Montpellier / Sports: It goes to MHR, a favorable exemption MWP, MHSC-VB is patient and disappointed with BLMA and MHSC

Montpellier water polo player's short and beautiful victory over Noisy-le-Sec on Saturday.
Montpellier water polo player’s short and beautiful victory over Noisy-le-Sec on Saturday. (© MWP)

overview result of weekend Montpellier Club, member Elite division of Their sport.. the MHR Continue your adventures in the European Cup, engage in the playoffs, MWP Give yourself the right to believe it before your return at Noisy-le-Sec. As the end of the season is approaching, BLMA And a team of women and men MHSC They got off to a bad start with their last sprint.

In volleyball MHSC-VB, Paris (3-0) winners have been waiting to know their opponents in the championship semi-finals since Thursday.Note that Arago of Sète After the third match in Baru, he won the fourth match, following Narbonne’s package, which refused to play after a serious incident on Thursday.

Basketball / Women’s League Day 20: Brave Gazelle Bow

Three days before the end of the regular season, Gazelle challenged his second ASVEL in the championship on Sunday. The two teams fought a close duel. Neck-neck, Lyonnaise widened a significant gap in the third quarter after leaving at the end of the second quarter, closing the fate of the match against Ratwards, who did not abdicate in the fourth quarter despite a tough score. (19-17, 44-38, 59-50, 77-60).

If Valerie Demolie did not specifically check this trip in the playoff point race, it is imperative to have Tarbes’ reception to share the eighth and final qualifying position with Lattes Montpellier and Saint Amand before going to leader Bourges. .. Last day.

Next meeting, Wednesday, April 27, 8:00 pm, Day 20 of the Women’s League, BLMA – Tarbes Gespe Bigorre.

Soccer / D1 Arkema Day 19: Ruthless Paris FC against Montpellier

The Montpellier women, who moved to Charlesti Stadium on Friday night, did not resist Paris FC and remained firmly in third place in the championship, recently becoming obsessed with PSG. Forty minutes later, with a 3-0 lead, Ellow’s illusion disappeared completely. If they showed pride shortly after Mondecil returned from the locker room (50th), Montpellier goalkeeper Schmitz had to work several times thereafter to avoid even heavier scores (3-1). Three days before the end of the championship, MHSC was in sixth place, tied to Bordeaux, four points behind Reims.

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The next meeting will be on Saturday, May 7th at 2:30 pm, Day 20 D1 Arkema, Montpellier-Soyo.

Soccer / League One Day 32: Helpless, Montpellier Relies on Bertou

Montpellier received a lance at Mosson Stadium this Sunday afternoon. The first 10 minutes were a good match, but due to the wake-up call at the end of the match and their favor, Pailladins were too few to win today.

Even Bertou, who replaced Omulin in the cage after receiving the red card in Marseille, showed the most in the sad first period. The second did not provide any further spectacle and confirmed the suspicion of the last match. Cabella’s return to Mosson (57th) provided the only reason for his enthusiasm in the afternoon. But Will-o’-wisp did not do a miracle. If Montpellier missed a chance and showed a technical weakness in a particular sector, the only satisfaction was not recognizing the goal. MHSC is in 11th place, unhooked from the first part of the table.

Next meeting, Wednesday, April 20, 9 pm, League 1 Uber Eats, Lens-Montpellier’s 32nd day.

Rugby / Europe Cup 16-second leg round: MHR lost, but qualifying

Despite the 33-20 defeat, Philip Saint Andre’s men were able to rejoice with the last whistle on the Harlequins lawn on Saturday. With self-sacrifice, especially when he had to resist nearly 10 minutes in front of the line, and Marcus Smith missed a conversion in the last few minutes, MHR took the lead in Montpellier last Sunday. I was able to maintain. 40-26. Therefore, thanks to a small point, Cistes are eligible for the quarterfinals where La Rochelle will be found on May 6th.

Next meeting: Sunday, April 24, 9:05 pm, Top 14, 23rd day, Montpellier-Bordeaux-Beguru.

Volleyball / Quarterfinal League A, Match 4: Narbonne refuses to play Sete

Narbonne is scheduled for Saturday night, despite a closed session announced by League National Volleyball, after a serious incident in Sète after Arago (3-1) won three games on Thursday. I decided not to play 4 games.

An agreed package that will allow Sète to return to 2-2 of the series while the final meeting must be held, unless there is a new twist in Narbonne on Wednesday, April 20th. The league also announced the opening of a disciplinary action committee for the Sète club.

Montpellier, who won 3-0 in Paris, has been waiting to know his opponent in the semi-final between Turcoan and Chaumont, which will be decided on Wednesday from Thursday. Nice 3-0 winner Tour will face Narbonne or Sète. In the case of support matches, the semi-finals will be played at the best of the three games on April 24th, April 27th and April 30th.

Water Polo / Quarterfinals Round 1: Montpellier Short Lead

At the start of the playoffs of the French Elite Championship, Montpellier, the sixth in the regular phase, found Noah Sirsec third on Saturday, a week after the final day of the championship showdown. Residents of Ile de France. A meeting announced as a boil that kept all promises while the two teams hit.

If Montpellier took the initiative on a regular basis, Circle 93 could not separate themselves. In the goal, Lazar Andrick contributed significantly to the victory of Montpellier (3-3; 6-5; 8-7; 11-10). Montpellier will move to Noisy on Wednesday with a short lead. Please note that on this occasion Duje Zivkovic, who provided the last suspension game on Saturday, is back.

The next meeting will be on Wednesday, April 20th, at 7:15 pm, with the quarterfinal return Circle 93 – MWP.

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