Marketing experts explain that the boycott sponsored by Kylian Mbappe is a “fundamental problem in the football business.”

They don’t play together, but Cristiano Ronaldo and Kylian Mbappe are pulling in the same direction. Last July, a Portuguese star dropped Coca-Cola’s stock price on the stock market, creating a sensation at EUR 2021. How? ‘Or’ what? By cleaning up the famous soda placed in front of him at a press conference. A few days later, Paul Pogba imitated him, this time with a bottle of Heineken.

On Tuesday, Kylian Mbappe set aside six brands instead of one. Like all blues, Parisians invited to join the morning with sponsors of the French team put rabbits on Volkswagen, Orange, Coca-Cola, Konami, Uber Eats and Xbox. And this is for a reward of € 25,000 per match to the player, despite Bruce’s practice of requiring each player to submit to the marketing activities of the French team’s partners.

Thus justified by the player and his clan: Not all brands correspond to the values ​​of Kylian Mbappe, who has already donated the rights to his images to the charity of his choice. .. In addition, the income generated by these contracts is not fully redistributed to “soccer from below.” Bruce stars also want to discuss this subject further between players and the FFF.

Prior to Mbappe, Ronaldo and Pogba, other football celebrities had already challenged sponsor-related obligations. Therefore, we can quote the famous example of Johan Cruyff, a Puma muse of the 1970s. He removed one of the three Adidas stripes from the Dutch jersey.

The difference is that in the case of Mbappé, this is not related to competition with the personal contracts of players who have established partnerships with Hublot, EA Sports, or Nike.according to Parisian, It is the collaboration of the national team with BetClic, Coca-Cola and KFC that plagues Mbappe, who is sensitive to issues related to nutrition and sports betting. His lawyer, Maître Delphine Verheyden, has been discussing this issue with FFF for several months without winning the proceedings. This explains Tuesday’s boycott, a decision that could be a milestone.

Magali Tézenas du Montcel, President of Sporsora, admits that he was amazed at Mbappé’s gestures. “Yes, I was surprised even if there was a gesture of Griezmann who abandoned his partner Huawei to support Ronaldo, Pogba, or Uighurs. The partner left the athlete’s behavior wrong. I knew I could do it, but their sponsor, it’s only recently.

Sports marketing expert Gary Triboo adds: “Until now, a soccer player was the one who kicked the ball without any brains or opinions. From the beginning of his career, Mbappe has positioned himself as an opinionable player. He is not the only one to take. Stand, to make social decisions, it’s pretty good for football. “

If the intellect of Bondi’s genius is often advocated, it should also be remembered that he is very well surrounded, Magali Tezenas du Montsel argues: “His lawyer is very talented and she pays close attention to the image of the athlete she deals with. She is not the type to make promotional stunts. Mubape has few partners and he Dedicated and regularly donating money to charities. Therefore, by making this decision, Kylian Mbappe sets a precedent for more discussion between the FFF and the players regarding the choice of partner. Is this perspective plausible if the gesture is commendable?

“If you need to get the player’s consent to sign a partner, it causes some problems. The player playing for the institution must be in solidarity with the institution or the economic model of competition. If there are only other players on the French team, that could increase. »»

Magalite Zenas Dumontel

at franceinfo: Sports

Magali Tézenas de Montcel summarizes: “The image is good, but I like the edgy personality. On the other hand, the football economic model doesn’t know how to adjust it. Where do you put the cursor? There is no 100% brand. Stand on. “

Positions supported by Gary Tribou, a lecturer at the University of Strasbourg: “The best sponsors are those who have what they are allowed to do. We call it a special sponsorship. To understand from an ethical point of view, once we start a niche, for example Qatar It’s a long way to go. It’s a pretty basic question in the football business. “

Meanwhile, the remaining issue was the possibility of sanctions against the French. “The only solution is to minimize the case. No one is interested in making it national affairs on the media home page.”Prophecy Gary Triboo, minutes before Noel Le Grae breaks the silence team [article payant].. “A letter from a federal lawyer is sent to Mbappe and his lawyerConfirmed Le Grae, who said he was against any form of sanctions. Let’s look at what the problem is point by point. We want to improve things and make people, sponsors, and players happy. “

The president of FFF, incidentally, remembers the following. “All proceeds will be spent on amateur football (90 million euros this season) and training.”.. Le Graët said he would be happy with the discussions with the blues stars over the next few days before drawing any conclusions. “A little worry is part of life. Kirian will be on the pitch in Marseille, and I hope he is good.”