MFR athletic meet in Your Valley

Nearly 350 young people sweated in the hot sun of the Huret Valley. On Tuesday, May 17, as the first event in this natural place, six MFRs from the region participated in an athletic meet instigated by several PE teachers from the homes involved.

“The idea was to revitalize the sport around the virtues of education. Introduced by Julien Renaud of MFR Le Grandmas in Uzes. About 50 supervisors and about 15 talks throughout the day. There is a person. “

There was a medical education institution specializing in sports and an apprenticeship training center (CFA). “We also always emphasize the value of sports, such as cohesion and surpassing ourselves, in a playful way,” adds Arnaud Bertrand, a professor of MFR at Marguerite.
Julie-Anna Roudil, a professor of Castillon-du-Gard, also played a major role in setting up the event and spoke several times on the awards ceremony and on stage set up for the start of various activities.

Cross, archery, soccer

Who says the prize, says the competition. Thus, the day began with a cross-country race in the natural environment of the Huret Valley. “Two distances, 3km and 6km, were proposed. The podium rewarded the three best boys and the three best girls, Julian Renault elaborate on exploring the valley. A hike to do was also provided. “
In addition to the competitive aspect, discoveries in several areas spurred the day. The ultimate frisbee, archery, rugby and football have created numerous matches. “It’s great to see young people involved so much all day long,” Arnaud Bertland rejoices. We feel they needed and wanted to meet around the sport all this time.

“We have been creating this kind of event for philanthropy for over a decade, especially in organizations like Ella, but rarely in such iconic places, Julian Renault recalls. This is the first success in the Huret Valley. With the support of the City Hall. This event is part of the Terredejeux label. There is a real desire to convey knowledge and passion. “

Sharing experience

In addition to discovering some exercises, some 350 young people were able to share and enrich the experiences of some athletes. Lionel Lefebvre (read below) especially answered the phone.

“There are few opportunities for young people to talk about sports in this area,” admits a member of the French bobsleigh team. It’s also an opportunity to talk about the relatively unknown bobsleigh, the Winter Olympics. I attach great importance to this sharing with the young audience of the school. “

Alain Portes, who played international handball during the time of Barjot in the 90’s, was the coach of several national teams, including the French women’s team, and made contact with young people. “It allows you to see young people being passionate and motivated by practicing sports,” says a current PE teacher. We insist on the value that sports promote, it’s important. “

Learn in class as much as outside

Olivier Bernard, president of MFR in Gard and Hérault, was also waiting to support the organization. “This emphasizes the educational tools that MFR represents. It is possible to get in touch with the field and learn as much in class as outside.”

Finally, Didier Amon of the 16-30 formation introduced the available formations. “Some BPJEPS can make you want. There is plenty of room for young people who have a project and are motivated to get the project done. In the sports industry such as catering, there are more offers than requests. There is, “says Didier Amon.

A little Olympism in Your Valley

Lionel Lefebvre, a professional athlete from Castile who participated in last year’s Winter Olympics in Tokyo with the French bobsleigh team.Ray,Discussed in detail with young people and teachers about his training, other sports he practices, or relationships with sponsors.