Maracineanu returns to his ministerial project

During the two rounds of the presidential election, Sports Minister Roxana Maracineanu was a guest at RMC’s Grandes Gueules du Sport. She mentioned the consequences of her mission and her upcoming projects.

Like the entire Emmanuel Macron administration, Roxana Malacineanu, suspended from the future consequences of the presidential election, was a guest of the Grandes Gueules du Sport at RMC this Sunday. The current Minister of Sports has had the opportunity to return to a major project with a five-year term and discuss the future 838 days after the start of the 2024 Paris Olympics.

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School sports, priorities

During the interview, Malacineanu specifically advocated sports at school, one of the main projects of his mission, and recalled the urgency of “practicing regular physical education for children.” “We saw it in the health crisis, dead people, because they were also overweight and the comorbidities factor was related to inactivity, so we already The 30 minutes that began to unfold in 6000 schools is this mission, which must be generalized everywhere.

This measure will need to be included in the national education program in the future. In the PE cycle, we plan to learn to swim and ride a bicycle from kindergarten as soon as possible, triggered by the “know how to ride” program already in place in France. ..

Paris 2024: “No defeat”

The ambitions of the French delegation in Paris were specifically mentioned based on Teddy Riner’s observations, which considered the announced purpose of the 90 medals “unrealistic”. Maracineanu refused to be a “loser” on this issue and said, “See what we can do.” “The number of medals is not my hobby. I like to trust athletes, coaches and their abilities. I’m interested in France, every part of the sport, the place of sport. And the economic aspect.

The minister also returned to the controversy over the room for hosting basketball in 2024. This has caused a lot of reaction in the last few weeks after the selection and abandonment of Parc des Expos. ‚ÄúTemporary facilities should be discussed with authorities who know the best conditions so that athletes and families can experience the competition best. If the exhibition center is not appropriate, we will do it elsewhere. . Already in the pipe. “

For the future Ministry of Games?

In the past, some hosting countries of the Olympic Games have taken this opportunity to establish a temporary ministry of the Olympic Games to oversee the organization at the state level. According to Maracineanu, this outlook is also taken into account in France. “Of course, we were able to do that. The Ministry of Sports must maintain the relationship between its ministries. The state must be present for the organization of the Games.

Probably an extended mission

The Sports Minister, who took over Laura Fressel on September 4, 2018, said that a former swimmer has already lived one of the longest terms for anyone in her position in recent history. If Emmanuel Macron is reelected, if the president offers to extend the lease, she clearly doesn’t say no, even if she refuses to say so. “I’m full of energy and I’m serving,” she commented with a stimulating smile when she heard this question.

Collentin Parvo RMC Sports Journalist