Michelin Guide 2022: This is a new 3 star chef

Gastronomy-End of Suspense: The three-star Michelin Guide chefs in 2022 are Arnaud Donckele of the restaurant Plénitude in Paris and Marielle and Dimitri Droisneau of La Villa Madie founded in Cassis (Bouches-du-Rhône).

With a “pretty relaxed” gastronomic Arnaud Donkele, 44, trained at the schools of Gilles Goujon (L’Auberge du Vieux Puits) and Alain Ducasse (Plaza Athénée), he is famously cooked. Invented the bar on a scale.

His Parisian restaurant, which has already been awarded three Michelin stars at his restaurant La Vague d’Or in Saint-Tropez (Southern France), opened on September 30 and is located in the heart of the Samaritaine department store. It’s integrated-goes directly from zero to 3 stars. Starting price for 4 courses excluding wine: 320 euros.

“When I arrived in Paris, I was very humble because there are only great chefs in Paris. I didn’t expect to get there so quickly,” he said. He was recognized as a cook in 2020 by the Gaultet Millau guide.

“Couple success”

Another prominent chef is Dimitri Droinault, lesser known than Arnaudunkele, who cooks at Villa Madi in Cassis. He is in the kitchen and his wife Mariel Drawinault is in the dining room. Overlooking the Mediterranean, their restaurant boasts fragrant cuisine.

The discreet Dimitri Doisneau is the opposite of famous chefs and clichés who don’t want to serve sweet bread at sea. His founding website promises a “land-sea” vacation and offers a menu of € 140-250.

“We took this house nine years ago. We gave birth to a baby, we are now giving birth to a second baby. We live in a villa. We. Works in paradise. We work honestly and humbly, “he said.

The award celebrates “the success of the two entrepreneurs,” according to Gwendal Poullennec, who announced the winners by citing their names.

Like the 2021 vintage, the 3-star chef hasn’t been downgraded.

627 restaurants

The 2022 list of Michelin Stars in France was published on Tuesday, March 22nd. The choice after Covid-19 was first revealed in Cognac (southwest) in the region. This 2022 guide includes 627 starred restaurants, including 500 outside the Paris region.

Last year, only one chef, Alexander Mazzia, was promoted to the best three-star in the gastronomic world.

“Despite the crisis and the difficulties, the profession has shown great resilience and great resistance. It is an opportunity for professionals to reform themselves and move forward, which we want to support. That’s it, “Gwendal Plenneck, director of the Red Guide, told AFP.


Thought to be the “moment of reunion of the entire profession,” this 2022 edition described itself after a slumping year when prestigious gastronomic guides were criticized for maintaining their choices as if nothing had happened. It was an opportunity to update. Closed Covid-19 and restaurant.

Already in 2019 and 2020, the guide received a lot of criticism after the demotion of the two institutions, causing a turmoil between chef Marc Verato and experts at the Bocuse restaurant near Lyon.

Last year, the 3-star chef wasn’t demoted. Only restaurants that were closed or changed in concept were downgraded.

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