“May by bicycle”: A month to boost cycling

It’s a sunny day return and there’s no time or never to start riding with them. To encourage French people to start cycling, the government will launch the “Maybybike” program for the second consecutive year starting Sunday. During the month, a group of cycling players from all over the country will be mobilized to bring to life events that highlight all forms of practice: for leisure, sports, or tourism as a daily means of transportation.

Establish a bicycle in the long run

Initiatives, from large group rides to small repair workshops, aim to develop cycling practices and establish them in a sustainable way in France. “” The goal is that it will continue. I want to transform everyone who commute by car when the distance traveled is less than 5km.Maria Jebli-Chedeville, President of “Mai à vélo” and Deputy Mayor of Chartes, explains. After spending a month on the bike, you’ll be able to keep up with the other 11 people. »»

“Mai à vélo” wants to create a national movement by adding small local actions. “” Fontenay-sous-Bois hosted three successful events last yearFor more information, for example, Patrick Conan, President of the Fontenay Bicycle Association. About 50 people gathered on a rare visit to get the residents to rediscover their city. A beer podcast that includes a bike tour of four craft beer breweries. Tasting every time. And a scavenger hunt for kids. »»

1,500 events in 2021

In 2021, the first edition hosted 1,500 events across France, despite cancellations related to Covid-19. “” So, in this second edition, it’s an ambition to double this number.Maria Jebli-Chedeville Guarantee. The idea is that anyone with 10 friends can organize an event. All events are important to us. “On the official website of the program, you can create your own site with two clicks and see everything already listed on the map of France.

Like many recent projects, “Maiàvélo” was born as a result of confinement when cycling habits increased significantly in France, led by the Ministry of Ecology Transition and the Ministry of Sports. This stems from the government’s always-advocated goal of achieving a 12% modal share by 2030 since the start of the bicycle program. For the time being, France is inferior to the European level. Only 5% of the inhabitants. Daily cycle compared to 43% in the Netherlands or 30% in Denmark.

Challenge to school

In particular, “Mai à vélo” is aimed at young and sporty people who are most likely to start cycling for a long time. In order to get you interested in the cycle, we have set up a system of “activity challenges” in which you can enroll in a school, company or association in collaboration with Géovélo. The purpose in that case is to achieve as many kilometers as possible together throughout the month while facing other registered structures.

“” Our school has wanted to promote a cycling culture for years. Eric Vottello, director of the Martell School in Rhone, the highest school of challenge in 2021, says. Just send a message to the school ENT and go on an adventure.. After all, everyone from parents to cafeteria staff participated in the game, so we realized we were at the top of the rankings. To the point where more space is available in the bike garage! Thanks to these challenges, the first edition covered 5 million kilometers.