Narbonne. New Governance Elected to RC Narbonne Chief

At the General Assembly at the Sports and Friendship Park last night, Xavier Marco was elected by a majority to the new president of RC Narbonice, with Pierre Ravine as Vice President.

For weeks, the RCN was in the gray area. Last season, on the ground, Aude Club was unable to maintain Pro D2 after several difficult months. And in the office, things aren’t going well either. At the end of April, Presidents RC Narbonne, Philippe Campos, Mark Del Pooh, Gilberzons and Jack Basque announced their hopes. “Hand over for the benefit of the club.” Two months later, at a board meeting last week, the resignation of four of the five presidents was recorded. At that time, Xavier Marco, the only member of the old term, announced the new office and its governance and applied for the position of club president. The latter was not insensitive to the resignation of the former team: “Recording a friend’s resignation did something to me. There were five of us and I found myself. It’s not easy, but I’m moving forward.” Three of these former presidents, Jack Basque, Jill Belzons, and Jean Olmiere, have resigned from the board (due to age limits).

“Congratulations, you are humble and determined.”, These are the strong words from the General Assembly of Racing Club Narbonne this Tuesday night. At least we can say that all the members in attendance showed support for the new and vice presidents. Therefore, Xavier Marco, a candidate for several days, has officially become the head of the club. On his side, Pierre Ravine, a former legal counsel for the Court of Cassation, will be the vice president of the club, which serves as general manager.

At the beginning of the General Assembly, the latter introduced himself. He specifically talked about his personal history with RC Narbonne: “I’m passionate about this club. My dad was born in Narbonne and took me to Cassiette very early on. Since then I’ve been following the club all the time. I live violently in glorious moments and painfully in difficult moments. I am honored to be inaugurated and proud to have fulfilled this role. ” Alongside these two men, the brother of doctor Xavier, Philip Marco, was gaining momentum and they welcomed his arrival. “There is a very strong commitment from Philip Marco. He urged us to be confident and fully committed. This is a factor to consider.”

After applause from Congress, the two new faces of the RCN’s heads presented the main line of their project that they wanted to carry out over the years between four and six years. Xavier Marco and Pierre Ravien already have their first date: “We are ready to play Nice on September 3. The first meeting is the first match of the season. We will recreate racing through victory.”..

On the sports side, as Xavier Marco pointed out, there was talk of a new arrival: “We are still recruiting with two number 10, a fullback trying to sign, a third line arriving, and a few other players to hone our team.”

At this meeting, Xavier Marco and Pierre Ravien also confirmed that things were concretely going on at the city hall for the next season. “The locks are open in the city hall. Many lights have turned green.” Supporter acceptance and return to the stadium on this issue are one of the main priorities of new leaders. If not the main.