Major outdoor events will bloom again with spring

Silenced for the second year in a row, or separated from the festivities and cheerful parts, the major events that highlight the arrival of fine weather are back. Leucate’s Mondial Duvent, Fleury’s crepe winemaker’s gourmet trail, and Gruissan’s Defy Wind are in the starting blocks!

1Leucate’s Mondial Duvent

After the 2021 vintage dedicated to sports competitions, where the 2020 edition was canceled as well as all public events during the period of confinement and the public can follow on social networks, Mondial Duvent will be on April 26th, May 1st. I came back to the sandy beach of Lafranchi. The event also celebrates its 25th anniversary and confirms its status as a major event in the international boardsport scene. Be sure to bring the best athletes and legends from different disciplines to celebrate this anniversary. On this occasion, the Lafranchi spot will host the first and only French leg of the Wingfoil World Cup. At the crossroads of windsurfing, kitesurfing, stand-up paddleboarding and surffoil, Wingfoil is the latest boardsport. This new edition’s favorite, Tetouan Galea, established itself in 2021 as the first world champion in the history of Wingfoil. The program also includes kitesurfing and freestyle windsurfing, but especially the revival of entertainment. Mondial Duvent is also a great winter sports festival for kids and families. Artificial waves, BMX, scooters, skateboarding, concerts, introductory mountaineering, workshops for children. Environmental awareness is also part of the event’s DNA. Narbonese Ammediterane Nature Park is a loyal partner. The Gulf of Lion Marine Nature Park offers fun activities for the youngest to showcase local flora and fauna.

2Clape Wine Producer’s Gourmand Trail

After a two-year shortage in Narbonne and a winter edition project, eventually thwarted by a health crisis, the AOC La Clape winemakers’ must-see Epicurean conference returns to the wonderful outdoors on Sunday, May 22nd. increase. Head to Fleury Aude in this 17th edition, which takes place around Chateau Moyau. Enthusiasts rediscover the formula that made it successful: walk through pine forests and vines and discover the peculiarities of terroir and appellation wines. This low-altitude 8km course is interrupted by gourmet breaks, depending on the combination of food and wine. Chef Mark Schwall always stays in the pot according to immutable rituals such as oysters and appetizers, hot starters, cold starters, meat dishes, cheeses, desserts, all mixed with tasting AOC crepe wine and served by about 30 people. To do. A winemaker who shares his passion and work.

3Gruissan Wind Challenge

Other major boardsport conferences couldn’t miss the long weekend of Ascension. The Gruissan Wind Challenge will celebrate its 20th anniversary for two years from May 26th to 29th. To keep his enthusiasts waiting, Philip Blue organized a “superstar” edition of the slides in a very high quality version, which was reduced to 300 attendees last fall. A way to support the resort’s economic and event activities during the All Saints vacation, as well as maintaining the flames of the sailors, with alternatives that are fully adapted to the situation. This year, the event is once again big-thinking, reuniting with its beloved excess, 1,000 windsurfers from around the world, and fighting the terrible Tramontana. If the show is on the water, the beach must not be defeated by the sliding village, which welcomes the latest innovations in terms of sector professionals and equipment. The festive part, an inseparable component of this mass, promises to carry out its mission. I don’t turn 20 every day!

Leucate abandons Soly Fiesta

Can you re-open a popular festival that captivates the crowd? At Leucate, the answer is no in the end. “Given the current uncertain climate, after the winter foreseeing 2022, which nevertheless encourages large-scale rallies, the municipality of Leucate will take place on the following May 27 and 28. We will postpone the 2022 version of Soly Fiesta. “ I contacted the city of Leucate this Tuesday, April 12th. As a result, we have abandoned this wonderful celebration, which is essentially a wandering crowd and army interrupted by the vibrant Bodegas. “Today, the resumption of the epidemic reinforces the fear that it weighs heavily on the organization. To avoid rushing the 2022 edition, the municipality has made a wise decision to postpone it.”Describe the city that guarantees it “From September 2022, a new version of Solyfiesta will be announced.” The municipality will offer new appointments this long weekend: producers markets, concerts, wine fairs. For now, the other major event of this type, Les Festéjades, which will be held in Gruissan on the weekend of Pentecost from June 3rd to 5th, will be maintained.