map. War in Ukraine: Which countries support Russia and which blame Russia?

Even if most of the world condemns Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and imposes sanctions on Russia, Vladimir Putin is not completely isolated in the conflict.

After the invasion of Ukraine, many countries have expressed criticism and sanctions against Russia, but not all countries are unanimous. Some refrain from blaming Russia’s actions, while others have clearly shown their support for Vladimir Putin.

These countries supporting Russia

Syria. In a press release, Syrian President Bashar al-Assad welcomed the actions of his respondents, believing that it was “a revision of history after the collapse of the Soviet Union and a restoration of the balance of the international order.” Russia has been militarily intervening in Syria since 2015 to support Bashar al-Assad’s army.

Venezuela. Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro also said in favor of Vladimir Putin even before the Russian invasion: I am confident that Russia will escape from this united and victorious battle. “

Desde Venezuela repudiamos losplanes perversos que pretenden rodear military ystrategicamente a Rusia. Todo el apoyo al Presidente Putin ya supueblo. Estamossegurosque Rusias aldráuniday victoriosade esta batalla, conlaad miración delos pueblos valientes del mundo.

— Nicolas Maduro (@NicolasMaduro) February 23, 2022

If the President of Venezuela calls in the aftermath of the aggression In a press releaseHe also refused to take sanctions against Russia, “in search of a peaceful solution.”

Belarus. Western nations have accused Belarus of working with Russia to support the invasion by invading Russian troops from Ukrainian territory into Ukrainian territory. On Thursday, French Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian said that France was “[condamnait] (Alexander) Use the territory of Belarus approved by the Lukashenko administration to carry out this attack against sovereign states. ” In addition, some states, such as Canada, have decided to apply sanctions to Belarus.

It also imposes sanctions on Belarus and its leaders who participated in Putin’s invasion. These sanctions cover 57 people and add to the dozens of sanctions already imposed on the Alexander Lukashenko administration.

— Justin Trudeau (@JustinTrudeau) February 26, 2022

No direct support, but no blame

China. China did not express full opposition to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, but did not support it. On Thursday, Wang Yi’s Foreign Ministry said China[comprenait] Russia’s reasonable security concerns. “

In a telephone conversation with a Russian responder the next day, China’s President Xi Jinping said he was in favor of resolving the dispute through diplomatic channels. According to CCTV, state television, China “helps Russia in resolving (conflicts) through negotiations with Ukraine,” in the report of the exchange. She also abstained from “mourning the Russian attack on Ukraine” during a vote on a UN Security Council resolution, especially the “immediate, complete and unconditional” withdrawal of Russian troops from Ukraine. I asked. India and the United Arab Emirates also abstained.

Iran. Iran responded in a foreign minister’s voice last Thursday, not thinking “war as a solution,” but declared that “the Ukrainian crisis is rooted in NATO’s provocation.”

Brazil. Brazil’s President Jair Bolsonaro said on Sunday that the country would “continue to be neutral” and “not on its side” with respect to the conflict. [ses] “The possibility of seeking a solution,” said Sud-Ouest. “We want peace, but we don’t want to attract results here.”

Cuba. No support has been declared … In a series of tweets, Cuba’s Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez expressed deep regret for “the death of an innocent civilian in Ukraine,” and Cuba “always supported peace.” Against the use of force or threats. ” For every state. ” But at the same time, he said, “America is willing to continue NATO’s gradual expansion towards the Russian border, as it has caused this open conflict,” and is “serious, constructive and realistic.” Stated.

Abogamos por unasolution diplomáticaseria, constructive and realistic crisis, Europe, pormedios pacíficos, queguaridad laseguridad soberanía detodos, así comola paz, la stable y la seguridad Regionale e internacional.

— Bruno Rodriguez P (@BrunoRguezP) February 26, 2022