Near Limoux, white water sports experts were worried about the season

Canoe and rafting rental companies lament the unilateral decision of lack of communication and the danger of going out of business if they support the water shortage regulations set by the prefecture. But according to them, the solution is very simple.

Every day, every summer, Jeffrey Cadenel longs for an email from EDF, letting us know when the water cannons from Loose Dam and Nentille Dam will take place. Important information about a canoe rental company based at the Quiza Leisure Center. “If you don’t have enough water, the ode will soon become impassable.”

So far, divorce seems to be prominent this year if Aude, EDF, and state users could agree on a summer water release. Since July 11th, Aude has placed all departments in the “Drought Warning”. Prefectural legislation that imposes certain restrictions on the use of water at the level of household, leisure, or sewage treatment plants. Authorities said:The prospect of filling the Matmar Reservoir is still unfavorable in a very tense situation of resources. “Reason for n “Globally lacking hydrology”of “high temperature” With “There has been no significant rainfall in the last few months.” The purpose of his measures is to avoid depletion.

Since the end of June, there has been no heavy rain and it has been affected by extremely high temperatures. # Drought Southeastern soil deteriorated


– Meteo-France South-East (@MeteoFrance_SE) July 12, 2022

The water situation that canoeing and rafting companies do not argue. “”The nation has taken that precaution and it is normal, Michel Granger, Manager of Aleteauvive, said. Drought in Aude is nothing new. That is why the Matmar Dam was built in 1959. “

However, by deciding to reduce the water flow to less than 7 m3 / s, the prefecture will complicate the activities of rental companies, especially rafting. “At the planned 5m3 / s, 8-seater boats will not pass.”, Michel Granger says.A terrible shortage for this expert who is forced to provide alternatives “Dissatisfied with customers”.. “We warn people about the situation. We try to provide them with a small raft, but that doesn’t work.”Lament the expert.

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The Geoffrey Cadenel, a hard canoe rental, also faces challenges. Normally released around 9 am, the water in Lake Matmar is released around 11 am, delaying arrival at Quiza or Allet. “Basically there is plenty of flow for the family, but from 5 pm to 5:30 pm. At this point, we haven’t left for a long time.” And low water levels also scare customers.

“It is known that patrons will not come anymore because there is no water in the valley, and people from other places are not very happy. It is not fun to have to get out of the canoe and shoot stones. Even if you warn in advance. “ Needless to say, low water levels damage the boat and puncture the hull. “It’s mid-July, and I already have a canoe at the end of their lives.” Rental companies don’t know if it can last all year long. There is no choice. He hired two employees until the end of summer. “If you do your best until August 15, it will be the end of the world.”

Geoffrey Cadenel has a separate profession apart from canoe rental to help you survive the crisis.

Geoffrey Cadenel has a separate profession apart from canoe rental to help you survive the crisis.
Independence-Marie Dedevan

The holes in the hull may not be repairable.

The holes in the hull may not be repairable.
Independence-Marie Dedevan

However, according to Michel Granger, the solution is very simple. “We are not asked to add water, it is a drought, it is normal. But we want a better distribution: not always releasing only 5 m3 / s, Emit 7 at a time by reducing in other slots. “ The lender will fight to the end “White water sports keep the auto barre alive.” For that part, the thermometer remains at about 38 ° C. This department is alerting for a second heat wave yellow this summer. And Météo France does not predict ode precipitation in the coming days.