New night in Kiev and tension, EU solidifies its tone against Russia

The European Union has announced a new set of measures to support Ukraine in the face of Russia’s aggression. Especially promised to deliver weapons. first time.

Vladimir Putin’s vigilance against its nuclear deterrence triggered a global halo on Sunday, including the EU’s promise to provide fighters to Ukraine, which is fiercely resisting Russia’s invasion on the fourth day. ..

Ukrainian troops take control on Sunday, especially after a fierce battle in Kharkov (1.4 million inhabitants), the second largest city in northeastern Ukraine, after a Russian armored car invaded overnight. He said he had regained it. Born after the announcement of the Russian-Ukraine talks on the Belarusian border.

However, Vladimir Putin, who has been opposed to Ukraine’s resistance and western mobilization since Thursday, said at a film conference with Defense Minister Sergey Shoygu that “Russian army deterrence is on special alert.” Put it in. ” , Invokes “NATO’s militant declaration” and “illegal” sanctions imposed on Russia.

The United States immediately accused Vladimir Putin of “unacceptable” escalations and “created a non-existent threat to justify the continuation of the aggression.” NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg has accused Moscow of its “irresponsible” attitude.

German Defense Minister Christine Lambrecht accused the head of state of Russia “going one step further” because “the rapid invasion of Ukraine was thwarted by Ukraine’s courage and determination.”

“What’s really happening is that they may be protecting themselves with more effects and resistance than the Kremlin imagined,” said British Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

Airspace closure

In response, G7 countries urged Russia to “end the attack on Ukraine immediately” on Sunday night and threatened to take new sanctions after receiving the already significant sanctions adopted this week. ..

On Sunday, the EU closed all airspace to Russian planes, freed € 450 million to fund the delivery of weapons to Ukraine, and slammed Russian media RT and Sputnik and their “lie”. Announced that it will be banned.

But it also announced on Sunday night that the EU intends to provide Ukrainian troops with fighters, which is responsible for the considerable evolution and potential escalation with Moscow that threatens the countries that support Ukraine.

Volodymyr Zelensky welcomes the formation of an international “anti-war coalition” to support Ukraine and invites foreigners to come and fight to “fight Russian war criminals” in the forming “international army” I called.

Denmark, the first country to respond to this call, said it did not consider it a “legal obstacle.” “It’s a choice anyone can make,” said Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen.

The European Union also confirmed on Sunday that it had agreed to the G7’s authority to block transactions by the Central Bank of Russia. Regarding the exclusion of Russian banks from the Swift International Interbank Messaging System, an important gear of global finance, announced on Saturday, EU diplomatic director Josep Borrell said the EU “worked on it” with its surrounding partners. The world announced.

Brussels also bans foreign language RTs from the EU and Russian state media in Sputnik. This “will not be able to broadcast their lies to justify Putin’s war and will not be able to split in our coalition,” said Ms. Fonde Araien. Finally, the EU will impose new sanctions on Belarus by banning exports from the Minsk administration’s “most important economic sector”, the “accomplice” of Russia’s aggression.

Regarding the fictitious talks, the Ukrainian president did not specify a date, Russia first asserted that they would take place on Sunday. According to Kiev, the meeting was to take place on the border between Ukraine and Belarus, the “region of the Pripyat River” near Chernobyl. Moscow mentioned the region of Gomel on the other side of the Belarusian border. This country is functioning as a rear base for soldiers.

But Ukrainian diplomatic Prime Minister Dmytro Kuleba warned that his country would not “surrender.” “I don’t really believe in the results,” but “we have to try,” President Volodymyr Zelensky said in a video.

368,000 refugees

On the ground, floods of refugees fleeing Ukraine are on the rise. Since Thursday, about 368,000 refugees have fled to neighboring countries, and the number is “increasing,” the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees said. The EU said it expects more than 7 million people to evacuate.

Ukraine reported that about 200 civilians were killed and dozens of military personnel were killed in action, but did not make exact casualties on Sunday.

The United Nations recorded at least 64 deaths on Saturday between civilians and hundreds of thousands of people without water or electricity.

As part of that, the Russian army first recognized on Sunday without quantifying human losses. Ukraine says more than 4,300 Russian soldiers have been killed.

On Sunday, at the request of the West, the UN Security Council adopted a resolution convening a UN General Assembly “at an emergency special meeting” on Monday, with its 193 members deciding on Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.