Mobile pools move around the Eurometropolis to teach children to swim

From this morning, Strasbourg was once again in a heat wave period. Opportunity to enjoy many pools in the city. Nevertheless, after two years of Covid, where access to the pool is restricted, children are increasingly learning how to swim. That’s why Eurometropolis decided to set up Carava’nage, a mobile swimming pool that travels across the territory to teach the youngest swimwear to get wet. presentation.

On Monday, July 11th, Eurometropolis announced the Carava’nage scheme. : Two old marine containers of 6m50 x 2m50 readjusted in the swimming pool, footbath and accessibility for the handicapped.. All are equipped with a water treatment system so that treated water and hot water cannot be thrown away. Target? Teach children in the territory of Eurometropolis to swim.

Teach children to swim

It must be said that after two years of Covid, where the territorial pools were often closed, the proportion of children who could swim dropped sharply. Observations explained by Vincent Doubs, Vice President of Eurometropolis, responsible for sports: ” There is a high risk of drowning or drowning with children who are less likely to learn to swim. Enhanced with Covid. Attendance rate is declining “.

This is why Eurometropolis has made it a political goal to provide swimming skills programs to children in its territory. According to Vincent Dove, ” We have been discussing with national educational institutions and have found that in certain areas the proportion of infants who know how to swim is lower than in other areas. Creating a program of know-how to swim with lifeguards was a political will “In addition, Eurometropolis is targeting different needs. For more remote municipalities, education priorities also need to teach the youngest children the fun of water and the basics of swimming, as they know how to manage in unsupervised areas. “.

Four locations in Eurometropolis visited this summer (and probably a sequel)

Therefore, devices fully manufactured by Eurometropolis services will circulate exactly in the area during the summer from July 11th to September 2nd. In detail, Carava’nage stops at four places.

  • July 11-15: Hangenbieten (cultural space)
  • July 18-29: Schiltigheim (Male / Nelson Mandela Gymnasium)
  • August 1-12: Strasbourg (Elsau / Leonardo da Vinci School Group)
  • August 15-26: Illkirch-Graffenstaden (Lixenbuhl Sports Complex)

The course includes 10 sessions of 40 to 45 minutes in the morning and afternoon and is primarily aimed at children aged 4 to 6 years. Work done with lifeguards and local communities and associations was visited. According to Vincent Debes, this device has already met the viewer. We are full of all registrations “. I’m already thinking about what Euro Metropolis should do next.” The goal is to do it more often. Have a second Carava’nage in a year or twoAnd maybe make sure the Seniors Association can request that they have a fresh place to relearn what it’s like to be in a small pool “.

You don’t necessarily have to aim to be the next Leon Marchand or the next Melanie Nick, but learning to swim is a right for everyone.Unfortunately, access to the pool is It sometimes turns out to be complicated for the most volatile populations. That’s why this Carava’nage scheme is frankly a good idea and needs to be updated in the coming years.