Neem adventurer Nicholas returns to “Koh Lanta in Memories”

Neem adventurer Nicholas Beron composes with his new infamy.

You practice a lot of sports, did it help you overcome Koh Lanta better?

Sports helped me in my physical condition and, above all, psychologically. I practiced difficult sports such as skiing, squash and competition. I’m used to pushing my limits and I think I’m strong enough.

What is the most difficult thing: hungry? Other people? trial?

To be honest, that’s the whole thing. The climate was very harsh for the body, it rained every night and the humidity was very high.

Have you experienced several team changes?

At first I was with the Greens and there were a lot of Southerners, so it was very difficult. We had the elements to build beautiful encounters and beautiful friendships. When I went to the Yellows, I was the only ex-green. My old adventure companion was with the Reds. It was difficult to be lonely between 5 ex-Purple and 4 ex-Blue. It was difficult to find myself in the vice between the two. When I spent my days adventuring with the good guys, it was a challenge to change teams for 10 days and go with strangers.

A former yellow companion has blamed you for “your hypocrisy”, how do you live with it?

I live it well, it’s a real chance to be on Koh Lanta, and it’s still a game. Only one person will win in the end. You must do your best not to regret it.

They are wondering what they want from me. It’s their problem, not my problem. They didn’t experience it after my position was difficult. Fortunately, I have a good sense of humor and am a very popular person.I let him talk (Colin, Editor’s Note), It’s not of interest to me. I can manage to distinguish between what happened inside the adventure and what happened outside the adventure. We have to take a step back. It makes me smile when I hear others talking about me.

You have built a friendship that lasts, especially after filming with the Southerns …

Yes, I have a great friendship with him, not only with François and Umble, but also with Bastian, who is not from the South.

Your season has also passed behind the 20th Anniversary Edition of Koh Lanta marked by cheating …

Koh-Lanta Les Légendes was broadcast on television when we went out to shoot. I didn’t participate in the game because I knew there was a problem. We had a normal adventure. We have taken steps to prevent the entire production from happening again, and we haven’t cheated. These twists do not prevent you from continuing to watch the show for the future.

Did you appreciate this change after Polynesia heading to the Philippines?

In the Philippines, the climatic conditions were very harsh, but at least it allowed us to remember Koh Lanta.

Especially because the concept of a cursed totem (the totem is given to the worst competitor of the day) has been added?

This cursed totem wasn’t a gift, but people are increasingly praising watching it on television.

Has people’s perspective changed since the shooting started?

Now everyone recognizes me and I take a lot of selfies.

Will this new notoriety help other projects?

Opportunities may arise. Let’s see what happens, what we can and cannot do.

What advice would you give to those who want to apply?

You have to be patient, chase your dreams, and never give up. And especially for casting: maintaining yourself.

What was your goal at the beginning of the adventure?

My goal was to return to Koh Lanta. After that, it was to go to reunification. The rest will be a bonus.

You can imagine you in the final test of the post …

I have to see it next Tuesday … (laughs).