Montpellier: Volleyball, back to top prodigal sports

This Wednesday, May 11th, Montpellier volleyball player became the first French champion since 1975. The long-awaited event in Hérault where this sport appeared in France.

The very long waiting time of 47 years may be over soon. Montpellier volleyball players can become the French champion if they win the tour at Castelnow this Wednesday night (8 pm). If defeated, they have another chance to be crowned during a “beautiful” Sunday on the tour. It will be the first title since 1975! The party will be beautiful in Montpellier, a pioneer of French volleyball.

1 Parava’s Recoquille Sport

If volleyball was born on a sandy beach in California “In France in the 1930s, it was the beach of Recoquille, on the right bank of Parava.”, Explains Renevernard, a sports columnist from Paravas, a former volleyball player. Soccer players and volleyball players gathered there to extend the season. At that time, we were mainly playing 4 to 4. Dozens of fields were glued together. And the most beautiful games can attract thousands of spectators! Since then, the beach has moved to the left bank of Paravas and Montpellier Beach Volleyball (MBV) will play at Larouz. He is the origin of the Montpellier Beach Master in a comedy in 2005. Since 2017, MBV has hosted the annual World Circuit Event in Montpellier.

2 First-class history in Montpellier


Claude Evlar: “Very Great Memories”

What does this 1975 title stand for?

It’s a suspenseful match in a great atmosphere and it’s a great memory. We have only eight players and have formed a very close team. We weren’t big names. We were especially famous for speed and defense. The 1972 and 1973 titles gave us confidence. And in 1974, I hardly missed the title. It was the final defeat to racing and the title that missed us on average.

Who was the best player you played?

Yugoslavia’s Uros Riveric. He arrived at MUC in 1966 and instilled rigor, skill and spirituality in us. He brought the club to the first division. After that, he approached the title several times and won three wins after his departure. We were the first Montpellier club to play in the Europa League, a combination of all sports!

Who were the other architects in this boom?

President Jean Blaine and Jack Shaw played a major role in the development of volleyball. I would also like to pay tribute to the players who have left us. My friends Jean-Louis Gerve, player-coach Serge Bontoux, Michel Delage and Richard Mannaioni. I’m sorry that the former MUC wasn’t invited to the match at Castel Now …

There are many places in 3 towns

It is impossible to mention everywhere the Montpellier volleyball player played. After the war, the club played outdoors at Legoube University (formerly Clemence Royer), Sabate Stadium, Citebnois (near Sunrock Station), Repic Barracks (formerly EAI) … it was a high school gymnasium Joffre. The scene of his biggest victory. At that time, it was the Juanique Gymnasium (near Las Leves), the Rene Bouñol Sports Center from 1977 to 2002, and the Pierre de Coubertin Sports Center (Lapirad). Since 2014, the rest of the history of volleyball players has been written by Castelnau-le-Les Palais de Sport Jacques Chaban Delmas.

4 The rest of the story is promising

Volleyball established in neighboring areas (ASLJ in Croix-d’Argent, ASBAM in Beaux-Arts, etc.) is also irrigated in Saint-Gély, Mauguio and Le Crès. Since winning the 2021 Olympic title, more than 1,300 new athletes have participated. Ten of the twelve Olympic champions were trained at Paul France Ducrepe in Montpellier.

Tonight (8 pm), a large screen will be set up in the front yard of the Castelnow Gymnasium. The match is held in a closed room.

Fire night at Lise Joffre, 1975

Completely equal before the final championship match, MUC and Racing Club de France played for the championship title on the final day, May 12, 1975! In front of more than 3,000 supporters packed into the Joffre High School gym (500 couldn’t enter), Racing led the two sets into one, but MUC reversed everything and won 3-2. rice field. The match that lasted more than three hours was a wonderful sight. He also saw some players coming out under the influence of cramps. Evrard, Digiantommaso, Guy, Germain, Viguier, Gervais, Fabre and Bogaert were tonight’s anthology heroes.