Mercato Mercato-Serie A: Divorce of Paulo Dybala and Juve in 5 Questions

Did Juventus and Dybala really reach an agreement in the fall of 2021?

According to all the Italian media, the answer is yes. There was even a handshake between the leader of Juventus and Jorge Anton, the agent of Paulo Dybala. Contract details have been further filtered. With a five-year extended lease and a net salary of 8 million + 2 million, we have reached the player’s claim of 10 million. In addition, these 2 million bonuses were expected to enter the fixed salary base from the third year. This allows La Joya to earn 10 million euros a year purely and simply.

What has happened since then?

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A lot of things. First of all, as Maurizio Arrivabene of Juventus explained, the sudden arrival of Dusan Vlahovic for € 80 million in January changed everything. “”With this arrival, Paul is no longer the center of the project.It was considered preferable to make the decision not to renew his contract (…) We thought well, but the Juventus leader made the decision for Juventus, not for Juventus. To do“He said. The old lady has decided to make a huge investment in Serbs. Serbs will receive € 7 million (+ bonus) over the next five years.

In addition, the bureaucratic issues of his agent, who did not have the professional qualifications required by FIFA, did not solve the problem. At the time of the agreement at the end of 2021, he did not yet have the documents to formalize everything in Italy, according to Transalpine reports. This delayed everything and blocked the signature between the parties. “”Without it, the extension would have been signed“I guarantee Corriere della Sera This Tuesday.

Piedmont leaders have decided to take advantage of this breach to confirm the initial conditions, especially in light of repeated injuries to the player since then. This season, Dybala played 51% of his free time (1,929 out of 3,780), or 29 out of 42. Since 2018, there have been 383 minutes out of 1,380 from the Champions League knockout stage. Even if the Argentines, who will celebrate their 29th birthday at the end of the year, continue to be Juventus’ top scorer this season with 13 goals and 6 assists, too few are worth investing in XXL over the next few years. increase. On Sunday, he scored his 113th goal at Bianconeri against Salernitana, two goals behind Roberto Baggio to enter the club’s historic “Top 10”.

Did Dybala really want to stay in Juventus?

Yes. According to the Italian media, that was his priority. But in the face of the will of the leader, the Argentines could not do anything. “”It doesn’t make sense for us to meet again, we’re not going to keep it“On Monday, sports director Federico Cerbini would even have been dropped on the player’s agent shortly after the end of the meeting, which lasted for several hours. Information will be revealed by. La Repubblica This Tuesday of that edition of the day. “”We did not submit him a new discount offer.“Check Alibaba Ben and ask for it.”respect“The number 10.

However, according to Sky Italia, Juventus was planning a new proposal that was lower than the original. In 3 years instead of the planned 5 years, the salary is 6 million euros + bonus. “”The player did not accept it“Specify the channel on the website. Just as he refused, in the summer of 2019, he left for Manchester United in exchange for Romelu Lukaku, because of his love for the club. I had already accepted this potential deal. I turned it over.

Was your relationship with the leader still good?

not really. How can you forget the few seconds of icy gaze that Dybala fired at one of the Allianz Stadium stands after playing against Udinese last January? For months, everything got worse between the player and his management team. They didn’t hesitate to stab him openly several times. Pavel Nedved (“He has to set a good example and make sacrifices in his private life“) To Maurizio Arrivabene (“He must show his attachment to this jersey“) A year and a half ago via Andrea Agnelli (“We made him an offer suitable for the top 20 in Europe. I imagine he is the captain of this team. He wants to be the five best players in the world, but not yet.“).

Where does Dybala bounce?

This is a big problem now. The divorce with Juventus was officially recorded, and Paulo Dybala was free to negotiate with anyone he wanted. In Italy, rumors persist that he may arrive at Inter Milan. Communication between the parties has already been established, especially Giuseppe Marotta, who is the managing director of Inter, especially former Juventus. In recent years, interaction with Mauro Icardi has also been considered among clubs. “”We need to find a player who is ambitious and able to level up (…) It doesn’t matter if we’ve achieved our goal, but we need to make an attempt“He confirmed more or less about Dybala’s files on January 19. He would have already submitted an offer of about € 7 million a year to him.

Overseas, LaLiga seems to be in pole position to welcome “La Joya”. Atletico Madrid is particularly on the lookout, as is FC Barcelona, ​​which has been used to recruit free players since the last transfer window. In the UK, like France’s PSG, Tottenham and Arsenal are also in the spotlight. Gazzetta dello sports at the time. “”But for now, these are just assumptions.“, Specify every day.

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