Updates to the “Summer Quarter” and “Learning Holiday” schemes

Therefore, 1,000 dojos and martial arts or boxing halls, 1,000 multi-sports facilities, 500 basketball courts, and even 200 mobile pools for teaching young children to swim will emerge in neighborhoods and rural areas. The head of state also said that Pass’Sport, a measure announced in May 2021 to help reopen licenses in sports clubs after the health crisis, has 760,000 scholarship students to encourage practice. Announced that it will be expanded to. ..

Emmanuel Macron also announced an update to the “Summer Quarter” and “Learning Holiday” systems set up for young people who do not take vacations. “It worked very well, we’re going to make it permanent,” he explained. The Summer Quarter offers sports (soccer tournaments, cycling, etc.), culture (microfestivals, outdoor film screenings, etc.) and training (first aid, traffic safety, etc.). “Learning Holiday” not only strengthens academics, but also provides leisure and nature discovery activities.

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