Macron’s proposal newly welcomed in the education world

At a press conference in Aubervilliers on Thursday, Emmanuel Macron specifically mentioned teacher compensation, but rejected the idea of ​​a “uniform national reassessment” of salaries.

Ideas for “ground,” “clichés,” and “insulting remarks”: Emmanuel Macron’s educational suggestions for “better payments” to “better” teachers who make “more efforts” are quite significant. It provokes a fresh reaction and is sometimes vibrant in the educational world.

After a speech by Candidate Macron on Thursday, who defined school as a “major project” for his program alongside health, “teachers are unaware of their profession” and that they are already “complex and heavy.” The work, which has a sense of the fact that it is running, summarizes Stéphane Crochet, the secretary general of the SE-Unsa union.

At his lengthy press conference in Aubervilliers (Seine-Saint-Denis), Emmanuel Macron said he wanted the school to “completely change the way” by proposing a “agreement to teachers.”

Better teacher payments, but conditional

“We need to continue to increase our compensation significantly”-“Large investments are planned”, “A total of 12 billion euros for education and youth”, of which “salaries are just over 6 billion euros”, he said. rice field. ..

However, this increase is “definition of new missions”, “replacement of absent teachers”, “more personalized student follow-up, especially to help with homework”, and “time to support students with extracurricular lessons”. Related to.

Emmanuel Macron dismisses the idea of ​​a “uniform national increase” in wages and cannot say “I will pay better to everyone, including those who are not ready to pay more.” “.

Short sentences that evoked a strong reaction from teachers, especially on social networks.

“The hardest part of being a teacher is reading these comments in the media, not the students, because they read these comments in terms of declining social reputation,” said Françoise Kaen on Twitter, a high school literary school. The collective impact of this is terrible. ” Teacher of Alfortville (Val-de-Marne).

“Are there any thoughts about our profession other than prejudice?” Responded to Christine Guimonnet, a high school teacher and general secretary of the Association of Historical Geography Teachers (APHG).

“Professor Bashing”

The first college and high school union, the Snes-FSU, blamed “insulting remarks on teachers.”

“Taking up the teacher’s bashing code that has become popular in recent years, Macron gives the worst cliché about national education staff,” he estimated in a press release.

In addition, the union considers these measures unrealistic in the face of already busy schedules.

Sophie Vénétitay, Executive Director of the SNES-FSU, said, “When he said,’I’m going to get the teacher to do additional work,’ we already have a very heavy job and forget that we have a lot of work. I am. ” He recalls, “According to the ministry’s own statistics, teachers work more than 40 hours.”

“We are more than painful to make such wishful thinking about education, such as’just do the education like a business and pay the teachers the benefits to get better results.'” It’s starting to become, “emphasizes Jean-Rémi Girard. , President of Snalc (National Union of High Schools, Universities, Schools and Higher Education).


In the case of Stéphane Crochet, these suggestions are “ground” and “suggest that teachers have time and do not move much.”

“Educational work has already changed considerably and has been strengthened in recent decades,” because “teaching profession requires more than in the past (investment) for all students to succeed,” Catherine said. Nave emphasizes her role. -From Bekhti, Sgen-CFDT.

“We are in a series of specialists with a very high level of burnout. We need to give these specialists a vision, a breath, and a real awareness of their work,” she said at RMC. Did. “Yesterday’s speech did not establish this perception, and it’s a shame.”