Morbihan: After the attack on the wheat train, the Minister of Agriculture demands justice

Agriculture-Agriculture Minister Julian Donormandy “accepts” the blockade of grain transport trains on Saturday, March 19 near Pontivy, Morbihan, for the purpose of producing animal feed and spilling some cargo onto railroad tracks. I can’t do it. ” According to about 50 demonstrators who oppose industrial agriculture.

This action in the call of the group “Brittany to Factory Livestock” has evoked many reactions, including the reaction of Agriculture Minister Julian Donormandy. He tweeted late Saturday night. In his message, he states that the destruction of “irresponsible” grain production is “when many countries are currently in short supply … it is painful.” Justice must pass. “

In a press release released this Sunday, the province of Morbian said, “Several complaints have been filed,” and “it is up to the judiciary to provide appropriate response and characterize criminal offenses in these acts.” Stated.

“This act of food waste is exorbitant.”

“This act of food waste is scandalous at the very moment when France must strengthen its food production capacity in difficult international situations,” “condemns this act with maximum resilience.” Consider the institution. According to the prefecture, “the attack on this train caused a considerable amount of wheat loss and great economic damage.”

Approximately 50 activists gathered on Saturday morning to call for the group “Brittany vs. Factory Livestock” to fly a Noir Pontivi freight train to a nearby cattle feed factory belonging to Sanders, a subsidiary of the group in April. Was closed. Activists explained that when it was wheat, they thought they were blocking the shipment of soybeans.

They explained that these activists built a wall of concrete blocks across the railroad tracks to symbolize the “wall across the railroad tracks of agribusiness.” “The off-ground system is heading straight to the wall. We need to stop agribusiness,” they said in a statement.

In off-ground agriculture, cattle are partially supplied with imported protein, especially from South America, because there is not enough land around the farm to grow and produce the feed needed for animals.

Group behavior accused by Yannick Jadot

The collective advocates “farmers, livelihoods, agroecology, territorialization, job creation, rewards”.

The Federation of Regional Farmers’ Unions (FRSEA), the National Chamber of Agriculture, especially Crรฉdit Agricole and Groupama, accused “the scandalous behavior of activists who act against reality and against the general interests” and “our The reaction from the state to put an end to all forms of action that cast doubt on agriculture. “

EELV presidential candidate Yannick Jadot also criticized the action on Sunday in France 3, “Political Sunday.” “I don’t support the act of putting the grain we need everywhere today,” he said. I do not support this behavior. “

He claimed to be the bearer of the “model of food sovereignty.” “Over the years, politics has been under pressure from the FNSEA (National Farmers’ Union), which has decided for this government on our agriculture,” he added. .. “

Several sectors of Breton’s agriculture, which is the main agricultural region of France where livestock is dominated, are facing a serious crisis, adversely affecting the environment, whether it is the phenomenon of green algae or the quality of the air. ..

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