Nantes tries to level by pushing the reels with a sense of numerical inferiority complex!

Bamba is yellow

The fifth cookie in the game! Nantes pushes and Bamba cuts a great counterattack led by Simon!

Furious combo are!

Nantes’ coach has been talking to the touch referee for a long time, repeating the yellow man’s whistle and then asking for an explanation.

Another mistake from Sibels …

Barely in, Willem Sibels admits a new flaw … the end of a very choppy match.

A series of fouls

First Chirivella, then Benjamin Andre, and finally Zeka … the drawbacks follow each other and prevent the two teams from interrupting the game.

Players have been nervous since the “cast episode”.

Yılmaz is here

Gourvenek will switch to a single striker system. Compulsory plan after We’s expulsion. Therefore, David leaves his place to Yılmaz.

Release of Angel Gomes!

The author of the great part, Angel Gomes, gives way to Domagok Bradaric.

Nantes supporters push!

Supporters of Nantes are there and pushing the Canary Islands!


After two posts by a former Liverpool resident, it’s Koro Muani’s turn to test his luck! You can use it right out of the box.

Nantes is pushing and Lille has been cornered since David’s expulsion!

Chirivella’s post!

Two posts in a row in Chirivella’s attempt! Great chance!

On the bench, the tension went up even further, and now the combo are attacking the bench in Lille! Things are getting hot!

Match the big tension that was interrupted!

Sylvain Armand descends to the edge of the lawn and asks Hoe Fonte to return to the lawn.

Behind the scenes, the sports coordinator also seems to be attacking the staff at Antoine Comboure …

Note that the president of Lille Olivier Létang is also down in this sector.

Olivier Letin descended near the technical area during Nantes Lille on March 19, 2022.
Olivier Letin landed near the technical area during Nantes Lille on March 19, 2022 © Canal + Screen Capture
Sylvain Armand gets angry at Nantril on March 19, 2022
Sylvain Armand Angry at Nantril, March 19, 2022 © Canal + Screen Capture

José Fonte leaves the field …

What’s wrong ? José Fonte leaves the field and asks the player to follow him …

WEAH red card!

Expulsion of Weah after this slow effort at Moutoussamy!

Nantes double change

Antoine Combourere makes two changes. Sibels has replaced Moto Sammy and Bukari has replaced Couribury!

Benjamin Andre attentive

Great intervention from Benjamin Andre coming to steal the ball from Simon’s feet.

Nantes finds no flaws and the reels push!

What an amazing!

Alone in the penalty area, Weah regains a good ball, but is terribly lacking in clarity! His strike couldn’t find the frame and David raised his voice. The break was here!

It doesn’t do anything …

Lafont regains the ball in the air!

LOSC’s new corner

This time on the other side, Lille can pose a danger to Nantes’s penalty area.

Tension is rising

Jaro and Moto Sammy are called to order after being pushed from the reels in the penalty area. The next corner doesn’t do anything …

Xeka will test his luck!

A great shot from Xeka is biased by Kolo Muani and the corners and follows Lille!

Moutoussamy yellow

Motosami’s yellow card following this under-controlled intervention in Gomez!

An interesting free kick to follow Lille at the entrance of the area!

Tactical changes in Nantes

Comboure seems to have changed the system. 3-4-3 becomes 4-4-2, and Ludovic Blas finds his place in the center of the game.


Perfectly served by Angel Gomez, Jonathan David tries luck from the left, and Lafont diverts this attempt. Great release!

Koro Muani tries his luck

Nantes’ first opportunity in this second part!

Columbia jumps higher than anyone else on a cross from Fabio, but his header can’t find the frame.

here we go again !

The second half starts!

Half time!

Half time at Beaujoir! The reel leads at the break. Given the domination of Gourvenek soldiers, this is a natural advantage.

1 minute of additional time

Another minute! Kambuare puts his finger on the clock and asks the player to give everything before returning to the locker room!

Merlin comes out injured

Quentin Merlan has just been summoned to play with Espoir and has been forced to give up his place to Fabio.

Bad news …

BUUUT for reels!

After a great save from Onana’s Lafon, Jose Fonte took advantage of this situation to push the ball behind the net!

Lille takes the initiative!

LOSC corner!

Would you like to play a set piece?

The end of the first period is very choppy

The closer to the end of the first act, the more the game sequence disappears. Offside, foul, blame it with an overall technical estimate. At the expense of the game …

there is nothing…

there is nothing. There is always nothing. This corner, taken at 2 o’clock, doesn’t worry about reels. Jardin catches the ball and goes to raise his teammates.

A new corner for residents of Nantes!

This time Simon will be indebted!

The corner is free!

LOSC avoids danger.

Brass strike!

Brass tries luck from the penalty area! A wonderful parade by Jardin who was forced to hunt down the cook!

Finally, the opportunity for Nantes!

Gudomundson Person Center

The Swedish side overflows on the left and center at the ground level. A pass that no one can find except the opponent’s defender.

Aseptic control

Lille is dominant, and Lille has tried five lucks against only one of Nantes, but Lille is having a hard time taking risks. Aseptic control.

Great three-way game for LOSC!

Gomes-Weah-Gudmundsson ..

A great three-way game of reels exchanging short passes. Trio finally sees Jiroto intervening to avoid the danger.

Lack of Gomez!

Gomez fouls Brass when the Nantes midfielder enters the last 30 meters. It tells a lot about Angel Gomez!

62% ownership of Lille!

Lille is increasingly stepping into the ball after being dominated in the first few minutes.

What an opportunity for XEKA!

Taking advantage of the bad Nantes remission, Xeka tried his luck in the penalty area! Moutoussamy tackles and sends the ball to the corner. Great rescue!

Reel corner

Simon is in Fallout and clears as much as possible.

Weast Strike!

Weir’s wonderful attempt to be repelled by the Nantes defender! People in Lille are more and more dangerous!


What a parade!

Once again, Angel Gomez projects quickly and tries his luck at the entrance to the penalty area. Alban Lafont wins face-to-face! The first big chance for Lille!

Brass hits the wall!

Brass tries his luck, but the wall pushes the ball away. Nantes pushes the game forward and gradually dictates!

Xeka yellow

Foul on Xeka, an interesting free kick following Nantes!

Unreproducible garden

To see Jardin put the ball behind the net, he must return on January 19th to defeat Lorient (3-1)! Nantes players have a lot to do!

Attentive garden

LOSC Jardim goalkeepers can easily get the ball back with this free kick taken by Moses Simon.

Free electron Gomez

Angel Gomez regains the ball in the middle and projects it quickly. A great race to show that the Englishman does not hesitate to exceed his obligations.

Corner for what

Foul to Amadu Onana in the air. Reels can avoid danger.

Nantes corner!

Great intervention by Gudmundsson pushing the ball into the corner!

Weast Strike!

Great attempt from Lille’s will!

When no one seemed to want to stop him, Weah won the yard on the left side of the attack before trying his luck. The strikes finally crossed too much.

Offside of Koro Muani

Randal Kolo Muani, launched by Gilot, has been reported offside. The reel tries to escape.

Some mistakes

It’s Castellet’s turn to defeat Timothy Weah after Ludovic Blas committed a small foul a minute ago.

10 Years of Angel Gomez

From the standpoint of Angel Gomes, it is difficult to know whether Lille evolved in 4-2-3-1 or 4-4-1.

In any case, the Manchester United nugget seems to be located in the actual 10 just behind Jonathan David.

Observation stage

Start a small observation phase between the two teams in a great atmosphere!

Alright, let’s go !

The duel of European candidates at La Beaujoire begins! Excluded from the Champions League, Lille has no choice but to go through the top of the table and find a cup with big ears. Therefore, this road goes through success in Nantes.

Gourvenek gets in shape

Jocelyn Gourvennec on Canal + mic: “Everyone is in this battle in Europe and Lille! »»

LOSC configuration

holder: Jardim-Djalo, Fonte, Onana, Gudmundsson-Gomes, André, Xeka, Bamba-Weah, David

Replacement: Ben Arfa, Bradalick, Cerrick, Grubic, Rehaji, Laguber, Wackers, Ilmas, Jegrova

Nantes composition

holder: Lafont-Appiah, Castelletto, Girotto-Bukari, Moutoussamy, Chirivella, Merlin-Kolo Muani, Blas, Simon

Replacement: Augustin, Coulibaly, Cyprien, Doucet, Fabio, Geubbels, Perreira de Sa, Petric, Sylla

Kick off at 9 pm

Continuing on the 29th day of League One, we’re leaving for Beaujoir. Depart for the duel between Nantes and Lille. The two teams still want a place in Europe and have been under pressure from Clermont’s winner, Lens, not long ago.