Mohamed Abrini recognizes that he had to be part of the unit

Mohamed Abrini is one of the leading defendants in the trial of the attack on November 13. He is also known by the nickname “Man in a Hat” because he appeared on CCTV at Zaventem Airport in Brussels. March 2016. He was asked on Tuesday, March 22, 2015 about logistics, preparations for attacks in Paris and Sandoni, on November 13, 2015. And he began his true revelation.

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Mohamed Ablini has been cross-examined 20 times by police and investigators in six years. And what he said in Paris today, in the box, he never told them. First of all, there is this very small sentence, but it says a lot: he shuts his mouth while answering his lawyer: “Actually, I was scheduled for the 13th,” Understand the November 13th attack. Then he adds: “I’ll talk about it next week.” Defendants will certainly begin answering court questions at the heart of the case next week, no longer preparing, but on the night of November 13, 2015.

Abrini, in fact, comes soon to reveal what was well-planned with personnel in the attacking forces of Paris and Saint-Denis, contrary to what he always said. On November 12, 2015, very late the day before the attack, he knew he had left Ile de France, who had just arrived to return to Brussels with everyone else. And it was a little puzzle. “Here we are a little advanced, we are a lot advanced”, We welcome her lawyer, Maitre Marie Violleau.

Therefore, it is unclear why Abrini went into exile and abandoned being the eleventh man, the eleventh terrorist on November 13. “I’m expecting a lot from next week, Mr. Abrini, don’t change your state of mind.” President Jean-Louis Periès commented.

Mohammed Ablini had already surprised the court a little earlier in the afternoon by evoking a one-on-one meeting with Abdelhamid Abaud at the end of the summer of 2015. And that’s nothing. andbdelhamid abaoud The coordinator of the attack in Paris, the leader of the commando on the terrace, died in the attack of Saint-Denis. He is also this executive of the Islamic State group we saw in Syria, dragging a corpse with his pickup in a video that sadly became famous.

“This meeting, I remember Mohammad Abrini, It was in Charleroi. “ So in Belgium, in a hideout, About was illegal, but all the police who thought he was still in Syria wanted. “We spent the whole day together, Defendant says. I went to see him because he was my childhood friend and the one who buried my brother in Syria. I knew he was there … I told myself that it was going to the end and it felt like the end. Mandatory, I wanted to see it, it’s normal. But don’t go make a movie. “ And what did you talk about together? Inevitably rebounds the curious advocate general. The person responds as follows: “I don’t know anymore. About everything. Nothing. About my family, my neighborhood, a lot … I remember he still had a wound on his shoulder and a trace of a bullet wound on his leg.” Citizen’s lawyer Maître Gérard Chemla has revived him and claims: “But did you talk about that project in Syria and Paris? About the upcoming attack?” “No, he doesn’t tell me what will happen in Paris, Abrini will reply. It wasn’t the subject, I tell you, you have a stiff head! If you don’t like my answer, it can’t be helped. “

The trial will soon be at the heart of the case, but Mohamed Ablini reveals himself and does not deny his involvement … but let go of what he wants to let go when it suits him, and still part of the mystery. Holds.