Marseille: Bouygues Immobilier submits a building permit application for a multipurpose parking lot in Les Fabriques

Bouygues Immobilier and its subsidiary Urban Era are dedicated to managing major urban projects and submit building permit applications for multifunctional buildings (26,500 m).2 6,000 meters of it2 (Of the floor area) they are Avenue Ducap Pinade (15)When), Located on the edge of the Fabriques district (14 hectares), it is one of the operational parts of the Euromédi terranée expansion.A project to see the light of day on the site of the former Lidl supermarket (6,900 m)2Near the flea market, it offers a variety of uses, superimpose shops, activities, parking lots and open spaces.

Marseille: Linkcity and Bouygues Immobilier prepare the Les Fabriceks “lighthouse” block

Each part of the program is performed by different owners or managers who are completely autonomous in the operation of the facility (access, overall operation, security, etc.).

Biological climate buildings designed by Bruther Architects’ Agency reduce carbon dioxide emissions thanks to a myriad of ecological devices (see E + C-). (Credit: Bouygues Immobilier)

Lidl and Sandspot Village

On the ground floor, Lidl will install a new POS over 3,000m.2 (Supermarket project is subject to commercial operation permit from Commercial Development Bureau) Adjacent to shopping mall (1,000 meters)2); In the basement (1st floor) and superstructure (R + 4), Bouygues will build a parking lot (23,000 m) for 850 cars.2); At the last two levels of the building (R + 5 and R + 6), there is a new hybrid complex “Sandspot Village” that combines sports and culture run by a company led by Joel Cantona.

Mipim: Euromédi terranée accelerates

Open all year round from 8:30 am to 8:00 pm, this 2,000 meters2 If the establishment status is Public (ERP), its headliner is the 1,100-seat “Beach Stadium” dedicated to practicing beach sports (beach volleyball, beach tennis, beach soccer, etc.) that combine culture and sports. Bookstore, sports exhibition gallery, mountaineering wall, fitness center, agora for breakdancing practice, Olympic discipline at the 2024 Olympics … says a cafe open to colleagues and two huge screens of 6×3 Not even. 4×3 is a premonition of the major sports film event “International Sports Film Festival” that will be held on this stage where the mind and body are fused.

Biological climate building

Designed by the Bruther Architects Agency (Paris), this bioclimate building has carbon dioxide emissions (see E + C-) thanks to Breeam’s “Very Good” certification and a myriad of eco-friendly devices capable of displaying HQU. It will be reduced. Label (high quality use) and HQE (high environmental quality) infrastructure. It is built with a significant proportion of low carbon concrete (at least 40%).

Marseille: Bouygues Immobilier prepares 5C2 block of Les Fabriques

This structure is also connected to the Massileothalassothermy loop deployed by DalkiaSmartBuilding.The composting unit will be installed in a room 300 meters on the ground floor2Equipped with 4 digestion tanks for organic waste and cardboard. This highly efficient rotary compost also provides the heat recovered on-site, with photovoltaic panels (750 kWp) installed on the roof (more than 4,900 m).2). Finally, operators plan to install six energy recovery elevators to significantly reduce operating costs.


Last but not least, the building is designed to be modular and reversible, thanks to the “fuse” floor on one of the two levels, which will partially occupy parking spaces in the future. Or offers the possibility to turn it into a residential space as a whole. Office, education, culture or workshop.

Marseille: Factory under construction

If developers want to gain administrative rights quickly, work should begin in early 2023 and be delivered in the fall of 2024.