Milan-San Remo-How his saddle helped Matej Mohoric downhill and brought his victory

“”I have a little secret on Saturday, the ace on my sleeve.But first I have to be the best and top“. Matej Mohorič’s opponents were unlikely to come across this confidence. Slovenians had the opportunity to meet and ask questions about his path and daring on the virtual training platform Zwift. Cyclist made it during the week .. Opportunity made us come across this conversation, which was very few days after the Slovenian epic success in Milan-San Remo on Saturday. It resonated strongly.

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“”Jasper Styben“When everyone was staring at each other, I answered the first companion thinking of an attack at the three terminals from the goal.”Is it Cancellara’s secret?“I asked another person about the engine that the Swiss allegedly used to win the Flanders and Paris-Roubaix 2010 tour. Asked about his way as Moholic won the first monument of the season. Now that I know it, what was this secret? “The team came up with the idea of ​​using a dropper post.“.

Milan-San Remo

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Mohoric, downhill ace

Is it so easy? Stretchable saddles are higher but more regulated, which is an advantage when descending. To understand this and why Matej Mohorič can use this asset better than anyone else, we need to go back nine years to the day when Matej Mohorič was born. Go up the list of Slovenian winners and you’ll come across the Tour de France (2021) stage, the Binckbank Tour (2018) and the Giro (2018) stages. If you go further, you will find traces of the world title among those who wish.

On a difficult course in Florence, Matej Mohorič started by dropping a specific Julian Alaphilippe on the last bump of the course. Only South Africa’s Louis Meintjes was able to follow the tour’s future 8th place (2016 and 2017). Uphill Yes, not downhill. The Slovenes lay on the gallows and impressed their followers with both their kinship qualities and their greatest risk-taking. The “Mohoric status”, especially featured by Chris Froome, was banned by the Union Cycliste Internationale a year ago. But if you know how to get off like the winner of the day, this ban will not change much in the end.

You can’t go that fast with this telescopic saddle

“”I tried the best descent possible, I risked“I elaborated on the winner of the day who could often see his dreams evaporate shortly after the attack as the lack of concentration tried to drive him into the background. And this stretchable Is the saddle all? “So I knew I had a big advantageHe said. I trained with it and knew exactly how to use it and knew it would be difficult for others to follow me. It lowers your center of gravity, which gives you more control.I knew it wouldn’t be possible to go this fast without itHis opponent, who started the chase, must have been wondering how Mohoric was behaving.

Mohoric: “The team came up with an idea.”

Therefore, if you believe in the winner of the first monument, it is difficult not to see the decisive benefits of racing in this saddle. After all, Anthony Turgis and Mathieu van der Poel gave up for only two seconds. “”That was my only chanceHe breathes. I was on the edge, but it was worth it.We had this plan: be conservative in Poggio to track the best attacks, then slowly come back and be on top“The rest you know now and Matej Mohorič. Slovenians could have allowed themselves to make jokes like an all-risk agency:” When the plan goes smoothly, I Loves it. “

Milan-San Remo

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Milan-San Remo

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