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Kylian Mbappe caused a small earthquake during the Bruce rally at Claire Fontaine. And at least because he refused to participate in FFF-sponsored “sponsor” activities. Or how to touch the sinuses of war.

The scene must have been grotesque. Trying to convince Kylian Mbappe to go to FFF marketing activities of sponsors (in this case Volkswagen, Uber Sweets, Orange, Xbox, Coca-Cola, Konami) to monetize admission by calling Kylian Mbappe Noel Le Grae. However, it is easy to explain that the refusal of a striker in Paris can cause such a soap opera. The partnership weighs about 100 million euros in the federal budget (difficult since the pandemic and the early abolition in the euro in 2021), approaching 240 million euros. However, the French team is the main asset of the FFF company. French stars bring irreplaceable value to this formidable loss leader and give brands the opportunity to use their image. Usually locked in the context of a personal contract or through a club. In professional football, which is dominated by economic problems, the national team is no longer limited to simple sports dedication and fine patriotic pride.

Social justice?

The lack of one of the most iconic and popular blues in advertising photography cannot be reduced to incidents or temporary alienation. His missed penalty for Switzerland and the resulting sense of abandonment have nothing to do with it, for example. By boycotting these marketing events, Parisians set a precedent that could shake the building and destabilize one of the basic axes of the French team’s commercialization by the FFF. That is the heart of the problem, and in the background is the central problem of knowing where all this money ends up. Of course, it is partially used to cover the player’s premiums and then, according to their good intentions, some are redistributed to their amateur training clubs or charities. In addition, Kylian Mbappe, in a broader sense, is using his image rights more broadly to subsidize the association (hence a small issue on Tuesday). The latter aide suggested that he was wondering how this wind and rain would be redistributed, especially in the direction of “feet from below”, and that all internationals would also come from it. This question about the lack of a shared spirit of the Federal Reserve could come out of the district on a regular basis or be expressed itself during internal elections through the voice of AFA President Eric Thomas. Dotted line: EDF that reveals the taboo of social justice over this common good. Finally, Kylian Mbappe questioned the ethical aspects of these well-known partners and called for further dialogue with the Fed on this issue.

Paradox and results

The KM7 is certainly the first person to collide on this ground. Even if that means breaking the sweet peace of mind of the French team living in fear of turmoil and actions that could hurt public opinion since Knysna. Indeed, Kylian Mbappe is not Nicolas Anelka, and his gestures have more scope and meaning. However, the cold sweat that flows behind executives and staff should have a slight South African aftertaste. Especially because it is impossible to ignore the discussion of the players in Paris. Especially on the overall requirements in terms of values ​​to the FFF, which redistributes in the direction of amateur football, or exercises a delegation of state public services with Bruce to represent “us”.

Not surprisingly, Kylian Mbappe found that he wasn’t paying too much attention or critical of the handsome salary he received from QSI at PSG. We are still waiting for his recognition of what is happening in Qatar around the organization and the hosting of the World Cup in the Emirate. Finally, other observers are proud and arrogant, demanding his extraordinary status and privilege protected from obvious owners, justified by his performance on the ball, both in choice rather than PSG. Detect yet another demonstration of your personality. Nonetheless, this small crisis raises some basic questions about what happened to the French team. This is the first responsibility imposed on the FFF. How to extinguish a fire? It is impossible to really punish Mbappe with an immune totem or send him back to his family. It would be either too unpopular or a defenseless decision. There must be quite a few bears in FFF’s manager or Claire Fontaine’s Bruce’s manager this morning.

Nicolas Kssis-by Martov