Memorandum does not satisfy some nationalists

The Corsican people, the official language … it’s not really a surprise, some of the conditions of the proposed memorandum haven’t really achieved consensus. And mobilization on the streets would continue, the group said.

After decades of tension and hesitation between Paris and Corsica, especially within the nationalist movement itself … as much as D, within the nationalist camp itself, all parties agreed in three days Few people imagined they could reach it. It’s difficult to speak in one voice.

It was confirmed at the end of Gerald Dalmanin’s stay.

Yesterday evening, the interior minister and the government’s new “Mr. Corsica” took off from Poretta with some progress in his honor, but the situation remains complicated.

All day on Friday, March 18, the parties agreed to a memorandum that they would have signed and sought to consolidate their good intentions. Without success.

Gilles Simeoni had not yet seen Gerald Dalmanin in Bastia to revise the first draft of the Protocol from Paris. May it further meet the expectations of nationalists. And, as you can easily imagine, each word is weighted.

But it’s not enough to get general support.

At the end of the Bastia tour, at Bastia’s City Hall, County, and CCI, the Minister actually attended a video conference from a room at Poretta Airport. Faced with him by an intervening screen, CdC Group President. The final meeting that was supposed to bring the signature of the Protocol.

There are several important points in reporting meetings with elected officials, social experts and “living powers”, and prisoners’ families.

In it, the start of discussions on the Statute of Autonomy, “Commitment to reveal the whole truth about the attempted assassination of Ivan Corona”, “Bet from an economic, social, cultural and especially linguistic point of view”Also “Concrete evolution of” Corsican language, culture and perception “.. ..

However, there is also this part. “The Minister of Interior confirmed that there was no taboo on the subject discussed, but nevertheless he said. pResidents of the Republic : the Refusal to create two categories, Corsica and Citizens of the Republic. ”
Corsican concept, resident status, or Joint official Of the language.

Similarly, it is stalled in terms of “release of prisoners” and “financial and legal consequences of criminally convicted citizens.” Paris emphasized in a text that was to be examined last night that “the possibility of the release of those who were decisively accused reveals judicial power independent of political power.” And the rest will be “treated according to the rule of law applicable to the matter considered.”

The problem is that these points are considered non-negotiable by the majority of elected civil servants. Nationalist. And when PNC, Corse in Fronte, and Corsica Libera recorded the document, they eventually refused to sign it.

In the aftermath, the conference was organized in Corte. There were various nationalist streams, with the exception of Fem, whose absence was very noticeable.

Near midnight this Friday evening, the group announced that they were trying to maintain mobilization in the current situation. Mobilization at Ajaccio. However, nothing more has been said about the date or modality of this mobilization.