Narbonne. “It’s a new volume”

Last season ended with a great result at Narbonne Volley, betting on the title of the Challenge Cup. But now, Aude Club is entering a new era and becoming a company. President Jérémie Ribourel will acquire the shares.

Jeremy, you resigned from the Narbonne Volley Society on June 3rd. Why this decision?

The club enters a new era and creates the SAS Narbonne Volley. I resigned from the association because I was unable to chair the two organizations.

Was this passage in society a choice, or did you have to do it?

The Ministry of Sports has advised us to do so, as well as the National Volleyball League. The club’s professional activities are now a for-profit business rather than an association.

It’s a flip page …

Rather, I think it is a new issue. It’s just a matter of legally separating the commercial activities of clubs, parts of volleyball schools, and training centers.

Who will chair the association?

Vice President Philip Kaiser has been with us for a very long time running the club, especially the amateur club. Therefore, it is logical for him to continue to develop volleyball schools and training centers. He is also discussing the development of “sitting volleyball,” which enables a mixed team of people with disabilities and people with good health.

Why are you making this change now?

Club professionals now have to invest in that structure. We have been working on “strings” for a long time, but we have reached the so-called growth crisis. We have reached the limit of what the association can offer as a human resource. You need an administrative and financial officer, an additional senior sales representative, and more. Some of our human resources need to be reorganized in order to be more efficient and professional.4 employees of the club and my wife (Alexandra Ribourel, Editor’s Note), You cannot continue at this rate. The club develops the skill in-house and we are not going to rob it. However, accounting and financial management, commercial management of ticket offices, and commercial and marketing activities require the skills we seek.

So does this new company have shareholders?

Given the good year of club management and its beautiful image, we have a choice. Innovative in French territory, our show sports model has made us known in the world of sports and has fascinated many people. We also want to give meaning to this shareholding in a CSR project that we share with common actions. We want to be a big club that is important for volleyball and sports in general. Sport conveys the value of sharing, fighting spirit, ambition, inclusion and integration. We exist to share these values ​​and bring people moments of joy. We are noble and must set an example and lead.

How about the training center?

He stays in the bosom of the association. It’s a very important factor for a club. He is the link between the volleyball school and the professional team. His contribution to his professional team has given everyone an idea of ​​how essential he was for this long season.

Is this a small revolution for Narbonne Volley?

Both yes and no. No, it’s the logical continuity of what the club has built up over the years, and through the work of its successful president. Yes, because we have reached a level that is much more rigorous and requires professionalism. At any level of organization, finance, technology, healthcare or sports. Keep in mind that the organization surrounding the match is also very tedious and demanding. Spectator sports are not only battles that take place on the ground, but also the actual show business that we want to develop further to provide our civilians and VIPs with more surprise, joy and happiness than ever before. It is also an event organization. Know that everything you experience in a match at the arena is scripted and meticulously prepared by the animation team. Volleyball schools and training centers must also be absolutely central to the association’s projects. I say “become again” because this important part of the club suffers from our growing pain. That is the essence of the club. You also need to take care of the amateur department. This is the role of Philip Kaiser and the Association.

Narbonne plays the CEV Cup

Due to the war in Ukraine, sanctions on Russian clubs are still appropriate. Volleyball has a big impact as Russian teams will not be able to participate in next season’s European tournaments. Therefore, French clubs have the right to gain additional places in the Champions League, which allows each team to evolve with higher competition.

Therefore, Tours VB will be competing in the first Europa League, alongside Montpellier, who will play directly in the Champions League thanks to the title of French Champion. After reaching the final of the CEV Cup last season, Toulangeraux can measure himself against the best in Europe. Below, we expected Narbonne to fight to maintain the title of the Challenge Cup he collected against Ankara last March, but Centurions will eventually evolve in the CEV Cup of the above class. .. Teams are accustomed to this type of match and are a much better competitor in terms of level and strength. Italy, Poland and other teams face Narbonai.

“We can no longer hide our ambitions.”

The club president, Jérémie Ribourel, responded to this announcement and many of the recorded departures. “It may seem obviously surprising to change teams after this great season, but this is perfectly normal. This European title and the next season at the CEV Cup Qualifications needed to increase the potential of the team. Participation in the European Cup was a desperate pace for the team and I learned to put a strain on my body and mind. It’s very tough. Next season No more surprises, opponents are waiting for us in turn. Preparing with veteran players on the final stage and in multiple tournaments. We can no longer hide our ambitions and are at the European level. And I want to aim for the title of French champion. “

After announcing the departure of eight players, Narbonne Volley sees one of the young nuggets leaving the club. Three years after he arrived in France and Aude, Aimen Bouguera Announced it on his social network, he embarks on a new challenge, a new adventure. At 20 (1.98m), Tunisia was one of the up-and-coming talents of volleyball, and he proved it at Centurions. The winner of this season’s Challenge Cup, he has contributed significantly to the success of Narbonai. During the injuries of Risandro Zanotti and Rafael Araújo, he wore a super-alternative jersey. He has scored 275 points this season (194 points in League A and 81 points in the Challenge Cup).

The young Tunisians chose Poitiers to pursue his career and his rise, he signed a two-year contract. Therefore, he will remain in France and will play in League A again next season.

The transfer window for Narbonne Volley is not over yet. There are certainly some arrivals, as there are so many departures.

To be on the safe side, eight Centurions have already formalized their departure: Lisandro Zanotti, Arago de Sète departs for League A. Remi Basero, departure for beach volleyball.Martin Ramos, departure to Guaguas, Spain.Nicholas Urialte departs for Sada Cruzeiro in Brazil.Ludwig The duet, which departed for Saint-Nazaire, was promoted to League A.Theo Durand leaves the club.Alan Belissimo leaves the club.John Domenech departs for Rio Duero and Leandro in Spain Lardon (physical trainer) leaves the club.

9th start, Bouguera joins Poitiers