Macron using coal for the 2024 Olympics at Sports Factory

President Emmanuel Macron was in Tarbes yesterday. He discovered the Sports Factory in a demonstration by his children. A visit focused on Paris 2024.

Emmanuel Macron, accustomed to sprints and political marathons, has begun his final turn in light of the 2024 Paris Olympics. That’s why the Secretary of State went to the Tarbes Sports Factory yesterday morning before starting to climb Howtakam in Peloton. As a result of the visit, Emmanuel Macron promised the President of Agro to come here because he managed to hang up the last time he visited the wagon to open this infrastructure. I did. “

Over 8000 entries on the climbing wall

Dive into this former industrial area of ​​the rebounded Arsenal under the auspices of the Tarbes-Lourdes-Pyrenees metropolitan area. Opened three months ago, the site has a quality infrastructure, with a unique indoor athletics stadium, especially in the southwest, and Europe’s tallest climbing wall. “This is an intelligent use of industrial wastelands and pleases Gerald Tremage, president of the Tarbes-Lourdes-Pyrenees agglomeration. We have already recorded over 8,000 entries in three months. The practitioners come from all over France. All over Europe. This site quickly gained real notoriety. “

Tarbes will host the French Climbing Championships next year with this new infrastructure.

This Thursday morning, I noticed several groups of young athletes in front of the facility in the Arsenal district, which was blocked by security forces. For this day when youth and sports are in the limelight, they have to demonstrate in front of the president. Therefore, the children of the successful education program in Tarbes, along with educator Hakim Meliani, first entered the sports factory where the president had to go. , Even if they don’t necessarily understand all of this security device. The president first met children aged 5 to 11 in a summer camp in Tarbes. “You are ready for Paris 2024,” he launched the President of the Republic to young sports enthusiasts. In a relaxed atmosphere, the kids challenged the president: can he win the basket? Soon, Emmanuel Macron grabbed the basketball after rolling up his sleeves. The first attempt was good. “It’s a little impressive, admit Lucy, Dorian, Shanice, Aruba, and Yunes. We always watch him on TV, and there he hugs us.” “The president is already great. It’s good to come see this great tool with influence, “said the department’s sports office secretary enthusiastically.

2024 Olympic heritage

From one space to another, Emmanuel Macron faces the climbing wall and invites you to look very high. “One of the tallest walls in Europe, this wall has 14,000 holds, allowing a variety of routes not only for the most experienced climbers at the international level, but also for the youngest beginners,” he said. Eric Bauvin, president of FFME Occitanie, who manages this site, explains. Tarbes employs five and soon six. In front of the head of state, Lena shows him the amount of courses available to the most people, from a height of five years. “It’s rewarding for the president to come and see these infrastructures and discuss what’s good for sports and people. Delight Jean-Paul and Lino from the clubs of Amitiés Nature Tarbes and Rocet Pyrène. Such an installation In progress. As height, difficulty and diversity increase, the margin of climbing progress increases. ”After enjoying the indoor athletics stadium, the relay time where young disabled and able-bodied people mix. The room is a great initiative to show Agro’s commitment with the financial risks we carry. This room is part of what we want. At these Olympics, what matters is heritage. It’s one from the beginning of the school year. What we want to do in sports for 30 minutes a day. In the field of sports, we want to help. We will create an association and 5,000 installation structures so that as many young people as possible can practice. Here in Tarves We’re not a small structure, we’re a European champion. This is a logical example. This trial should guide us. Towards the 2024 Olympics, “said the President of the Republic. rice field.

Therefore, a meeting between the new ministers concerned and the new police chief should be held in Elysee on Monday to provide the impetus and framework for these 2024 Games in Paris.

Baptiste was entitled to receive his photo

Among the 20 people waiting at the exit of Sports Factory, the small silhouette of a 7-year-old baptist stands out. He came from Ursberg and got an official portrait of the president. “This time he wants to take a picture with the head of state. He is a fan and wants to be president of the Republic,” his mother slipped. During this little walk, Emmanuel Macron poses with him and you can hear the Baptist.