Most Elysee candidates, with the exception of Eric Zemmour, are in favor of welcoming refugees.

France must “participate” Of Ukraine’s escape. Since Thursday, February 24, the first day of the Moscow offensive, the formula has been intervened by Elysee candidates, from Jean-Luc Melenchon (La France insoumise, LFI) to Nicolas Dupont-Ignan (Debout la France, DLF). Prospered with. ) Via Yannick Jadot (Europe Ecologie-Les Verts, EELV). With the exception of Eric Zemmour, most suitors believe that France must help welcome refugees fleeing the war initiated by Russia.

LFI candidates were interviewed at Franceinfo on February 24th. “If we are in solidarity with Ukraine, now is the time to show it. (…).. These poor people are suffering from a fate they did not expect. ” In a statement, the environmental competitor said “be happy” Its European Union “Declared”Fully prepared “ Welcoming Ukrainians fleeing their country, they said, “Welcome” “.

Our live in the presidential election: Eric Zemmour refuses to welcome Ukrainian refugees and Jean Castex receives the main candidate

Emmanuel Macron, who is not yet a candidate for his own successor, said on the night of February 24-25, after an exceptional European Council: “France, like all other European countries, plays that role.” not only “To support the Ukrainian population”,not only ” Welcome “ Refugees from that country. The majority probably omitted the commentary by Jean-Louis Boulange, who represented MoDem, who had formed an alliance with La Republique en Marche (LRM). European friday 1Ukrainians make up in France “Quality immigrants available to us” : According to him, it’s especially“Intellectual”..

“We must support and welcome those who are fleeing their country in today’s war.”Affirms Christiane Taubila, On twitterOn the first day of the invasion. “We are with the Ukrainian people, and we have concerns, and we welcome them together until we can chase the Russian troops from their territory.” She specified the same day a little later, At a rally in Republic SquareIn Paris.

“Welcome tradition”

“We must prepare for the acceptance of refugees”, Declared Anne Hidalgo on Thursday, stating that it was also necessary “Supporting neighboring countries materially and humanely” From Ukraine. The Socialist Party candidate took the initiative as the mayor of the capital. Press release from the city of ParisPublished on Sunday, February 27, states that the municipality has “Establish a crisis management office to implement all means to secure the containment of Ukrainians who are stuck or evacuated in Paris.”When “Additional aid measures will be designated within a few days.”..

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“Our tradition of hospitality must continue to live today more than ever.”Communist Fabien Roussel added to BFM-TV’s microphone on February 26th, “Human tragedy”.. “I hope we all say that, including those who said they had to build a wall on the European Union border a few days ago and no one welcomed it.”He said referring to a suggestion from Eric Zemmour.

In a column published Friday on FigaroVox, a digital version of the discussion and opinion page. Figaro, Right-wing candidate Valerie Pécrès is also in favor of welcoming refugees by conditioned refugees and taking care to show a certain degree of robustness in their asylum policies. “Depending on the situation, She writes without specifying the criteria to use, Show solidarity with France by welcoming Ukrainian refugees who justify this position, rather than fake refugees who have invaded Europe in recent years. »» Sovereignist Nicolas Dupont-Aignan also made the following decision at the French Inter on Monday, February 28: “Of course, France must welcome refugee shares.”for “Terrible suffering”.. For him “Anyway, we have to keep people still and share the burden.”..

” go back home “

Finally, the question distinguishes between the two far-right candidates.Marine Le Pen estimated on February 25 With RMC-BFM-TVIts need “Cool” Welcome, “With the support of the High Commissioner for Refugees” Ukrainians of the United Nations who want to come to France, because “We must respect the Geneva Convention.” About the law of war. on the contrary, Judging by Eric Zemmour at RTL on Monday, February 28thRisk of arrival of Ukrainian refugees “Immigration destabilizes France, which is already submerged.”.. Reconquista candidate!Therefore, they like “I’m in Poland”,He is “I have to help” On the face.

“It’s not good to rob such people from your country.”, He specified.Refugees from neighboring Poland “When the war is over, it will be easier to get home.”Justified a candidate seeking to lift the sanctions that Brussels imposed on him for not respecting the rule of law in order to help the country. So far, according to Agence France-Presse (AFP), 300,000 Ukrainians have arrived in the European Union, according to the European Commission, and half of them have arrived in Poland, according to Warsaw.

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