MotoGP Indonesia J3: Alex Rins (Suzuki / 5) brings back a fragment of the Mandarica circuit embedded in his body

Alex Rins returns from Indonesia with a memorable memory on Mandarica Truck’s head, but still manages to regain the good points of fifth place. He also ended up right in front of his teammates at Suzuki, who is always happy. But it’s definitely not the Sunday downpour and these memories he brought back from the Mandarica truck he explained to us, until the engine ignited and jumped out of the bike in the middle of a free practice session. Just like any other Grand Prix of the GSX-RR driver.

By the way, this second meeting of this season will be held Dorna Adapting to more hostile situations than a particular success. Especially in the case of weather that provided windows to abuse the route at the last moment. Some say that the spirits aroused by the shrine maiden, who was hiding under the commissioner’s duties, were important, but as a result, the party was held in front of the president on the spot with an audience who was actually devoted to the cause.

I’m talking about the balance sheet, so Alex Rins He does the following: I thought the race would be cancelled. Seeing it raining, I told myself, “Let’s go, take off our wetsuit and go home.” Participating in the race on Monday was difficult as all the equipment to be airlifted had to be organized for the next race. Fortunately, the rain stopped thanks to the work of the woman holding the bowl … »»

He adds: I was able to start despite the weather. I tried everything to finish on the podium. I got off to a good start and tried to catch the 2nd or 3rd place mirror, but there was some horror before, like “OK Alex, it’s time to be a little slower”.So Zarco overtook me, Fabio overtook me, and I saw them both having more traction than I did, and that’s the situation I could do best. That’s why we tried to deal with, but we couldn’t take the opportunity “.

“” The conditions are very strict and the bike tends to push you out in the last corner and I finally A leather suit full of black pebbles on the chest And in many places the asphalt condition was not the best “. Mentioning returning us to proper management of events Dorna Asphalt with a new layout Mandarica I couldn’t resist another day of this Indonesian Grand Prix. The number of race laps was reduced by 7 laps, especially in MotoGP, and this downpour, which caused the delay, was finally provided tentatively to ease the asphalt.

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Alex Rins: We are MotoGP, we should not be in this situation“”

I remember it Loris CapirossiThe promoter’s safety officer has already announced that the entire Mandarica circuit will need to be repaved in 2023.To hear what has been alive Alex RinsI understand why: It’s a shame because the course is great, but I don’t think most riders are happy with the asphalt and stones. To be honest, after Moto3 they started picking themselves up, so I was lucky he was underwater. The last corner. It was complicated because it lacked a “big chunk” of asphalt. “.

Spaniards say: In fact, when the race was over and I took off my leather suit, my entire chest was filled with black stones and I took a picture of myself for later sharing on social media. It was actually a complicated and very harsh condition, but fortunately it wasn’t wet and dry, but it shouldn’t have been this situation. We are MotoGP riders and this championship should not be like this “.

See you again Argentina Beginning of April for the continuation of the completely undecided championship: ” It looks like this all year round. We’re 8th, 10 points from the beginning, but that doesn’t mean anything. It’s a difficult championship, but I think it’s going to work very well. Now I have a circuit that I really like.For example, Argentina, Texas, which we haven’t been to for years … I think it will be a great championship. “.

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