Maison des Sport in Dieppe: club reacts to car park closure

In Dieppe (Seine-Maritime), the sports hall car park is regularly closed for construction throughout the year.
In Dieppe (Seine-Maritime), the sports hall car park is regularly closed for construction throughout the year.

Parking at the Maison des Sports de for both sports associations and residents Dieppe (Seine Maritime) It has recently received a great deal of interest. Naturally, an elevator will be built to facilitate access to the sports center.

according to the statute of the work issued by the city, parking Access and parking from Rue Montigny is prohibited.

This was done several times from Monday 1st August 2023 to 1st August 2023. It is heavily used not only by athletes, but also by residents and those who work in the surrounding area, and parking there was already very complicated. By the way, the parking lot can park up to 20 cars.

What are the presidents of sports associations thinking? Pascal Cavechin of the table tennis team, Boris Desjardins of the basketball team, Elvis Fournier of the Diepoix Wrestling Circle and Corinne Lebourg of the handball team gave their opinions.

Most useful work

As for the president of the basketball club, there is no denying that parking near sports halls can be even more difficult. I don’t think the city is doing anything worse than what is being done today. However, access to sports hall beneficiaries may be improved. Originally, parking lots were made for them, so that’s what I want.»

Boris Desjardins mentioned a period of bactinodrome where athletes had to find a solution to access the structure. So for a year you have to repeat the same thing. But outside of traffic, he’s happy with his next work.

“I hope that accessibility to the sports hall will be improved. It will be beneficial.”

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Corinne Lebourg says: As with all works, there are bound to be annoyances and limitations. I have been in touch with the city of Dieppe and a solution will be found by setting up a parking lot nearby during the demonstration. ”

Fear of losing licensees

Elvis Fournier is also pleased with the work started. We complain because our infrastructure is aging, but that’s a good thing. I needed to improve. And we are happy to be in this room. »

Finally, table tennis player Pascal Cavecin admits that finding a place can be very difficult. He moved into Emile Seri’s room when he had the Bacinodrome, but that was the end of the season. There, it is impossible to keep the BioMarine parking lot open all the time, not just on tournament days. »

The problem is that this famous parking lot does not belong to the municipality, but to Sodinow. The President of Table Tennis fully agrees to implement the work, but they have to find a solution.By 2024, my goal is to reach over 150 licensees. If there are too many restrictions on parking and hall access, licensees will not come and you risk losing some…”

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