MotoGP Indonesia J3: Jack Miller (Ducati / 4) blames Fabio Quartararo (Yamaha / 2)

In each race summary, Ducati’s official Jack Miller and his Yamaha counterpart Fabio Quartararo gave them a skirmish version that made them fight each other in a twisted and tense Indonesian Grand Prix. The trend was reversed in a duel that took place in the first half of the race when Ducati performed better than Yamaha. The Australians regretted the French’s excessive aggression against him, but the latter not only disagrees, but says he is making fun of this anger. atmosphere…

The image does not reveal the intense aggression of Fabio Quartalaro Trying to make a round trip Jack Miller Come from him to take his position during the first part of the race This Sunday, Mandarica..But what the pilot has experienced since he Ducati It’s very different from the feeling on the screen. This is the first version of the championship that finished fourth in this second round. I overtook him, and he decided to re-accelerate and stall his bike at just my foot level without crossing it.I don’t think he needed to re-accelerate his front tires the next turn “.

“” I know Yamaha is very agile in turn, but it shouldn’t allow it to put its wheels there. It puts me at risk of falling.I don’t think this is fair play.. As for race dynamics, I started from 9th on the grid while he started from pole position, where I was just overtaking him. So I think it was really a risk to not have to put the wheel inside like this. “And Jack Miller doesn’t hide that he sometimes wants to discuss the facts of this race.

Fabio Quartararo: I don’t care because Jack Miller has actively overtaken in the past“”

An evaluation that has reached the ears of world champions who seem unwilling to discuss further. And justification: there will be nothing to argue. The French say: I don’t care because he’s been an aggressive overtaker in the past. And I don’t think my path was really aggressive. simply, I didn’t expect to touch it, but it wasn’t that big to touch.. I don’t know if I saw it on TV with a little contact, but I think it’s better to see it because I didn’t do anything before talking. “.

He adds: ” He talked to me on his bike, but he didn’t hear anything.I saw him not happy, But I didn’t make any special move, as I crashed into him. He just overtook me on turn 1 and saw him spread and I simply crossed the line. So I’d like to see the comments of other pilots to see if it was a rude operation. But on my side, if I do something wrong, I say “I’m sorry”.But I have nothing to say about this “.

The two men will meet again in early April for the third round in Argentina. The active MotoGP champion doesn’t feel he’s done anything wrong, even if he admits that he’s been in contact. According to him, he has no reason to complain.I remember it Jack Miller Experienced the disappointment of not being on the podium Johann Zarco First pilot Ducati Under the colors of the Pramac satellite team. The Australian factory rider is under pressure to achieve significant results as his future is out of balance and must be updated in red.Other colleagues in the brand want his position on the official team and he can only convince the leader by being in front of him. Ducati To confirm that …

Jack Miller and Fabio Quartararo (ANSA)

Jack Miller

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