New law imposing more women on the head of the federation

Some more X chromosomes around the table: The management of the sports federation remains a very masculine world, and the law wants to improve by imposing full equivalence from 2024.

“As you said, the world of sports is an old system and fairly conservative,” launched Sports Minister Roxana Malacineanu during the first reading debate in the Senate of the bill. .. LREM about sports. And to remember the glorious figures for the world of sports in France.

Of the 114 federations, just under 20 are chaired by women. For the 36 Olympic Federations, only three of them are hockey Isabelle Jouin, ice sports Nathalie P├ęchalat and French ski association Anne-Chantal Pigelet.

The bill adopted on Thursday further pushes the targets of 40% of women in the governing body of the authorities and 25% of federations of less than 25% of licensees as stipulated by the 2014 law.

It will be 50% in the next update. This should happen after the 2024 Olympics in Paris, and the game is promised to be exactly equivalent.

“Trading sports”

“Until now, despite their obligatory nature, the non-respect for the rules of equality in the governing body of the Sports Federation has only triggered a simple call for orders,” reports three agents. Will be explained conservatively. To the LREM Congress who brought the text.

In summary, despite some progress, it’s still: Look for a female! “Sports lag behind in the field of gender equality,” summarizing a forum signed by athletes and sports actors who advocate this “symbolic and important” measure.

Brigitte Enriquez, former vice president of the French Football Federation (FFF), the first woman since the founding of the French National Olympic Sports Commission (CNOSF), also promotes equality, even if she prefers the term diversity. .. According to CNOSF calculations, federal authorities at the national level are 62% male, 38% female, and nearly 800 of the 1,304 males are female.

She promised to “accompany” the most worried federations, especially those with very few licensees, she explained to AFP. 14% of federations have less than 25% of women in their bodies. In local governments, the deadline has been postponed to 2028, with 69% male and 31% female.

For those who found ambiguity in the CNOSF’s position expressed at the end of December in the body of the law and refused to give a favorable opinion on the article on parity, Bridget Henriquez shook her balance sheet to the football association. It corresponds with. Her desire to see more women around the table.

Limit mandates

For Emmanuelle Bonnet Oulaldj, Head of FSGT (Federation sportsive et Gymnique du travail, multisports), if the transition to 50% is a “good first step”, “parity issues are inseparable from obligation issues”, Allows women access to its restricted updates and presidential functions.

“Despite the significant improvement in female expression, many leaders are convinced that there is no pool of females, or that their abilities and benefits pay homage to this new regulation.” The author of the paper, Annabelle Doll Researcher, emphasizes. A subject dedicated to women’s sports, questioned by the media ABlock.

“If the federation can’t find the 10 leaders it needs out of thousands of licensees, the problem isn’t women’s self-limitation, but the work of the organization,” she analyzes.

A year after the statue of Alice Milliat, a pioneer of French women’s sports, arrives in the hall of the Olympic Commission, French sports must seriously begin to transform into equality.