Ministry of Sports seizes labor inspector

In a long article, the sports daily L’Équipe details “the extremely deteriorating working environment within the 2023 World Cup Organizing Committee.” He talks in great detail about “deep social fatigue,” a mix of burnouts, resignations, and anxiety attacks under the influence of “terrorist control” established by Claude Atcher and his Chief of Staff. ..

The new sports minister has decided to seize labor inspectors and the world’s “Public Interest Institutional Review Board” (GIP) “to shed light on this situation,” he added in a press release.

She wants the conclusion that “these investigations will be sent to her as soon as possible.” “Social partners will be rallyed by the general GIP admins tomorrow (Thursday) and will be fully linked to this research and analysis process.

“Search for the truth”

Asked Wednesday evening, Claude Atcher did not want to react, only showing that “let those responsible for the truth do their job.”

In the process, the French Rugby Federation (FFR), chaired by Bernard Laporte, has announced that it will convene the Economic and Social Commission of France-2023 “to ensure that social research is conducted as soon as possible.” “FFR is working with the country on the desire to shed light on the internal situation,” she added.

In the context of suspicion of favor over the sponsorship of France’s XV, France-2023 Secretary Claude Atcher, along with the Presidents of Montpellier Mohedo Altrad and Bernard Laporte, will be brought to justice in September. He appears in “Concealment of Trust Infringement,” “Abuse of Corporate Assets,” and “Hidden Work by Concealing Activities.”

Justice profits from about 80,000 euros, which Bernard Laporte would have diverted to damage the FFR between 2017 and 2018, through a non-existent service paid to his company’s score XV. I suspect I got it.

“Mr. 2023” has established itself as a major player in World Rugby for over 30 years, until it was ranked 7th in the ranking of the most influential people in World Rugby, founded by Rugby in 2020. .. World magazine.

It must be said that former soccer player Atcher, who came late to rugby, is known for winning the organization of the 2007 and 2023 French World Cup and the 2019 Japan World Cup.

The Minister of Sports explains that the GIP team “knows the day-to-day involvement” and “guarantees them the full support of the state so that they can continue their mission in the right working conditions and tranquility. ..

“Collaborator with pressure”

In a press release, GIP guarantees “a complete measurement of the situation” and asserts that “Claude Atcher’s leadership and authority are essential to set and maintain the course until the final closing of the Rugby Cup.” I am. world. “The rigorous and rigorous planning of this event is likely to be offensive to some employees who may feel pressured in this context,” he adds.

“Holding an international event, such as the Rugby World Cup, effectively means a continuous pace of work within the event’s standard, especially tight deadlines,” GIP explained.

“In order to hold an event that meets the expectations of athletes, fans and economic partners, we need to respect the deadlines set jointly with the International Rugby League (World Rugby) and enable us to free up our financial resources and last long. There is a legacy to amateur rugby all over France. “