Manchester United is breathtaking thanks to the young Elanga. -A brief description and notes of the players (Atletico 1-1 MU)-Football

Manchester United took the draw at the end of the match on the grass of Atletico Madrid (1-1) in the Champions League Round 16 round this Wednesday. Dominating and lying for over 70 minutes, Red Devils thank the young Elanga.


Elangagaris at the end of the MU match (1-1, 80th)

Manchester United is on track! Atlético Madrid’s turf-dominated Mankunian club will return to England with a suitcase at the end of the 16th Champions League (1-1) match. But how hard was it for Mankunian …

Atletico starts powerfully

Corconeros, who was very enthusiastic and active in the conference, surrounded the Mankunian camp and quickly strengthened his dominance. After less than 10 minutes of play, João Felix took advantage of the perfect cross from Lodi to score with a strong header (1-0, 7th)! An ideal start for Diego Simeone’s men, carried by the boiling mass at the Wanda Metropolitano stand.

Not surprisingly, the Spaniards left the ball to their opponent. But don’t really worry. Indeed, Ronaldo’s Red Devil’s couldn’t get close enough to the Madrid area to get a real goal-scoring opportunity in this first act. During the break, Madrid goalkeeper Oblak returned to the locker room without a slight stop after a very quiet first period. Meanwhile, on the other side, in the 45th minute De Gea was saved by his bar in the header from Vrsaljko.

Elanga saves MU!

Going back in the second half with better intentions, Mankunian only cheated for 15 minutes. After returning from the locker room, the restless Atletico players regained their composure at the hourmark and continued to thwart the unimaginable Red Devil in the last 30 meters. Enough to annoy the helpless Ronaldo in the Madrid area and not inspired by his unusual touched ball.

If he couldn’t rely on his star, MU then relied on young Elanga. Five minutes after entering Rashford’s location, the 19-year-old striker used a missed intervention from Reinildo to defeat Oblak on a low cross shot (1-1, 80), almost predicting Red Devil’s. Provided an outside draw. can not believe it ! Malmen was worried again on the 87th after a strike from Griezmann hitting the crossbar, and Manchester United finally realized in three weeks that he was in a strong position before Round 2 of Old Trafford.

Match score: 6.5 / 10

A 90-minute match at a very fast pace. After Elanga caught up with the tie, there was no time to get tired of the match marked by a fierce duel and a completely unrestricted end to the game. Tension, suspense, great atmosphere … a real Champions League match!


-With the ball recovered following a corner rejected by Mankunian’s defense, Lodi sends a long center from the left side to the opposite surface. João Felix defeated Magwire and scored with a strong header with the help of the post (1-0, 7th).

-Fernandez throws Elanga into the depths. A young Manchester striker used Reynild’s rat tackle to enter the area and scored with a cross shot from the bottom right to the ground (1-1, 80th).

Player notes

Maxifoot assigned each player a score (out of 10) comment.

Best Player: Renan Lodi (8/10)

Madrid’s left back simply burst on the screen. The Brazilians ubiquitous in his left lane were the source of most of Atletico’s chances. His perfect center allows João Felix to open the score. Serena’s natives would have broken some kidneys on the lawn of Wanda Metropolitano tonight.Under the applause of the people, the 76th was replaced as follows: Thomas Lemar (not so)..

ATL.Madrid :

Jan Oblak (4): A frustrating game for Atletico goalkeepers. Not worried for 79 minutes, he had to succumb to Manchester United’s first strike …

Stefan Savić (6): The central defender was there. Valuable in the air and solid in duels, Montenegro International has never trembled.

Jos Gimnez (5): A mixed match of Madrid defenders. I was a little worried for the first time, but when Manchester United moved a little higher after the break, he didn’t show the same tranquility.

Reinild (3): Former residents of Lille have played a fairly solid match for a long time. Up to 80 minutes, this slip of his missed tackle allows Elanga to score and level. An error that is costly and inevitably affects his final grades …

Sime Vrsaljko (6): The right side was a good match. He reacted aggressively on his side, where Mankunian rarely passes, and did not hesitate to provide a solution to his partner.

Marcos Llorente (5.5): Madrid’s offensive midfielder makes the correct copy. Although he had no exceptional offensive contributions, his defensive efforts were invaluable in stopping Mankunian’s counterattack.

Joffrey Condovia (7): The French midfielder did a very impressive activity. Former Mongusk wasn’t happy with collecting a lot of balls, he also knew how to improve them thanks to his skill and the quality of his pass. He clips his compatriot Pogba at this conference.

Hctor Miguel Herrera (6): Madrid midfielder spared no effort. When Pogba was marked, he was a real guard dog throughout the game to prevent the French from shining in the game.

Renan Lodi (8): Read the comments above.

ngel Correa (4.5): Average match of Argentine strikers. He started the meeting at a very fast pace by putting more effort into the duel, but his influence became less and less as the minutes progressed.

Joo Flix (7.5): Atletico strikers continue to feel at ease. The Portuguese, who haven’t been effective since the start of the season, scored a second goal in four days with a strong header from Lodi’s Cross. In the game, he used his technique to make a difference in a small space and earn a meter on the pitch. Replace 76th with Antoine Griezmann (not)..

Manchester UTD :

David de Gia (4): Despite Atletico’s rule, the Mankunian goalkeeper does not do much work. He is helpless to Joao Felix’s header touching his post before crossing the line. Meanwhile, he can thank his crossbar for repelling Vrsaliko and Griezmann’s attempts.

Victor Lindelof (3): A tricky match for Swedes. The central defender, established in the right back position, suffered from Lodi.A boring idea from Ralf Rangnick … 66th Aaron Wan Bisaka (not)..

Raphal Varane (5): Right, but for the French there is nothing more. The World Champion didn’t bring the tranquility his team needed tonight. Nevertheless, he kicked some hot balls in his area.

Harry Maguire (3.5): A match that doesn’t silence English critics … Meanwhile, the British have shown great enthusiasm by missing out on their heads. As João Felix played him to open the score, a bad message was sent very quickly to his opponent who knew how to take advantage of it. A little relieved.

Luke Shaw (3): A disappointing performance for Mankunian’s left side. Overwhelmed by defense and transparency, the British had a difficult night. Replace 66th with Alex Telles (not so)..

Fred (4): The defensive midfielder spared no effort in recovery, but lost a lot of balls and did not place particular emphasis on the team’s match.

Paul Pogba (4): The middle of the MU was generally unobtrusive and had little discomfort. The French had little chance to stand out in this area (53 balls touched) as the opponents followed immediately. Replace 66th with Nemanya Matic (not so)..

Marcus Rashford (4): Quite fit and restless, the British striker was one of the few aggressive Manchester dialect players visible in the first act. But he couldn’t be decisive on the last meter and didn’t weigh much after the break. Replace 75th with Anthony Elanga (not)Scored a winning goal five minutes later.

Bruno Fernandes (5): A difficult match for the Mankunian captain. The Portuguese had a hard time arranging themselves to play their team’s match on their own. But he was decisive at the end of the game with his deep pass that allowed Elanga to level. Something that raises his final score a little.

Jadon Sancho (3): Really disappointed. Former Dortmund winger was aggressively transparent. Finally, he made himself stand out primarily with some defensive returns. This is not what he is expected to do.

Cristiano Ronaldo (4): The Portuguese star, who was decisive in Atletico’s career (25 goals and 9 assists), couldn’t achieve the same success tonight. CR7 confirmed his difficulty at this point, as it was rarely found by his partner and was hardly inspired by his attempts to find the frame.

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ATL. Madrid 1-1 Manchester UTD (Middle: 1-0) -Champions League-1 / 8 final
Stadium: Wanda Metropolitano, Madrid-Referee: Ovidiu Hategan, Romania

Goal : ATL’s Joo Flix (7th). Madrid-Manchester United A. Elanga (80th)
caveat : H. Elera (45 + 1st place), Reinildo (63rd), Marcos Llorente (77th), J. Gymnes (78th), For ATL. Madrid- L. Show (50th), V. Lindelf (60th), Mr. Rashford (65th), Fred (74th), Alex Telles (83rd)For MANCHESTER UTD

ATL.Madrid : J. Obrac ―――― S. Savich, J. Gymnes, Reinildo ―――― S. Vulsarico, Renan Lodi (T. Lemar, 76th) ―――― Marcos Llorente, H. Herrera ―――― G. Condovia ―――― ..Corea, Joe Flix (A. Griesman, 75th)

Manchester UTD : David de gea ―――― R. Valan, H. Magwire ―――― V. Lindelf (N. Matic, 66th), L. Show (Alex Telles, 67th) ―――― Fred, P. Pogba (A. Wanbisaka, 66th) ―――― Bruno Fernandes ―――― Mr. Rashford (A. Eranga, 75th), J. Sancho (J. Ringard, 82nd) ―――― Cristiano Ronaldo

João Felix starts scoring with a strong header (1-0, 7th)

The joy of the Portuguese striker

Due to Elanga’s strike, MU is equalized (1-1, 80th)

Red Devils celebrates leveling

A pretty frustrating night for Ronaldo