Montpellier: Dance, rock, sports, transhumance … a lot of outings this weekend

We have to admit that we don’t know where to go this weekend as there are so many cultural, sporting and leisure suggestions. In addition, we can talk about the ongoing Printemps des Comédiens, the Synapson group that will bring the mood to Lake Ceceres on Sunday, and the party in the city’s “mass”. But I had to choose well, that’s the principle of choice. So here are some ideas to entertain you this weekend.

Montpellier Dance opens in “stereo”

Agora. Who will hold the 42nd Montpellier Danse Festival by name, other than Philippe Decouflé, a leading figure in the contemporary scene since the 1980s? His new stereo show is a real dance rock concert “dripping with rhinestones”. The work he booked for the premiere of the Montpellier Festival. First show and first event. And there are many more until July 3rd.

> “Stereo”, Friday-Monday at 10 pm, Agora Theater, Saint-Ursul Street. From 5 to 45 €. All programming for the website.

Accroche Chœur celebrates its 20th anniversary with music

Forty singers offer musical variations from London to New York.

Forty singers offer musical variations from London to New York.

concert. About 40 singers from Accroche Chœur will celebrate their 20th anniversary this Friday with musical variations from London to New York. About the program: Works by Benjamin Britten, Bob Chilcott, John Dowland, Morten Lauridsen and Eric Whitacre. The choir is led by Italian conductor Stefano Bernabovi, the piano is Jeremy Beres of Montpellier and the violin is Jean Guillaume Quaz.

> Friday, June 17th, 8:30 pm, Maison des Choeurs (Albert-Ier in Montpellier). Price: 10 euros (free for children under 15 years old). Reservation: 07 81 13

Last year’s good rock in the center of the quarry

Beaulieu. It’s the Beaulieu quarry, east of Montpellier, in the heart of the Garrigue, where these characteristic stones, created following the Miocene sea retreat 15 million years ago, have long been extracted. It is the place where it was done. While the two quarries were still in operation, this place became a place for a walk … and now together.

The GiantsOf Rock, the first legendary rock tribute festival that had to be postponed for Covid, will take place this Saturday at Theater de Carrières. The bill includes heavy music for rock fans: New Jersey band Bon Jovi, Group Rose Floyd Pink Floyd, SNXI INXS, and finally the 60s Follies, which provides covers for the 50s and 60s. A promising poster.

> Beaulieu Quarry. Site opened from 6 pm Food truck and refreshment bar. Admission: 20 euros, booked locally or on a regular site.

From sports to the beach

The first beach sports festival promises to be a festival.

The first beach sports festival promises to be a festival.

La Grande Motte. Beach volleyball, beach tennis, beach rugby, beach basketball, beach soccer, wexballs, paddle surfing, triathlon, waterwalking, life-saving, ultimate, perfect Zen … and certainly more. Starting this Saturday at 9am, the first beach sports festival will be held in the town of La Grande Motte all day long.

With a free and free access stand, you can practice your sporting activities in a fun and comfortable way. And perhaps discovering a new field like Ultimate, a revisited version of Frisbee. Throughout the day, DJs and entertainers will provide entertainment on the seaside beach, Jacques Chirac Promenade.

It is within the framework of the Terre de Jeux 2024 label that the city intends to promote sports and broader the value of Olympism … Therefore, the main thing is to participate.

Queen Montpellier is back

Paylow. Thanks to Montpellier Reine, € 660,000 has been donated to various organizations fighting breast cancer for 12 years. After two years of absence by Covid, we hope that the most beautiful charity race will come back and break all donation records.

This Sunday morning, more than 4,000 runners, women and men depart from Peyrou, passing through the Fabre Museum or Cathedral and following Ecusson Street on a 5km course. We come for stopwatches, for fun, to run with friends, or even for good reason. Everyone is at their own pace, whatever their motives, the main thing is to be there.

If the start is 11am, Partners Village will open on Sundays at 9am, so early risers can enjoy many activities (yoga, photocalls, music groups, group warm-ups, etc.). In short, run to Montpellier Rain. You can register until Saturday at the site.

Behind the scenes of preventive archeology

A weekend to discover behind the scenes of heritage and archaeological research.

A weekend to discover behind the scenes of heritage and archaeological research.
Free at noon-Jean-Pierre Souche

Barte / Kurnon Teral area. Friday, June 17 (2 pm to 4 pm) and Saturday, June 18 (10 am to 12 pm and 2 pm to 5 pm) are part of European Archeology Day. Invited by Mosaic Archeology, an organization of preventive archeology, you can learn more about your profession at Domaine de la Barte in Cournon-Teral.

Operations Assistant Géraldine Lefebvre said: “The interest is to explain the stages of archeology and try to break the preconceptions that the general public has about this profession.” She continues. “When we talk about archeology, people think directly of Inlap archaeologists, but private archaeologists do a notable job as well.” And it’s exciting.

Many other appointments are offered as part of these European archaeological eras. With a radius close to Montpellier, you can: Explore the prehistoric village of Cambus and discover the ruins of one of Europe’s oldest villages (2,700-2,300 BC). Visit the old monastery of Aniane and take advantage of a stone-cutting demonstration. Enjoy the Latte Latte Museum for free or discover the work of an in-wrap technician. Visit the “La Graciere” area, a lesser-known place in the Castel Nauvian heritage that was used to store the ice cream that was unloaded behind the mules of Mont-Eguar in the 18th century. That’s amazing?

> www.journees-The entire program of European Archeology Day at

Omura celebrates transhumance with a glass of Gure

Sheep will be a cheerful night star guest.

Sheep will be a cheerful night star guest.

tradition. After the successful first edition in 2021, the transhumance festival will return to Omura this Friday at 6pm. Leaving Mas Dantnegre in Montbasin, 900 Caussenardedes Garrigues ewes are welcomed into the village.

Shepherds and herds stay in the meadows and enjoy a lively musical evening. Meanwhile, the event organizer Gres de Montpellier winemakers will sample the cuvée. For food, keep in mind that food trucks offer delicious and sweet food.

Then, around 10 pm, the flock reaches the height of Omeras and spends the night there. It will then be possible to take the ewes to the rangeland for a short family hike of about 3 km. Opportunity for children to be an apprentice shepherd.

> From 6 pm in Omura. Admission and tasting: € 3 (free glass).

French DJ and Minister

Mogio. Need to really introduce Stéphane Pomponac, a great creator of Costes compilations and a prince of French touch with luxury and elegance? The French DJ, a symbol of French chic, has always associated his name with the name of a gorgeous great man … and in Montpellier, it is the turn of Minister Masdu that he likes to invite himself. It’s a table.

This Saturday night is to start the summer season of this party place, known to everyone, with Stephane Pomponac standing behind the turntable-already 22nd-and again on the new terrace. I will open it. He takes the opportunity to announce his new album, which is already number one on the download platform.

> Minister of Chemindu of Mogio from 7 pm to 1 am.Reservations are recommended at Oyster Bar 07 83 757693 from 8 pm to 9 pm

Buzz Lightyear is back to please the kids

preview. Buzz Lightyear seeks to restore everyone to a safe and healthy state after being left behind by commanders and crew on a hostile planet 4.2 million light-years away from Earth. To this end, he can count on the support of a group of ambitious young new hires and his adorable robot cat, Socks. But the arrival of terrible Zurg and his ruthless robots does not make their job easier.

This is the resurrection of “Buzz” and it will be Buzz! The most impatient are the Gomont Odesseum (4:30 pm and 7:15 pm), the Gomont Comedy (4 pm), and Megarama San Jerry (11:00 am) this Sunday before the national release. Or you can see it at 4 o’clock). In the afternoon) or in the CGR of Lates (10:45 am and 1:45 pm). to infinity and beyond…

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