Mali Equestrian Federation President Mohamed Haidara: “PMU-Mali is our official sponsor and natural partner” “Without PMU-Mali we would close shop”

Mali Equestrian Sports Federation President Mohamed Haidala said he was very happy and fulfilled with the season that just ended with the 78th Grand Prix de la Nation. In this interview, he mentions, among other things, his partnership with Moov Africa Malitel and his relationship with PMU-Mali.

Today – Mali: President, how was the Grand Prix de la Nation?

Mohammed Haidara: It is a great satisfaction, honor and pride to experience the 2022 edition of the Grand Prix de la Nation. The delegation, led by Prime Minister Choguel Cokala Maiga, expressed the willingness of the government to work with us to lift us up a little higher.

Are you satisfied with this current version?

It was a dedication! Because all goals were almost achieved. thank god ! All that remains is to provide the public with a racetrack worthy of its name. And this will not last long.

What do you think was special about this 78th edition?

I think it was mainly two tiers of support. We benefited from the support of the Ministry of Youth and Sport and Primature under the leadership of the Prime Minister, Dr. Choguel Maiga. Especially when the Prime Minister’s compliments were also received. This is to tell you that I am a happy president today.

What complaints have you made to the authorities for the smooth running of equestrian sports?

We wanted to move the PMU-Mali headquarters to the Bamako equestrian grounds. And with the establishment of a national stud farm, none of us envy.

How would you rate this season?

I think it’s first and foremost the continuing enthusiasm of the public for horse racing and, above all, the increase in horse owners.

Please tell us about the future of the federation.

Giving Mali the first deliverer of improved blood born in our soil is a problem, and this is a great first.

What is the evolution of improved varieties in Mali?

in a larval state. I expect constant support from the authorities for the establishment of our stallion farm. Major discussions are underway between the Mali Equestrian Sports Federation, the Ministry of Sports and PMU-Mali. I think there is hope.

You recently mentioned a future partnership with Moov Africa Maritel, what is it?

As you know, Move Africa Maritel sponsors the sport as a whole through the Olympic and Sports Commission of Mali, but exceptionally the company has decided to cooperate with the Malian Equestrian Sports Federation for a specific development. Did. And it is an attitude that is very much appreciated for its fair value. I would like to express my sincere gratitude to Move Africa Maritel through their General Managers who are fighting for the promotion and development of sport in Mali.

What is your relationship with PMU-Mali?

PMU-Mali is our official sponsor and natural partner. Without PMU-Mali, I could have closed my shop. It is the foundation of everything, and I am grateful for the unwavering support of General Management under the leadership of Fasséry Doumbia.

Please give a message to horse racing fans.

It’s a matter of continuing to support us and having a lot of people coming all the time.

Directed by El Hadj AB Hydara

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