Nationwide. “Everyone is filling us, but we are standing!”: Day 25 reaction and report

Cognaço-Angériens hit hard in the race to maintain by winning the Dax.
Cognaço-Angériens resumed in the maintenance race and won the Dax. (© Anaïs Rmr)

We were playing 25 this weekend, April 23-24When The penultimate day of the regular phase of the championship Nationwide.. One day from the end, Dijon Say goodbye to your maintenance dream National 2 Next season, after his bitter defeat Valence Romance (36-0).

The correct operation at the bottom of the table is signed by Cognac / Saint-Jean-d’AngelyWon Dax (23-24) and benefits from home defeatAubenas (19-23) Return to Ardéchois before the final day (Sunday, May 8) for Soyaux-Angoulême.Also pay attention to the leader Massy Winner of the Il de France Derby Suresnes (13-14), despite the reorganized workforce, or it Chamberry Dominant good (37-21), in a future playoff duel.

Batter: Cognac / Saint Jean Dangerie is still alive

Few people still believe in maintainingSCU At National, after losing to Aubenas (19-25) at home last weekend Fabrice Landrow Achieved a victorious feat Dax (23-24) Riding a mermaid, I’m still alive! Indeed, this short success, coupled with the improved defeat of RCAV against Soyaux-Angoulême (19-23), Cognac / Saint-Jean-d’Angely Back to Perfect equality Of direct competitors from Ardèche in the standings. Therefore, everything will be decided on the final day, May 8th. UCS hosts Chamberry (FiveWhen) Whyras’Aubenas Go to Dax (TenWhen).

Disappointment: Dijon blamed

Fixed in Valence-Romans (36-0), Dijon Stadium Guaranteed to end with Last place in the whole country Therefore, it will evolve in National 2 next season. Indeed, according to the Center’s three-quarters, this four-time defeat put an end to the last hope of retaining the Burgundians at the end of the “frustration and irregularity” season. Alban Conduce, Was one of the best in Dijon this year. The Benjamin Neurot man, who was grateful after this descent, should immediately digest this demotion and start with his right foot next September. New national 2..

Nationwide: Results on the 25th day

Valence-Romance-Dijon: 36-0
Blagnac-Tarbes: 23-7
Albi-Bourgoan-Jariu: 13-09
Aubenas-Soyaux-Angouleme: 19-23
Dax-Cognac / Saint Jean Dangerie: 23-24
Chamberry-Nice: 37-21
Suresnes-Massy: 13-14

Locker room noise …

Everyone is filling us for weeks, but we are still standing! The siren test keeps us alive in the competition to maintain. A dreamy “final” will be held two weeks later at the sports park where you will face Chambéry. let’s play !

Clement ProudUnion Cognac / Saint Jean Dangerie Second Line and Captain

A miraculous victory at the very end of the match … this success brings us back to the run.

Lillian TessandierCo-Chairman of Union Cognac / Saint Jean Dangerie
The emotions of UCS co-president Lilian Tessandier and his striker Quentin L Alarm, the author of the Siren's Victory Transformation!
Great emotions between UCS co-president Lilian Tessandier and his striker Quentin L Alarm, author of the Victory Transformation at Dax’s Siren. (© Anaïs Rmr)

In the final home game of the year, players responded with commitment and content. The season was long and they wanted to finish it well and pay tribute to the players who finished their careers. Praise to them. Dijon has one last match left and needs to be remobilized to finish in the best possible way.

Roman FuertesBlagnac’s three-quarters coach

It was the last house full of excitement. A match in the middle of a challenge, a match with the release of two club emblems (Frédéric Medvès and Benoît Piffero, editor’s note). The team played a full game against a good Tarbes formation. I am the president of this Branyac team and I am proud to be the president of this magnificent club. The secret to Caouecs’ success is certainly deteriorating humanity, humility, diligence, family spirit, and love for this game, this sport, and this club.

Benoit tray President of Blagnac

It was the hell of the game! Our week was very special. Because it was probably the last match at home. I played for 60 minutes at 14:00, and I thank PND (Pierre-Nicolas Dance, Editor’s Note). I gave it to the maximum. Previously, there was a very complete match, whether scrum or contact. Our state of mind has been criticized. It was a wonderful afternoon. It’s such a moment that we play rugby. Congratulations to all the boys. Our story continues.

Andras Baldos2nd line and SO Chamberry captain

We were dominated by a more enterprising and motivated chamberry team. There is not much to remember from our side. We suffered so much that we were regularly punished. Too on time, we created an interesting game sequence, but above all it lacked continuity and strength. As we approach the playoffs, we obviously need to be more enterprising in the game, much more robust in defense, and have a much higher level of determination and commitment than the last two games.

ElbemoniStade Niçois Sports Manager

I was disappointed by one point behind the leader, but this match was a very special day. The jersey ceremony was an opportunity to celebrate all starting players and applaud each one in front of loved ones and the general public. It was a great day for the whole club with more than 1,300 people in the stadium.

Matthew BrinGeneral Manager of RC Sulesnes

I lost this derby that was within reach. Only one point failed. Some bad choices on our part have robbed us of points that could make a difference. Massy deserves a win given his advantage in Closed Scrum. It’s still a great day as we celebrated our last match at home and celebrated the starters.

Laurent PiepszownikGeneral Manager of RC Sulesnes

Congratulations to the players who have been in a difficult situation with many changes to the team and, despite all that, have shown the combative and united look that our group shows each weekend. It wasn’t a problem game, but they make it an important game and promote a group of 41 exceptional men!

Jean-Baptiste DimartinoThree-quarters coach of RC Massy Essonne

The match was very difficult. The weather was harsh, but above all, the very good team of Bourgown Jalyu fought a good fight. With this slight win, we can continue to move forward in this championship as we approach the final match of the regular season.

Arthur StuntSports club Albigensian Crusade

It was a real winter match in the rain. The game was very padlocked and played in front. Albi was colder and killer than us. The defensive bonus I brought back from Tarn still remains and I am preparing for next season.

Quentin LeforCS Burgo Wanjaryu Winger

As a result of the weekend, we are blamed for the descent … we have never participated in a match in Valence-Romance without conquering. It is the fruit of frustration and irregular seasons.

Alban ConduceThree-quarters center of Stade Dijonnais

26 programsWhen And the last day (Sunday, May 8th, 3:00 pm):

  • Bourgoin-Jallieu – Soyaux-Angouleme
  • Tarbes-Albi
  • Dijon-Blagnac
  • Massy-Valence-Romance
  • Nice – Suresnes
  • Cognac / Saint Jean Dangerie – Chamberry
  • Dax-Aubenas

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