Nintendo Switch Sports Game Review: Sports for Everyone, Not One

If video games have little rhyme in training, Nintendo has still found fertile lands since the Wii era.In fact, given the overwhelming popularity of the following games: Wii Sports, Wii Sports Resort, Wii Fit And recently Ring Fit Adventure, Japanese companies have seen the opportunity to take advantage of gadgets while allowing players to move.The same principle applies Nintendo Switch SportsSpiritual continuation Wii Sports You can untie your limbs by playing with multiple people.

  • Available: Nintendo Switch
  • Price: 49.99 + txs (digital version), $ 64.99 + txs (physical version)

Logical sequence

Don’t expect a revolution to happen when you put your hands on it Nintendo Switch Sports.. Like its predecessor, this game aims to be the culmination of simplified sports aimed at instant enjoyment while operating Joy-Con.

In total Nintendo Switch Sports It features six sports, some of which are taken from Nintendo’s previous sports game iterations.Therefore, you will find tennis and bowling Wii Sports Not only the battle of the sword Wii Sports ResortPresented here in the form of a sword fight. Soccer, volleyball and badminton are drawing attention to a large family of Nintendo sports games.

A decent start offer

The six sports may not seem like much, but the first offer is correct.You will inevitably return to a particular sport rather than another sport, but you Nintendo Switch Sports.. The controls are both accurate and simple, mimicking the actual operation. Certain sports, such as volleyball, are amazing as long as you need to recreate the same movements as a real playground. The very colorful atmosphere catches the eye of anyone passing in front of the TV, whether they are fans of video games or not.

In addition, Nintendo already plans to add other sports, which are free.As she announced, golf is coming next fall and other areas Nintendo Switch Sports.. We can already anticipate the resurgence of boxing, and it wouldn’t be surprising if baseball and hockey appeared in 2023.

The motion recognition technology built into Joy-Con allows Nintendo to recreate much more faithful movements than it did in the Wii era. It’s up to the company to know how to make good use of it when including future sports!

NintendoSwitchSports Volleyball

Sports that stand out more than others

As I said, you are at risk of returning to a particular sport rather than another sport.Indeed, each sport Nintendo Switch Sports It provides pleasure, but is uneven among the six areas offered.

Not surprisingly, bowling is still the most entertaining sport. This time, you can not only try to beat the pin in a traditional game, but also play in a more fancy mode with obstacles in the lane. Therefore, when throwing a ball, you need to consider ramps and other objects. This gives you additional challenges and more family laughter.

Next comes tennis and badminton.The relevance of tennis games within video games is no longer proven and you will find an even higher level of joy. Nintendo Switch Sports Because your movements are more faithfully reproduced. Therefore, it is much more comfortable to move your arms and perform different shots than inside. Wii SportsI just moved my arm while sitting in the chair. Badminton requires more rhythm than running speed and has proven to be a complement to tennis, not comparable to tennis.

Volleyball, on the other hand, is amazing in that you actually have to imitate the position to hit the ball. Therefore, you cannot be content with making simple moves with Joy-Con, as you will lose valuable points. By mimicking positions to perform receptions, serves and smashes, this is probably the most moving game on the set. It’s also highly recommended to stand and play instead of sitting, even if you don’t need to jump to do the smash. Otherwise, you risk your hands hitting your knees or the ground.

Soccer is the sport most likely to be played in the long run.The reason is simple: version Nintendo Switch Sports Reminiscent of Rocket league.. Thanks to the 2v2 match in the closed gym, the latter is short and easy to score goals. What’s more, you don’t have to worry about the rules, the ball hits the wall of the environment and bounces, so the ball never goes off the field line. The only downside to these enthusiastic games is the famous Joy-Con drift. If the controller has this problem, it can be annoying to miss a goal just because the goal or character is heading in the opposite direction.

Soccer also comes with a mini game using a strap Ring Fit Adventure..If you own it or buy a physical version of Nintendo Switch Sports Including the above strap, you can hang it on your thigh and insert Joy-Con to aim for the goal. It’s definitely interesting, but short-term. The simplicity and repetition of this mini-game means that you quickly get tired of simply scoring goals for goalkeepers who rarely block. Considered during the two sessions of sport, Nintendo Switch Sports..

And finally, the sword fight comes. Of all the sports, it is the one that leaves me the least trace.The sword fight seems catchy, but I felt like I was rediscovering a boxing game Wii Sports Or even some mini games 1 or 2 switch.. Hit placement and strategy aren’t that important, and playing with an invisible sword can be strange.In the end, like boxing Wii Sports, You swing your arms in all directions to hope to destabilize your enemies. Unfortunately, we didn’t refine this sport and included it at the expense of other areas that were potentially much more interesting.

NintendoSwitchSports sword fight

Mainly multiplayer games

As you can imagine Nintendo Switch Sports It’s not a solo game, it’s a game that some people enjoy. Despite the fact that there are six sports that you can play online by yourself, you quickly get bored.

The reason is very simple. Nintendo Switch Sports If you play alone, you will run out of content. Also, few can be unlocked, including very limited cosmetic options. The personalization of our characters is affected as well as our interest in continuing different sports alone. The fact that collecting points online can only unlock titles of players that are fairly useless does not help us to work hard for a long time.

In other words, Nintendo Switch Sports It’s a very interesting game to play with other people. Alone, you run the risk of sporadically returning, thinking it might be better to put it aside immediately and wait for an update that improves the whole thing.

Nintendo Switch Sports Soccer

Do you need to play it?

If you like playing with family and friends, both locally and online Nintendo Switch Sports A must-have multiplayer game. Thanks to its colorful atmosphere, precise control in almost every sport, and easy operation, it’s the kind of game you often see when playing with others. On the other hand, options remain limited, especially for solos.

Nintendo Switch Sports It’s worth considering, but it’s a good idea to wait for additional possibilities to create a more complete and potentially even more enjoyable product.