Montpellier, the capital of extreme sports

FISE, an indispensable event in the Occitanie region, has once again been successful. For both the audience and the running French.

5 days out of time. Montpellier vibrated for 20 years during FISE, thanks to the general public and athletes from all over the world. After two years of digital edition, it’s time to reunite with the physical version. The audience did not miss this event. 608,000 entries were counted and Thursday’s peak was 160,000.

Satisfied masses

On social networks, many spectators commented on the joy of attending France’s third largest free sporting event. “After three years of absence, it’s fun to find FISE on the banks of the Les in Montpellier, celebrating its 25th anniversary with an azure blue sky and a temperature of about 30 ° C.”Tweeted Adrian Four. “It was seriously stylish again!”, Says Adam Gybely, a student of ecology. In summary, it’s a “crazy” and “must-see” event.

French podium on all floors

Athletes from more than 50 countries offered spectacular shows when the public was pleased to be able to get closer to the extreme sports champions and meet more closely. The five-day competition focused specifically on the performance of the French.

Two French and three French women were on the podium at the three Olympic Games (skateboarding, BMX freestyle and breaking) that participated in the festival. A particularly important service to prepare for the qualifying for the 2024 Paris Olympics.

On skateboarding, Tricolor led by winning both male and female professional finals. Aurélien Giraud, sixth in the Tokyo tournament, won ahead of his teammate Benjamin Garcier. As for the four French champions Charlotte Hym, she dominated the competition ahead of Spanish Daniela Terol Mendez and Toulouse’s Jéromine Louvet. The first qualifying event in Paris will be held in Rome from June 26th to July 3rd.

The finals of the UCI BMX Freestyle World Cup circuit ignited the general public. Defending Olympic Champion Logan Martin took first place. 7th place Frenchman Anthony Jeanjean won the bronze medal in Tokyo. A medal that would have been made of another metal if it hadn’t made a mistake in the second run, which was going well.

Breakdance will participate in the tournament for the first time in two years. The final square of the WDSF Breakdance for Gold World Series was made up of the finest international dancers. Among them are Guadeloupe’s Danny Dan and three French women, Kimmy Gibbler, Carlo Tadudek and Andrea Mondroni. Among men, Tricolor fails at the foot of the podium, like B-Girl San Andréa. The other two blues, Kimie and Senorita Carlota, finished in 2nd and 3rd place respectively. Promisingly, the dancers will depart with valuable points as they have taken into account their qualifications for the 2023 World Championships in Belgium.

Apart from the field of the Olympics, we could also rely on the French. Especially in the freestyle pro scooter, Diaby Diaby came in first. At the UCI BMX Flatland World Cup, Retricorol hit the women category. Jeanne Seigneur and Mélissa Droll won silver and bronze medals, respectively.

The counter panics among juniors. Inheritance is guaranteed, mainly thanks to FISE. Like Anthony Jeanjean, who was a spectator over 10 years ago and is now at the highest level, the festival helps to create a profession. Observe today and tomorrow’s champions next year in the same place, in the same city …

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